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Posted Jan 3, 2008
Authored by w00w00

w00w00's operating system. Yes, a joke.

MD5 | 7b03569337d70874d4142ceeb10bdadd
Posted Apr 17, 2002
Authored by w00w00, Matt Conover | Site

Multiple Microsoft Products for Mac OS contain serious remote vulnerabilities. Affected software includes IE 5.1, Outlook Express 5.0.2, Microsoft Entourage, Powerpoint 98, 2001, and X, Excel 2001 and X, and Microsoft Word 2001. The problem lies in the handling of a lengthy subdirectory in the file:// directive.

tags | remote, vulnerability
MD5 | 60cb2fd20b289b60302f272973604849
Posted Mar 29, 2000
Authored by w00w00 | Site

w00w00.tgz updated March 1, 2000. This is the famous big tar file containing everything from w00w00 security development!

MD5 | af1bb22c3d6637f1adc20fece025b98f
Posted Nov 26, 1999
Authored by w00w00, Conde Vampiro

[w00giving '99 #4]: VNC is a software package that permits a user to view a remote desktop in real-time. To protect intruder to access the remote desktop, VNC has a password protection. This encryption is done using 3DES, but this encryption is very poor and can be attacked (through brute-force).

tags | remote
MD5 | db9eddc3778f64db3cf2e419a90e9b38
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