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BRF: eBPF Runtime Fuzzer
Posted Jul 8, 2024
Authored by Hsin-Wei Hung, Ardalan Amiri Sani

This whitepaper discusses eBPF technology in the Linux kernel and introduces the BPF Runtime Fuzzer (BRF), a fuzzer that can satisfy the semantics and dependencies required by the verifier and the eBPF subsystem.

tags | paper, kernel, fuzzer
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 8d7d42a9efa0c15df2a3a0e4462495f6a65acfd39a1058f872b1863580c0bfb6
OpenSSH Server regreSSHion Remote Code Execution
Posted Jul 1, 2024
Authored by Qualys Security Advisory | Site blog.qualys.com

Qualys has discovered a a signal handler race condition vulnerability in OpenSSH's server, sshd. If a client does not authenticate within LoginGraceTime seconds (120 by default, 600 in old OpenSSH versions), then sshd's SIGALRM handler is called asynchronously, but this signal handler calls various functions that are not async-signal-safe - for example, syslog(). This race condition affects sshd in its default configuration.

tags | exploit, advisory, paper
advisories | CVE-2024-6387
SHA-256 | 7826092019b763740fb3de1d429e43d078262e82a1ebe5f37c468e1d5ea080c4
New North Korean Based Backdoor Packs A Punch
Posted Jun 21, 2024
Authored by Bart Blaze, Nguyen Nguyen | Site cyberarmor.tech

In recent months, North Korean based threat actors have been ramping up attack campaigns in order to achieve a myriad of their objectives, whether it be financial gain or with espionage purposes in mind. The North Korean cluster of attack groups is peculiar seeing there is quite some overlap with one another, and it is not always straightforward to attribute a specific campaign to a specific threat actor. This is no different in what the authors are presenting in this paper today, where they analyze a new threat campaign, initially discovered in late May, featuring multiple layers and which ultimately delivers a seemingly new and previously undocumented backdoor. These actions appear tied to Kimsuky and is specifically focused on Aerospace and Defense companies.

tags | advisory, paper
SHA-256 | 573fc7fdbda6861d3fb9546724f878e3b7a854cf874afba540f9e7fb1d853834
Hardwear.io NL 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Jun 10, 2024
Authored by hardwear.io CFP | Site hardwear.io

The call for papers for Hardwear.io 2024 in the Netherlands is now open. It will take place October 24th through the 24th, 2024 at the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 2893959f1b581f1f25b05d843a5ab9e8e184cb0c072365549e1995880a54b3e9
BSidesLjubljana 2024 Call For Papers
Posted May 24, 2024
Site 0x7e8.bsidesljubljana.si

B-Sides Ljubljana will be held September 27, 2024 at the Computer History Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | f5abd5f827ddbdc5874d4b069a789c3b7d82cf6e00c82d5008865405cd331f17
Surveilling The Masses With Wi-Fi-Based Positioning Systems
Posted May 23, 2024
Authored by Dave Levin, Erik Rye | Site cs.umd.edu

In this paper, the authors show that Apple's WPS can be abused to create a privacy threat on a global scale. They present an attack that allows an unprivileged attacker to amass a worldwide snapshot of Wi-Fi BSSID geolocations in only a matter of days. Their attack makes few assumptions, merely exploiting the fact that there are relatively few dense regions of allocated MAC address space. Applying this technique over the course of a year, they learned the precise locations of over 2 billion BSSIDs around the world. The privacy implications of such massive datasets become more stark when taken longitudinally, allowing the attacker to track devices' movements.

tags | paper
systems | apple
SHA-256 | 32f974d742e05d50152e5a1e9ab7b267486c7c525e011e9325dc7495c5a27a6a
The Not-So-Silent Type
Posted Apr 26, 2024
Authored by Jeffrey Knockel, Zoƫ Reichert, Mona Wang | Site citizenlab.ca

Whitepaper called The not-so-silent type - Vulnerabilities across keyboard apps reveal keystrokes to network eavesdroppers.

tags | paper, vulnerability
SHA-256 | 1baca6b77c2dd267d995c6cc273aa8908082ad0a1d57ae3a7cf03d39df9cbc85
SSH Client Backd00r
Posted Apr 22, 2024
Authored by Tacettin Karadeniz

This whitepaper provides a detailed analysis of the recent SSH client backdoor. Written in Turkish.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | ce4d2798fcc0bd6073620253319c3a70e1d899442c3920c83b9dc3acd8dfe046
IEEE CSR Workshop 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Apr 5, 2024
Site acfti.org

The IEEE CSR Workshop on Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations in Emerging Technologies organizing committee is inviting you to submit your research papers. The workshop will be held in Hybrid mode. The in-person mode will held at Hilton London Tower Bridge, London from September 2nd through the 4th, 2024.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 0d300ee78ceddaee1fa7d0efc06f277816ca687d310c808e3dbab1c1003095d5
IWCC 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 28, 2024
Site ares-conference.eu

The 13th International Workshop on Cyber Crime, or IWCC, 2024 call for papers has been announced. It will take place July 30th through August 2nd, 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 1733e3ae10dcafe0a95572942e32ff6c6d0ff3ba67769c57dd88c93c006e53e6
GoFetch: Breaking Constant-Time Cryptographic Implementations Using Data Memory-Dependent Prefetchers
Posted Mar 22, 2024
Authored by Daniel Genkin, David Kohlbrenner, Christopher W. Fletcher, Boru Chen, Pradyumna Shome, Yingchen Wang, Riccardo Paccagnella | Site gofetch.fail

This whitepaper shows that the security threat from DMPs is significantly worse than previously thought and demonstrates the first end-to-end attacks on security-critical software using the Apple m-series DMP. Undergirding the author's attacks is a new understanding of how DMPs behave which shows, among other things, that the Apple DMP will activate on behalf of any victim program and attempt to leak any cached data that resembles a pointer.

tags | paper
systems | apple
SHA-256 | a26af7248f3a7458c6db704eb23699f3163f79dcf78ceedd895d0097eb93941b
Generic And Automated Drive-By GPU Cache Attacks From The Browser
Posted Mar 19, 2024
Authored by Daniel Gruss, Andreas Kogler, Fabian Rauscher, Lukas Giner, Daniel De Almeida Braga, Roland Czerny, Christoph Gruber | Site ginerlukas.com

In this paper, the authors present the first GPU cache side-channel attack from within the browser, more specifically from the restricted WebGPU environment. The foundation for our generic and automated attacks are self-configuring primitives applicable to a wide variety of devices, which they demonstrate on a set of 11 desktop GPUs from 5 different generations and 2 vendors.

tags | exploit, paper
SHA-256 | 6c5387e050fc45456bdc1a46bd17a019b33a674a9d2100d5130f5e042b53b654
GhostRace: Exploiting And Mitigating Speculative Race Conditions
Posted Mar 13, 2024
Authored by Cristiano Giuffrida, Anil Kurmus, Hany Ragab, Andrea Mambretti | Site download.vusec.net

Race conditions arise when multiple threads attempt to access a shared resource without proper synchronization, often leading to vulnerabilities such as concurrent use-after-free. To mitigate their occurrence, operating systems rely on synchronization primitives such as mutexes, spinlocks, etc. In this paper, the authors present GhostRace, the first security analysis of these primitives on speculatively executed code paths. Their key finding is that all the common synchronization primitives can be microarchitecturally bypassed on speculative paths, turning all architecturally race-free critical regions into Speculative Race Conditions (SRCs).

tags | paper, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2024-2193
SHA-256 | e0d3a753ac273a430c317cd67e808c20b6cdd914b31b24e71450d5fb4ad420af
Stealing Part Of A Production Language Model
Posted Mar 13, 2024
Authored by David Rolnick, Jonathan Hayase, Eric Wallace, Nicholas Carlini, Arthur Conmy, Thomas Steinke, Matthew Jagielski, Florian Tramer, Krishnamurthy Dvijotham, Daniel Paleka, Katherine Lee, Milad Nasr, A. Feder Cooper

In this whitepaper, the authors introduce the first model-stealing attack that extracts precise, nontrivial information from black-box production language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google's PaLM-2. Specifically, their attack recovers the embedding projection layer (up to symmetries) of a transformer model, given typical API access. For under $20 USD, their attack extracts the entire projection matrix of OpenAI's ada and babbage language models. They thereby confirm, for the first time, that these black-box models have a hidden dimension of 1024 and 2048, respectively. They also recover the exact hidden dimension size of the gpt-3.5-turbo model, and estimate it would cost under $2,000 in queries to recover the entire projection matrix. They conclude with potential defenses and mitigations, and discuss the implications of possible future work that could extend this attack.

tags | exploit, paper, vulnerability
SHA-256 | 35bb26fb1fe58d91b595fbecc219b129076e6cc3ae746288dc27c6fa0d128e6a
Compromising Industrial Processes Using Web-Based Programmable Logic Controller Malware
Posted Mar 4, 2024
Authored by Raheem Beyah, Ryan Pickren, Tohid Shekari, Saman Zonouz

This is an interesting whitepaper called Compromising Industrial Processes using Web-Based Programmable Logic Controller Malware. The authors present a novel approach to developing programmable logic controller (PLC) malware that proves to be more flexible, resilient, and impactful than current strategies.

tags | paper, web
SHA-256 | 741326e4fbc51ab41e106a049572fa380ad7b01037f9e364be260067feb5194b
The KeyTrap Denial-of-Service Algorithmic Complexity Attacks On DNS
Posted Feb 22, 2024
Authored by Niklas Vogel, Haya Schulmann, Michael Waidner, Elias Heftrig | Site athene-center.de

In this paper, the authors show that the design of DNSSEC is flawed. Exploiting vulnerable recommendations in the DNSSEC standards, they developed a new class of DNSSEC-based algorithmic complexity attacks on DNS, they dubbed KeyTrap attacks. All popular DNS implementations and services are vulnerable. With just a single DNS packet, the KeyTrap attacks lead to a 2.000.000x spike in CPU instruction count in vulnerable DNS resolvers, stalling some for as long as 16 hours. This devastating effect prompted major DNS vendors to refer to KeyTrap as "the worst attack on DNS ever discovered". Exploiting KeyTrap, an attacker could effectively disable Internet access in any system utilizing a DNSSEC-validating resolver.

tags | paper, encryption
SHA-256 | 4c1743e665520f276be83b47e7a1ae86496ca84f1935e9197aa5b5736fc57eb4
NFC Relay Attack On Tesla Model Y
Posted Feb 21, 2024
Authored by Josep Pi Rodriguez | Site ioactive.com

This paper will walk you through the proof-of-concept and technical details of exploitation for IOActive's recent NFC relay attack on the newest Tesla vehicle, the Model Y. To successfully carry out the attack, IOActive reverse-engineered the NFC protocol Tesla uses between the NFC card and the vehicle, and they then created custom firmware modifications that allowed a Proxmark RDV4.0 device to relay NFC communications over Bluetooth/Wi-Fi using the Proxmark's BlueShark module.

tags | paper, protocol, wireless
SHA-256 | 1b2f050c027e1bfe9702c6a2a927a78ccba6ef0043e76bbe3a63de1a54eaecc8
44CON 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 15, 2024
Site cfp.44con.com

The 44CON 2024 Call For Papers has been announced. 44CON is the UK's largest combined annual Security Conference and Training event. The event takes place September 18th through the 20th, 2024 at the Novotel London West near Hammersmith, London.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | a660b30e4404268fcebbcfa2b2402a49ffaeb99ce9d7683cef070387d9e15b3e
RECON 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Feb 8, 2024
Site cfp.recon.cx

REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It will be held June 28th through the 30th, 2024, in Montreal, Canada.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 682dca50c2c0835b200447e03653ce581b484302a66fa646092da85d05f86274
How To Install And Use Metasploit On Termux
Posted Jan 15, 2024
Authored by devil rose

Whitepaper called How To Install And Use Metasploit On Termux. Written in Arabic.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 334302ac8df53bd30a618970bd4921ff0d15d9fb14991c99d782217efaee5098
Hardwear.io USA 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Jan 12, 2024
Authored by hardwear.io CFP

The call for papers for Hardwear.io USA 2024 is open. It will take place May 31st through June 1, 2024.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | a5538868f308cd9bb2ec3f056b3154503e81c208c926ca7d137401dabae1f61a
EuskalHack Security Congress VII Call For Papers
Posted Jan 4, 2024
Site euskalhack.org

EuskalHack Security Congress seventh edition is a new proposal from the EuskalHack Computer Security Association, with the aim to promote the community growth and the culture in the digital security field. As usual, in this new edition proximity to our public and technical quality will be our hallmarks. With an estimated capacity of 200 people, EuskalHack Security Congress has established itself as the most relevant congress specialized in computer security in the Basque Country, and as a national reference. The profile of attendees include specialized companies, public organisms, professionals, hobbyists and students in the area of security and Information Technology. The congress will take place on the 21st and 22nd of June 2024 in the lovely city of Donostia San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa).

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | a72344689ad4897e2e6442ffc7f6807d041770096f4a804c22960c580db6927b
Terrapin SSH Connection Weakening
Posted Dec 20, 2023
Authored by Jorg Schwenk, Marcus Brinkmann, Fabian Baumer | Site terrapin-attack.com

In this paper, the authors show that as new encryption algorithms and mitigations were added to SSH, the SSH Binary Packet Protocol is no longer a secure channel: SSH channel integrity (INT-PST) is broken for three widely used encryption modes. This allows prefix truncation attacks where some encrypted packets at the beginning of the SSH channel can be deleted without the client or server noticing it. They demonstrate several real-world applications of this attack. They show that they can fully break SSH extension negotiation (RFC 8308), such that an attacker can downgrade the public key algorithms for user authentication or turn off a new countermeasure against keystroke timing attacks introduced in OpenSSH 9.5. They also identified an implementation flaw in AsyncSSH that, together with prefix truncation, allows an attacker to redirect the victim's login into a shell controlled by the attacker. Related proof of concept code from their github has been added to this archive.

tags | exploit, paper, shell, protocol, proof of concept
advisories | CVE-2023-46445, CVE-2023-46446, CVE-2023-48795
SHA-256 | 3d6be8cc2a9c624a06990226485956c5d92675a632da2182c2546e4af814ff93
BSides SF 2024 Call For Papers
Posted Dec 5, 2023
Site bsidessf.org

BSidesSF is soliciting submissions for presentations and panels for BSidesSF 2024 in San Francisco on May 4 and 5 2024.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 75e553207fcfe4803295c83bffc1e8269caff8e7f6dcc22679181410a2cfe306
BLUFFS: Bluetooth Forward And Future Secrecy Attacks And Defenses
Posted Nov 30, 2023
Authored by Daniele Antonioli, Sophia Antipolis

Whitepaper titled BLUFFS: Bluetooth Forward and Future Secrecy Attacks and Defenses. It presents six novel attacks affecting chips from many major Bluetooth vendors.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 348467e3c5ed34a3d7601f57132defd129109109224ba2966ff023f2babfce33
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