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Web Application Penetration Testing
Posted Mar 20, 2018
Authored by Manh Pham Tien

This is a whitepaper that goes over methodologies for web application penetration testing. It is very thorough with examples and overviews.

tags | paper, web
MD5 | dc7320a4b2fa3f14e7eb81e598507f31
c0c0n 2018 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 19, 2018
Site is-ra.org

The c0c0n 2018 call for papers has been announced. It will take place October 3rd through the 6th, 2018 at the Grand Hyatt, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | 885174792267d1b7b9fede164e0b4d35
Analyze And Attack SSH Protocol
Posted Mar 16, 2018
Authored by Tham Khao

This is a whitepaper discussing analyzing and attacking the SSH protocol. Written in Vietnamese.

tags | paper, protocol
MD5 | 6bdea316828230c93f64f8b7618c6f21
hardwear.io 2018 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 13, 2018
Authored by hardwear.io CFP

hardwear is seeking innovative research on hardware security. If you have done interesting research on attacks or mitigation on any Hardware and want to showcase it to the security community, just submit your research paper. It will take place September 13th through the 14th, in The Hague, Netherlands.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | 35a19b120d6f4cc4cd0f7e97ef48ae20
Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) WebKit setAttributeNodeNS Use-After-Free
Posted Mar 2, 2018
Authored by Specter

This is a whitepaper describing the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) webkit setAttributeNodeNS use-after-free vulnerability.

tags | advisory, paper
MD5 | cbf15eb9d2c7df4eebaac5f5e1f7a0af
Parasiting Web Server Process With Webshells In Permissive Environments
Posted Feb 28, 2018
Authored by Juan Manuel Fernandez

Whitepaper called Paraisiting web server process with webshells in permissive environments.

tags | paper, web
MD5 | 697074efc0ccafb63a88c70d3211d003
BSides Denver 2018 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 24, 2018
Authored by Jeff Pettorino | Site BSidesDen.org

BSides Denver 2018 has announced its Call For Papers.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | 12af98f3067188142e6b2277c0a2f159
Mobile Application Hacking Diary Episode 2
Posted Feb 19, 2018
Authored by CWH Underground, ZeQ3uL, diF

Whitepaper called Mobile Application Hacking Diary Episode 2.

tags | paper
MD5 | 95e93a1caae56046f4a0c9f3208094fc
MySQL UDF Exploitation
Posted Feb 17, 2018
Authored by Osanda Malith

Whitepaper called MySQL UDF Exploitation.

tags | paper
MD5 | 274e9471a6448b9f3cf177b0869dd261
Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploits Development - Part 5
Posted Feb 16, 2018
Authored by Steve Patterson

Whitepaper called Zero Day Zen Garden: Windows Exploit Development Part 5 [Return Oriented Programming Chains].

tags | paper
systems | windows
MD5 | 3e997bff18215da9f06ce4af9ce36ef1
The Easiest Metasploit Guide You'll Ever Read
Posted Feb 15, 2018
Authored by Scott Morris

Whitepaper called The Easiest Metasploit Guide You'll Ever Read.

tags | paper
MD5 | 39e13bb0e3b7dde312f9e2a2b1150384
From APK To Golden Ticket
Posted Feb 13, 2018
Authored by Giuseppe Trotta, Andrea Pierini

Whitepaper called From APK to Golden Ticket.

tags | paper
MD5 | c41b1a6331f02af6ab88c77c02e46108
TCP Starvation
Posted Feb 12, 2018
Authored by Eplox

Whitepaper called TCP Starvation. It discusses a new variant of a denial of service attack.

tags | paper, denial of service, tcp
MD5 | c256b298d0c5d0f7869895857dde6836
Wall Of Sheep 2018 Call For Presentations
Posted Feb 6, 2018
Authored by Ming

The Wall of Sheep would like to announce a call for presentations at DEF CON 26 at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, August 9th to Sunday, August 12th, 2018.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | dcf6869e335041ab1bb309a0ddffda41
EuskalHack Security Congress III Call For Papers
Posted Feb 6, 2018
Site euskalhack.org

EuskalHack Security Congress Third Edition is a new proposal from the EuskalHack Computer Security Association, with the aim to promote the community growth and the culture in the digital security field. As usual, in this new edition proximity to our public and technical quality will be our hallmarks. This exclusive conference is shaping up as the most relevant in Basque Country, with an estimated 180 attendees for this third edition. The participants include specialized companies, state security organizations, professionals, hobbyists and students in the area of security and Information Technology. This conference will be held June 22nd and 23rd, 2018 in Donostia, San Sebastian.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | d6870ffadf0efdda0b3b020d6a295e54
RECON 2018 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 2, 2018
Authored by REC0N Montreal 2018 | Site recon.cx

REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It will be held June 15th through the 17th, 2018, in Montreal, Canada.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | aebd76a431e2760a794ae0980651abe0
EuroSec 2018 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 2, 2018
Site sec.cs.tu-bs.de

The 11th European Workshop on Systems Security (EuroSec) aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, system administrators, system programmers, and others interested in the latest advances in the security of computer systems and networks. The objective of the workshop is to discuss novel, practical, systems-oriented work. The workshop will precede the EuroSys 2018 conference. The workshop is held on April 23, 2018 in Porto, Portugal.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | b3c8045141fbd3de0ea8794c1b375b0b
Jailbreaking iOS 11.1.2 - An Adventure Into The XNU Kernel
Posted Feb 2, 2018
Authored by Bryce Berchell

Jailbreaking iOS 11.1.2 - An adventure into the XNU kernel.

tags | paper, kernel
systems | ios
MD5 | 93e70d65ed87ce7a4df0216aea36e705
ARM Exploitation For IoT
Posted Jan 29, 2018
Authored by Andrea Sindoni

Whitepaper called ARM Exploitation for IoT.

tags | paper
MD5 | 9028861719f204f191bfbf3f398100d1
Hardcore SAP Penetration Testing
Posted Jan 24, 2018
Authored by Vahagn Vardanyan

Whitepaper called Hardcore SAP Penetration Testing.

tags | paper
MD5 | 50106e64a777e6408eb6c389439889da
Pivoting (Metasploit)
Posted Jan 23, 2018
Authored by Anurag Srivastava

This is a whitepaper that discusses pivoting attacks with Metasploit. Pivoting is a technique using a compromised system to attack other systems on the same network. Consider a scenario where there is some juicy information hosted inside a local network and there is only one system which is connected to internet. In this scenario, an attacker can compromise the system which is connected to internet and then use that particular compromised system in-order to test or attack other systems in the same network which are only accessible via local network.

tags | paper, local
MD5 | 57cdb74cffe8db64ca0c02b0d01f4a12
Kernel Exploitation Part 6: NULL Pointer Dereference
Posted Jan 19, 2018
Authored by abatchy17

Whitepaper called Kernel Exploitation 6: NULL pointer dereference.

tags | paper, kernel
MD5 | fc2fc467ac9060905e259932f97a8ba2
Kernel Exploitation Part 4: Stack Buffer Overflow (SMEP Bypass)
Posted Jan 19, 2018
Authored by abatchy17

Whitepaper called Kernel Exploitation 4: Stack Buffer Overflow (SMEP Bypass).

tags | paper, overflow, kernel
MD5 | 4b5fbb1fecf494ed48919cee8e5f6c61
Kernel Exploitation Part 5: Integer Overflow
Posted Jan 19, 2018
Authored by abatchy17

Whitepaper called Kernel Exploitation 5: Integer Overflow.

tags | paper, overflow, kernel
MD5 | 04206fdd1740fa887398727a20d76aaa
Positive Hack Days VIII Call For Papers
Posted Jan 18, 2018
Site phdays.com

Call For Papers for Positive Hack Days VIII which will take place in Moscow, Russia.

tags | paper, conference
MD5 | f33e044f705a866fd08974fa00ad4de1
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