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Posted Aug 1, 2000
Authored by Matthew Franz | Site

Trinux transparently converts ordinary x86 PCs into a powerful network security workstations by combining Linux Slackware 7.1 with all of the most powerful precompiled Open Source security/monitoring tools. Trinux boots from a single floppy disk and runs entirely in RAM. Trinux is useful for Port scanning, packet sniffing, vulnerability scanning, sniffer detection, packet construction, active/passive OS fingerprinting, network monitoring, session hijacking, intrusion detection, and more. Trinux 0.70 is the most stable and compact Trinux release to date and is based on Busybox/glibc2.1.3 and kernel 2.2.16. Among the included packages are nmap2.54beta1, adm-smb, nbtstat, tcp_scan, cgichk, ddos-scan, dsniff, despoof, hunt, zodiac, netcat, openssh, hping2, sing, isic, p0f, fragrouter, tcpreplay, sentinel, ethereal 0.8.10, ngrep, nstreams, tcpdump, ntop, netwatch, and more.

tags | x86, kernel
systems | linux, slackware
MD5 | e5016314821984c82a11d4c951a661d2
Posted Aug 1, 2000

Trinux related links.

systems | linux
MD5 | ead15a80927754df7a8194948b94c76a
Posted Aug 1, 2000

A short FAQ on Trinux

systems | linux
MD5 | c1c698765644b36f579603c14cd85542
Posted Aug 1, 2000

Simple Rawrite Documentation.

systems | linux
MD5 | faf2b0f09edde6a2baa24814394d309f
Posted Aug 1, 2000

Rawrite v1.3 is the de-facto standard for writing kernel images to floppy disks.

tags | kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | f46bf6c3d1c925a05de879a4ed5d994f
Posted Aug 1, 2000

The Trinux Logo

systems | linux
MD5 | d9928cebddb4e4f3b864a7359c4eae8e
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