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Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Walter Goulet, Benjamin Hagen | Site conference.hitb.org

Real World Attacks Against 3G Networks Using Subscriber Devices - Cellular networks, like any other data network, requires careful attention to network design such as proper segmentation of subscriber generated traffic from network management and signaling traffic. This presentation discusses an attack penetration method using only standard subscriber equipment to compromise an operator network.

MD5 | 0754f579735e10e3a81025c89d98d37a
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Daniel S. Ingevaldson | Site conference.hitb.org

Virtualization != Security - Virtualization has emerged as the most disruptive datacenter technology of the last decade. Mr. Ingevaldson from IBM Internet Security Systems will discuss the emergence of virtualization as well as the many ways that it changes traditional security architecture as well as the ways it does not. Virtualization will influence the security business much like it is reshaping IT. Mr. Ingevaldson will review the brief history of security in virtualization as well as comment on the next-generation security technologies for the virtualized datacenter.

MD5 | 663280076d02324d03403c20625363e4
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Marc Weber Tobias | Site conference.hitb.org

How We Cracked Their Codes - A Case Study in Compromising the Most Popular High Security Lock in America.

MD5 | 41bc2ff42a9074db0b57f4558dcd592a
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Jim Geovedi | Site conference.hitb.org

Presentation discussing the hijacking of VSAT connections.

MD5 | 38a04e78cb5dd3a3eec73e78bb271b12
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by PAgVac | Site conference.hitb.org

Cracking into Embedded Devices and Beyond - The presentation covers cracking into embedded devices by exploiting vulnerabilities present on default software running on the target device.

tags | vulnerability
MD5 | f919ddceb26ea5d330ed640c854c67f7
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Skyper | Site conference.hitb.org

Cracking the GSM A5/1 Encryption in Seconds - Presentation explaining the security, technology and protocols of a GSM network. Further discusses building a GSM scanner for 900 USD. The second part of the talk reveals a practical solution to crack the GSM encryption A5/1.

tags | protocol
MD5 | 1e6504bb315da884d7ba9db5d8d04989
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Alessio L.R. Pennasilico | Site conference.hitb.org

VoIP (in)Security: Italians Do It Better - This presentation will explain in detail how a small group of annoyed Italian VoIP hackers used the Chaos Computer Club phone network during the 2007 Hacker camp for fun and profit.

MD5 | 96f53db40ad65372bf9d175be7e5a7cb
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Michael Thumann | Site conference.hitb.org

Hacking Second Life - A presentation that covers the basic architecture of SecondLife and points out the possible attack vectors against SecondLife itself, but will also demonstrate hacks from the inside of SecondLife against real-life systems in the internet.

MD5 | 371c2ed7ccf48a067108d018855855df
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Ero Carrera | Site conference.hitb.org

Malware: Behavior, Tools, Scripting and Advanced Analysis - Presentation discussing a new tool taht is an extension to Bochs, a popular open-source CPU emulator. This extension will provide with advanced debugging and scripting functionality enabling the easy creation of a wide range of tools. The scripting interface of this tool provides a full Python environment to control the whole CPU, memory, devices, etc. Among the examples that will be presented, time allowing, will be generic unpacking techniques, monitoring of malware behavior or low-level system access to kernel/administrative objects. The tool was created to assist the process of automated malware analysis but its flexibility make it a good candidate to also assist in vulnerability discovery.

tags | kernel, python
MD5 | 6d9784a86f9f585bf4cd58a68e60686e
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Shreeraj Shah | Site conference.hitb.org

Securing Next Generation Applications - Scan, Detect, and Mitigate.

MD5 | d33ecb297559b364f42e296fb209ecbb
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Jeremiah Grossman | Site conference.hitb.org

Hacks Happen - Conservative estimates put the total annual IT security spending in the US at $50 billion and e-crime losses at $100 billion. We are losing two dollars for every dollar spent. Those numbers are said to be worse on a global scale. Newly passed laws, industry regulation, and press coverage have certainly raised the profile of the problem, but where have these actions really gotten us?

MD5 | 0e10bdd5567fa153569ccf5461be1989
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Rodrigo Rubira Branco | Site conference.hitb.org

Hacking The Cell Architecture - This presentation intends to cover security aspects related to a new architecture, widely deployed and used called Cell. The architecture itself will be deeply explained, focusing on the security concerns that appear in this kind of asymmetric multi-core systems. While Cell architecture is used in the new playstation 3 it is also used in big blade machines.

MD5 | 9e2563c5bf685236ca07288792d6e09a
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Raoul Chiesa, Alessio Pennasillico | Site conference.hitb.org

Penetration Testing SCADA and National Critical Infrastructure - Real-Life Experiences and Case Studies.

MD5 | 83a938dc93c69839a21c3ffa2fd30302
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Domingo Montanaro | Site conference.hitb.org

In-depth Anti-Forensics - Challenges of Steganography and Discovering Hidden Data.

MD5 | 6edb0e476392b6413b6174f8321c4638
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Alexander Kornbrust | Site conference.hitb.org

Practical Oracle Forensics - Oracle forensics is a new discipline without special tools/scripts. Most presentations about Oracle forensics are still very basic. The typical approach in these presentations is to show what tools/(log)files are available to do forensics. In the real world with huge databases (many GB, sometimes TB) it is normally not helpful. This presentation is using a different approach. Based on the different type of attackers (leaving employee, nosy DBA/employee, external hacker etc.) we have different traces in Oracle and we show in different scenarios how to find evidence. We provide a free toolset to do a (basic) forensic analysis without having deep Oracle knowledge.

MD5 | 129a331ab4dceca1f3a724bcc9488140
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Petko Petkov | Site conference.hitb.org

For My Next Trick: Client-Side Hacking - This paper describes numerous techniques for attacking Clients-side technologies. The content of the paper is based the research that has been conducted over past year by the GNUCITIZEN Ethical Hacker Outfit.

MD5 | c1e8230e4b125bea7215868557d033cd
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Dino Covotsos | Site conference.hitb.org

Hacking the Bluetooth Stack for Fun, Fame and Mayhem - As the use of bluetooth technology becomes more commonly used, the room for exploitation increases. From cell phones to gaming devices. Dino demonstrates various methods of exploiting this technology in real life situations.

MD5 | aa1a08ae5db45025c9a2c3699e38d5e6
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Cesar Cerrudo | Site conference.hitb.org

Token Kidnapping - This presentation is about a new technique for elevating privileges on Windows mostly from services, this technique exploits design weaknesses in Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista and even Windows 2008. While in Windows Vista and 2008 many new security protections have been added, because of other weaknesses some of the new protection mechanisms are almost useless.

systems | windows, xp, vista
MD5 | c6b3d60974ac3f57fd6280046e499b17
Posted Apr 21, 2008
Authored by Jamie Butler | Site conference.hitb.org

Computer Forensics and Incident Response.

MD5 | 453246841337d6ba799f8835c9963a68
Posted Apr 18, 2008
Authored by Meling Mudin, Lee Chin Shing | Site conference.hitb.org

Defensive Network Security: Practical Methodologies - Emerging computer and network security threats have greatly changed the landscape of the security security scene. These new, advanced and unknown threats and attack methodologies have rendered traditional perimeter security devices such as firewall and IDS/IPS useless. However, the concept of Network Security Monitoring (NSM) has not make these devices obsolete - instead IDS/IPS and firewall device have become one of the essential parts of NSM.

MD5 | 16dd8d8ec9e9630d68003e4f873f667c
Posted Sep 28, 2007

Hack In The Box 08 Graphic.

MD5 | 435841bf78a799914a81ef151ff720d0
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