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10Strike LANState 9.32 Host Check hostname Buffer Overflow
Posted Apr 1, 2020
Authored by Hodorsec

10Strike LANState version 9.32 on x86 Host Check hostname SEH buffer overflow exploit.

tags | exploit, overflow, x86
SHA-256 | 14d5fb0369d804df952aa677f189c95cee2dc58e248e3ea40989ccac3e77a17b

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Posted Apr 20, 2000
Authored by teso

vulnerability in wmcdplay (installed on Halloween 4 Linux) (advisory + exploit

systems | linux
SHA-256 | 6477942c86ee6dd52bac80bf956cbed6863e52d464ae92b66bef9d20f7902b03
Posted Apr 20, 2000
Authored by teso

vulnerability in atsadc (installed on Halloween 4 Linux) (advisory + exploit)

systems | linux
SHA-256 | 189114c1fe799648b677c16aa36fcc179942f685bacb5b0318c678f0cb0f01b9
Posted Apr 19, 2000
Authored by Grampa Elite

Vulnerability: Any user can overwrite any file in the system with x11amp ver .70.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | f854507d6d5cef408de353bd42cf556273c973adfc5e305c7058e4a61a099eab
Posted Apr 19, 2000

Insertion, Evasion, and Denial of Service: Eluding Network Intrusion Detection

tags | paper, denial of service
SHA-256 | 2159a30060cec7d5e267b083c2935a46e14e8b1e37d3534565f3efa1ef7b3539
Posted Apr 19, 2000

MRTG is a The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing GIF images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. Check http://www.ee.ethz.ch/stats/mrtg/ for an example. MRTG is based on Perl and C and works under UNIX and Windows NT. MRTG is being successfully used on many sites around the net.

tags | tool, web, perl
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 04f52e0390bd6cc108991b7624c21faa480891f43b97c671a973436de3a5f26b
Posted Apr 15, 2000

Calling Number Delivery: An explanation of Caller ID and how it works.

tags | telephony
SHA-256 | 63b8cbc2ad0c10c550351d2b5c22369b7301879e7b3adede2c751ae2a07e7fb5
Posted Mar 24, 2000
Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory - (Revised Mar 19) MH and its successor NMH are popular Mail User Agents, availabe in the FreeBSD ports collection. EXMH and EXMH2 are TCL/TK-based front-ends to the MH system. The mhshow command used for viewing MIME attachments contains a buffer overflow which can be exploited by a specially-crafted email attachment, which will allow the execution of arbitrary code as the local user when the attachment is opened. The japanese version is also vulnerable.

tags | overflow, arbitrary, local
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | bde11f28ee49b0f8df6ccc8058a3011406310b21e6a2a695abaa7a184658cbaa
Posted Mar 17, 2000
Authored by Safety

IGMP windows DoS attack. Results in bluescreens and sometimes reboot. Source and windows binary included.

tags | denial of service
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 0d41dd5498236739cde5ca7ad1404307ca78b8725ddca4e7989377b0ea3992f7
Posted Mar 17, 2000
Authored by Juan Toledo | Site etherape.sourceforge.net

Etherape is an etherman clone which displays network activity graphically. Active hosts are shown as circles of varying size, and traffic among them is shown as lines of varying width. It is GNOME and pcap based.

Changes: Much better now.
tags | tool, sniffer
SHA-256 | f1742ea3c0a50d9d82f5e5910066e30838b0c050b063b22f89db0c47793eea97
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site xforce.iss.net

ISS Security Advisory - Enterprise Manager for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 uses weak encryption when storing the password in registry. It can be read and decoded by other users.

tags | registry
SHA-256 | a9b3ac0aadd5b79df35825305233bd3833e09c5e6281fa3a3dce365b9a84405f
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory - The lynx software is written in a very insecure style and contains numerous potential and several proven security vulnerabilities exploitable by a malicious server. No simple fix is available until a full review of lynx is done.

tags | vulnerability
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | ee8b62ac9ab7a8179bc42cc09712b8e7817b09093530e567609345f0b14ce232
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory - mtr, from the ports collection, fails to correctly drop setuid root privileges during operation, allowing a local root compromise.

tags | local, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 8e19eda3761418bf2a9a006b9011dafdce46efc1bcc91af567dfa0ded91fa3e7
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory - Orville-write, provided in the ports collection, is a replacement for the write command, which provides improved control over message delivery and other features. One of the commands installed by the port is incorrectly installed with setuid root permissions. The 'huh' command should not have any special privileges since it is intended to be run by the local user to view his saved messages.

tags | local, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 2d6eed934594abf84b3866ecd8ebab81463e892b159c8f133135e4e089337e86
Posted Mar 16, 2000

SuSE Security Advisory - A security hole was discovered in the SuSE IMAP server which allows remote attackers to receive imap administrator privilige which can be used e.g. to create or delete folders. This is unrelated to the SuSE linux distribution, which is unaffected. SuSE security site here.

tags | remote, imap
systems | linux, suse
SHA-256 | 70f7eaca71bd1b6e0f93aeb55fc676996c8bcf24b496476f3b61cbf476fb6f90
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site ussrback.com

USSR Advisory #36 - Remote / local dos attack in MERCUR WebView WebMail-Client 1.0 for Windows 98/NT. UssrLabs found a buffer overflow in MERCUR WebView WebMail-Client 1.0 (port 1080) where they do not use proper bounds checking in the code who handle the GET commands The following all result in a Denial of Service against the service in question.

tags | remote, denial of service, overflow, local
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 6c1b15e1a3945061e371fadaa138e784299cc28aea9b271df508ffefbdcb4f30
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Site ussrback.com

USSR Advisory #35 - Remote / local dos overflow attack in MERCUR v3.2* Mail server, pop server, and imap server for Windows.

tags | remote, overflow, local, imap
systems | windows
SHA-256 | bc50ab174effe6cc371148796eba9cfd01035cb4c4caf8c073146c2acef6a2f4
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by Darren Reed | Site coombs.anu.edu.au

IP Filter is a TCP/IP packet filter suitable for use in a firewall environment. To use, it can either be run as a loadable kernel module (recommended) or incorporated into your UNIX kernel. Scripts are provided to install and patch system files as required.

Changes: Code to address the FTP proxy problem currently being talked about on bugtraq, and the current kernel proxy has been "beefed up".
tags | tool, kernel, tcp, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | d4f869816a3514d631aad96bbe48046ec74417ab1b663174ce1616ccf2cf10eb
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by Jay Beale | Site bastille-linux.org

Bastille Linux aims to be the most comprehensive, flexible, and educational Security Hardening Program for Red Hat Linux 6.0/6.1. Virtually every task it performs is optional, providing immense flexibility. It educates the installing admin regarding the topic at hand before asking any question. The interactive nature allows the program to be more thorough when securing, while the educational component produces an admin who is less likely to compromise the increased security.

Changes: Redid user interface, use of ssh when downloading, and small bugfixes.
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 211dc351110ec89d4510429f555f8005d24075e72299f0aada4d1995aad0f190
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by Jonas Borgstrom | Site zipcracker.sourceforge.net

Zipcracker for linux cracks password protected zip archives with brute force.

Changes: BeoWulf (PVM) support and a Swedish translation.
tags | cracker
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 368c0ce052fd35038ffeb6f947ef94f10e0303574ccae50278d5428233eeaf9f
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by Bruce Schneier, crypto-gram | Site counterpane.com

CRYPTO-GRAM March 15, 2000. In this issue: Kerberos and Windows 2000, AES News, Counterpane Internet Security News, Software as a Burglary Tool, The Doghouse: The Virginia Legislature, Software Complexity and Security, Comments from Readers.

tags | crypto, magazine
systems | windows
SHA-256 | cc8d54b0047cdd3d3665e525c99e57b83b3d15f74dcacb134652b1e298d5551f
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by Obecian | Site celerity.bartoli.org

Urlsnuff is a urlsniff dos attack. If urlsniff sees this malformed combination of HTTP Requests.

tags | web, denial of service
SHA-256 | 4899b441032bc837dfa3f7eb710e22b3ebaa52024993606408fe14da05fc4ae3
Posted Mar 16, 2000
Authored by teso, stealth | Site team-teso.net

Hellkit is a shellcode generator. You write the your shellcode in C, and it gets converted to ASM for use with both heap and stack based overflows. Many examples included.

Changes: Added generic shellcode decoder which can handle shellcode up to 64kb in length containing any bytes, added encoder for this type of decoder, and fixed some signedness issues in array accessment.
tags | overflow, shellcode
SHA-256 | 4de0a0428ffc7564260f6144a3a67a196db6c7af7dba15d6564be3207bbc83ca
Posted Mar 14, 2000
Site vtun.sourceforge.net

VTun is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression, and encryption. It is a user space implementation and doesn't need modification of any kernel parts. VTun supports IP, PPP, SLIP, Ethernet, and other tunnel types. VTun is easily and highly configurable; it can be used for various network tasks like VPN, Mobil IP, Shaped Internet access, Ethernet tunnel, IP address saving, etc.

Changes: Correct closing of unsuccessfully connected sockets, correct handling of single quotes and escaping '\', a locking code rewrite to fix race conditions, initialization fixes, UDP session initialization fixes, support for inetd and TCP wrappers, bug fixes.
tags | tool, kernel, tcp, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 29bccaa18717c0281b5e18920d85022f76dcb45df9fc620462a063623b915c09
Posted Dec 21, 1999

A nice Javascript that can encrypt HTML commands so you can keep your source encrypted.

tags | encryption, javascript
SHA-256 | e28445817878d975bdac39160a51b63f8164b08d262e22ae8f14e11e3edc956f
Posted Dec 21, 1999

Secure Shell 1.2.27

tags | shell, encryption
SHA-256 | d8019676755739309815d9817b7335f0c3327e2fd6c7be60e4eea1500764d5cd
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