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Seguridad En Las API's
Posted Nov 10, 2021
Authored by Cesar Bustos

Whitepaper discussing the OWASP top ten and security of APIs. Written in Spanish.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 5d6c059cffab55d95f06d12ecf6b042c525b6ac3c50432367d0c388815310a67

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Triggering Windows 7
Posted Aug 8, 2012
Authored by Prateek Shukla

This is a brief whitepaper discussing how to BackTrack 5 and the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) to generate a malicious java applet in order to gain a reverse shell on Windows 7.

tags | paper, java, shell
systems | windows
SHA-256 | c465ce76e11d434cefe598ce9ad6f6709a3c029e5620d87ca6bb83721ba8d677
Buffer Overflow Explanation
Posted Jul 1, 2012
Authored by Dr-Freak

This is a whitepaper discussing how to perform very classical text book buffer overflow attacks.

tags | paper, overflow
SHA-256 | 98e30fbc2b7a72173ba7125801d0b0d8e29f954eecc18c97cd0f09b4b5a96465
Insecurity Of Poorly Designed Remote File Inclusion Payloads Part 2
Posted Jun 25, 2012
Authored by bwall | Site firebwall.com

This whitepaper discusses the insecurity of poorly designed remote file inclusion payloads. This is part two.

tags | paper, remote, file inclusion
SHA-256 | 357450c73effdc1d8d79eadc0c1966d2cf52597ec2b85ef66ef49ae5a9a554f2
Insecurity Of Poorly Design Remote File Inclusion Payloads Part 1
Posted Jun 11, 2012
Authored by bwall | Site firebwall.com

This whitepaper discusses the insecurity of poorly designed remote file inclusion payloads. This is part one.

tags | paper, remote, file inclusion
SHA-256 | 0ad627634c11abc77c0211c9fe0d4a8c8b65595f116f610eceb4b969e304e19d
Remote Command Execution Through Local File Inclusion
Posted Jun 10, 2012
Authored by JosS

This is a brief whitepaper discussing remote command execution through local file inclusion. Written in Spanish.

tags | paper, remote, local, file inclusion
SHA-256 | 5d691f507cf0ddff2324ebc32113aa30516280c5060b723456b2cdaea40c3ed0
Failure To Restrict Access
Posted May 23, 2012
Authored by Fernando Andina, Jose Miguel Soriano

This is a brief whitepaper discussing methods of validating a lack of access restriction for various pages on sites. It discusses everything from visual viewing and comparison between cookies used and using an implementation of the Damerau-Levensthein model. They also have a tool for download.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 31d9e05acf124177223516cb1f5af275440df270565ba8c268e0a05a6c2aa2ee
How Secure Is Contactless Smartcard Technology
Posted Mar 30, 2012
Authored by Hitesh Malviya

This is a brief whitepaper discussing the security of contactless smartcard technology.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 74a21b5c3907b319f53c402833c27ad3d326f6ca78d9dff95d4041ee8e139943
Covert Channel Over ICMP
Posted Mar 9, 2012
Authored by Debasish Mandal

This whitepaper discusses using ICMP as a covert tunnel for traffic. An example of this technique is tunneling complete TCP traffic over ping requests and replies. More technically it works by injecting arbitrary data into an echo packet sent to a remote computer. The remote computer replies in the same manner, injecting an answer into another ICMP packet and sending it back.

tags | paper, remote, arbitrary, tcp
SHA-256 | b3f9abf0a20186c20b5029836a0257f08fc519a4a564f7ad5fd760ed03754755
Mobile Based MITM Attack
Posted Feb 5, 2012
Authored by Bilal Bokhari

This is a brief whitepaper discussing how to set up QT Mobile Hotspot and YAMAS applications to man in the middle connections using your phone.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 8589a3cbc7aa1e43619674b8384fb3846512cc1a76778c508dc5e6c0447074d4
iPhone Forensics On iOS 5
Posted Jan 20, 2012
Authored by Satish Bommisetty

This is a brief whitepaper discussing how to perform forensics on iOS 5 on the iPhone.

tags | paper
systems | apple, iphone
SHA-256 | 343b3862d39127f659978159079fb88e96475725f86982f827ebd28b23cbf412
Exploit WebDAV... The Garage Way
Posted Dec 26, 2011
Authored by Dhiraj Datar

This is a brief whitepaper discussing how to exploit a webDAV enabled server.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | a83e8be5f3033d52a2124e642c22eef3daba9c97b7e1e1ccfcd667ad9b5499e4
Using Google As A Malware Spreading Technique
Posted Dec 7, 2011
Authored by PCA

This is a short whitepaper discussing how to use Google as a malware spreading tool.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 592100b7a17272812aa3c34557d628498f2416d24c8f6c64ec89f6438e05c868
Anatomy Of A Pass Back Attack
Posted Nov 1, 2011
Authored by Deral Heiland, Michael Belton | Site foofus.net

Brief whitepaper discussing how to trick a printer into passing LDAP or SMB credentials back to an attacker in plain text.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 4c1967b52b737e8378e0591046c4fbeb02462547b019cb3d9e260b1c5939d804
Top Seven ColdFusion Security Issues
Posted Sep 14, 2011
Authored by Sysmox

This whitepaper discusses the most prevalent security issues with server configurations and application implementations for ColdFusion.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 88b4ae6ec50477ea59f03c75c24ad0e58dfd2ff3ab41d93aa6d23e371ea194da
Brief Whitepaper On Underground Hacking
Posted May 27, 2011
Authored by ninjashell

This is a brief whitepaper discussing tools and methodologies used by black hat hackers.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 99cb5168fe73f25bc8cebea491434ac4136ad39ade7060bd9bca61721ecbea5c
Implementing Security Improvements In JBoss
Posted May 18, 2011
Authored by Alexandro Silva | Site alexos.org

Brief whitepaper discussing security improvements that should be implemented in JBoss application server installations.

tags | paper, java
SHA-256 | 9d8bd975a438fe494117107585a9733dd18a0b69956abd53aa48b5f1f79f1711
Anatomy Of A NULL Session Attack
Posted May 6, 2011
Authored by Pouya Daneshmand

Whitepaper discussing the anatomy of a null session attack, how it works, and how to prevent it from happening to you. Written in Persian.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 0a75c5fb650708bf7ac50efc1d8e0b4ab72bab8961ebc5e8d3490582f9c999ba
Path Traversal - Bypass Methods
Posted May 6, 2011
Authored by Pouya Daneshmand

Short whitepaper discussing path traversal and bypass methods of exploitation.

tags | paper, file inclusion
SHA-256 | 11be4413b6236ab6fecdd5a45447e873eb69c85333a414919a70d7f54de08046
How To Make A Backdoor With Return Oriented Programming
Posted Apr 13, 2011
Authored by Jonathan Salwan

Whitepaper discussing how to make a backdoor with return oriented programming and ROPgadget. Written in French.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 359f35beea9bb5e9dd45e28409ccda1fe40ca5f1e3ecfdbb92abacf00fc0bf60
Guidebook On Cross Site Scripting
Posted Mar 27, 2011
Authored by Ankit Anand

Whitepaper discussing cross site scripting, bypassing techniques, and the usefulness of these attacks.

tags | paper, web, xss
SHA-256 | e6db4a2a2b09265739ef2221cc69c49975d5b6ed87df3146923008646935f4fd
Privacy Of Data On Social Networks
Posted Mar 26, 2011
Authored by R. Harikrishnan

This is a whitepaper discussing the risk associated with the privacy of your data on Facebook.

tags | paper, web
SHA-256 | 1c7324957e7d7c62de38033fa300af904e3fd13b9fd83df2b808ba22aedd9a41
Problems Faced By Cloud Computing
Posted Feb 25, 2011
Authored by L0rd CrusAd3r

Brief whitepaper discussing some problems faced when using cloud computing.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 53a9ee31b17b5b3f1bb3226bfed1a087dce450306c1cb4d89f1193b47f77a5a5
Debian 5.0.6 / Ubuntu 10.04 Webshell To Remote Root
Posted Oct 28, 2010
Authored by jmit

Whitepaper discussing how to go from having a webshell to getting remote root using the GNU dynamic linker DSO vulnerability on Debian versions 5.0.6 and below and Ubuntu versions 10.04 and below.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | linux, debian, ubuntu
advisories | CVE-2010-3856
SHA-256 | ae6f799792df2bc63f6efc669e1ba990189cb2b0e37eae9470cd60171c0c72ba
Blackboxes - Owning Broadband Routers
Posted Jan 20, 2010
Authored by ShadowHatesYou

This is a brief whitepaper discussing how to own Blackboxes (typical broadband routers such as SB5120s, SMC Connect, D-Link dcm-202s, Toshiba PCX2600s, and a handful of RCA and Linksys modems).

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | 3fddebbe2117f3e5ef8cfb311b1cbed6273259f1ba1d32bd24a8c18db80cd5b4
Portuguese Whitepaper About SQL Injection
Posted Jan 19, 2010
Authored by Rafael Arantes

Whitepaper discussing SQL injection. Written in Portuguese.

tags | paper, sql injection
SHA-256 | edaf265484c5491983e11baab3b5fbf2b47295758d381e5f2e0946733f069288
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