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WD My Cloud Mirror 2.11.153 Remote Command Execution / Authentication Bypass
Posted Jan 25, 2017
Authored by Kacper Szurek

WD My Cloud Mirror version 2.11.153 suffers from remote command execution and authentication bypass vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, remote, vulnerability, bypass
MD5 | 3a03bededda8df40bf30974851a7f210
ntopng Web Interface 2.4.160627 Cross Site Request Forgery
Posted Jan 21, 2017
Authored by hyp3rlinx | Site

ntopng Web Interface version 2.4.160627 suffers from a cross site request forgery token bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, web, bypass, csrf
advisories | CVE-2017-5473
MD5 | fb7142bf91be385c91d7ff8cb0983125
Bit Defender Authentication Token Bypass
Posted Jan 12, 2017
Authored by Lawrence Amer | Site

Bit Defender's website suffered from an authentication token bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | bf9a8af3111e5e41234ed3f5acb51ac9
Advanced Desktop Locker 6.0.0 Bypass
Posted Jan 8, 2017
Authored by Squnity

Advanced Desktop Locker version 6.0.0 suffers from a bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 0f263882072098dbbfb131c65b10cc1d
My Link Trader 1.1 SQL Injection
Posted Jan 8, 2017
Authored by Ihsan Sencan

My Link Trader version 1.1 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability that allows for authentication bypass.

tags | exploit, remote, sql injection, bypass
MD5 | b4a48b05ad78052eb7ae17bdfb37819b
TIMA Arbitrary Kernel Module Verification Bypass
Posted Jan 3, 2017
Authored by Google Security Research, laginimaineb

Samsung's lkmauth feature suffers from a kernel module verification bypass vulnerability.

tags | advisory, kernel, bypass
MD5 | 94c50ebfbad9ceb87ec411b72014c425
Bluemix Container Authorization Controls
Posted Dec 9, 2016
Authored by Oscar Martinez

Bluemix containers have a broken access control that allows auditors to create and delete containers.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 8a6d006d8e878e8632975e9e786dffdf
Edge SkateShop Authentication Bypass
Posted Dec 7, 2016
Authored by Delilah

Edge SkateShop suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | cafc4e536b98bca40904dafac5e43905
Microsoft Windows Limited Bypass Of Traverse Permissions In Kernel Object Manager
Posted Dec 1, 2016
Authored by Google Security Research, forshaw

Microsoft Windows suffers from a limited bypass vulnerability related to traverse permissions in the kernel object manager.

tags | exploit, kernel, bypass
systems | windows
MD5 | 1cf598749090c0ba990679adca1f5b3a
GNU Wget Access List Bypass / Race Condition
Posted Nov 24, 2016
Authored by Dawid Golunski

GNU wget versions 1.17 and earlier, when used in mirroring/recursive mode, are affected by a race condition vulnerability that might allow remote attackers to bypass intended wget access list restrictions specified with the -A parameter. This might allow attackers to place malicious/restricted files onto the system. Depending on the application / download directory, this could potentially lead to other vulnerabilities such as code execution, etc.

tags | exploit, remote, vulnerability, code execution, bypass
advisories | CVE-2016-7098
MD5 | 3a7f82b9aec2e988d5b1a8143090c82b
Huawei Flybox B660 3G/4G Router Authentication Bypass
Posted Nov 19, 2016
Authored by SaifAllah benMassaoud | Site

Huawei Flybox B660 3G/4G router suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 0f10ffe81bd60145d86276f8e0184bf2
I-Panda SolarEagle Authentication Issues / Denial Of Service
Posted Nov 14, 2016
Authored by T. Weber | Site

SolarEagle version 2.00 suffers from an administrative login bypass vulnerability. MPPT Solar Controller SMART2 suffers from missing server-side authentication, unencrypted communication, and denial of service issues.

tags | advisory, denial of service, bypass
MD5 | dac0c0b53282127dc00071468ca0fa57
Edusson (Robotdon) BB Script Insertion
Posted Nov 7, 2016
Authored by Benjamin Kunz Mejri | Site

Edusson (Robotdon) BB suffers from a filter bypass vulnerability that allows for script insertion.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 56ee6bae5d1ea83a230feb6c8e9b9254
Imperva 11.5 Detection Bypass
Posted Nov 6, 2016
Authored by Nic Wiswat

Imperva version 11.5 suffers from a bypass vulnerability by confusing the HTTP Pollution Normalization Engine.

tags | exploit, web, bypass
MD5 | 33433599848d5630d4d274af4be4c8ac
Citrix Receiver / Receiver Desktop Lock 4.5 Authentication Bypass
Posted Nov 2, 2016
Authored by Rithwik Jayasimha

Citrix Receiver / Receiver Desktop Lock version 4.5 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 69f1c763c70ec616c69b0cf5028835ca
School Registration And Fee System Authentication Bypass
Posted Nov 1, 2016
Authored by opt1lc

School Registration and Fee System suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 518407e97b24d92d131fbfd47efa309f
InfraPower PPS-02-S Q213V1 Authentication Bypass
Posted Oct 30, 2016
Authored by LiquidWorm | Site

InfraPower PPS-02-S Q213V1 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability. The device does not properly perform authentication, allowing it to be bypassed through cookie manipulation. The vulnerable function checkLogin() in 'Function.php' checks only if the 'Login' Cookie is empty or not, allowing easy bypass of the user security mechanisms.

tags | exploit, php, bypass
MD5 | 7fb418d4e3f6104e84acc7d747c5bff0
InfraPower PPS-02-S Q213V1 Insecure Direct Object Reference
Posted Oct 30, 2016
Authored by LiquidWorm | Site

InfraPower PPS-02-S Q213V1 suffers from an insecure direct object reference authorization bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | c3b10cfb1e44462082a150c587f583fc
GNU tar 1.29 Extract Pathname Bypass
Posted Oct 27, 2016
Authored by Harry Sintonen

The GNU tar archiver can be tricked into extracting files and directories in the given destination, regardless of the path name(s) specified on the command line. Versions 1.14 through 1.29 are affected.

tags | exploit, bypass
advisories | CVE-2016-6321
MD5 | d3225fb0115eb0e014c2558c2c124a7d
Boonex Dolphin 7.3 Authentication Bypass
Posted Oct 26, 2016
Authored by Saadat Ullah

Boonex Dolphin versions 7.3 and below suffer from an authentication bypass vulnerability.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 4f1276ed23ea4d4eaf24d2afe047abd5
Industrial Secure Routers EDR-810 / EDR-G902 / EDR-G903 Access Bypass
Posted Oct 23, 2016
Authored by Nassim Asrir

Industrial Secure Routers versions EDR-G903, EDR-G902, and EDR-G903 allow for unauthenticated administrative access.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | f70077a1615ba3137e86dd9bfbe220ab
Telegram Web 0.5.5 Username Bypass
Posted Oct 21, 2016
Authored by MALWaRE43

Telegram Web version 0.5.5 allows you to set a null username due to a client-side mitigation for null bytes.

tags | exploit, web, bypass
MD5 | 368f05c0fe7679932c33739e2e5f491d
Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Preconfiguration Command Injection
Posted Oct 19, 2016
Authored by catatonicprime | Site

This Metasploit module exploits a login/csrf check bypass vulnerability on WiFi Pineapples versions 2.0 and below and pineapple versions prior to 2.4. These devices may typically be identified by their SSID beacons of 'Pineapple5_....'; Provided as part of the TospoVirus workshop at DEFCON23.

tags | exploit, bypass
MD5 | 33ff83c7a5f849fadb3d655dda6d7075
SAP Netweaver 7.4 UCON Security Protection Bypass
Posted Oct 11, 2016
Authored by Sergio Abraham, Pablo Muller | Site

SAP Netweaver version 7.4 suffers from a UCON security protection bypass vulnerability.

tags | advisory, bypass
advisories | CVE-2016-3635
MD5 | 74c2655f234a26e69a8c80415fea026d
Adobe Flash 23 Sandbox Bypass
Posted Sep 27, 2016
Authored by Leone Pontorieri

Adobe Flash versions 23 and below local-with-filesystem sandbox bypass via navigateToURL() and UI redressing. Proof of concept included.

tags | exploit, local, proof of concept, bypass
MD5 | 38c6974d18edf9f552f3b82e5e96af58
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