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CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hardcoded Credentials / Missing Authentication
Posted Aug 31, 2018
Authored by Ken Williams, Oystein Middelthun | Site www3.ca.com

CA Technologies Support is alerting customers to multiple potential risks with CA Unified Infrastructure Management. Multiple vulnerabilities exist that can allow an attacker, who has access to the network on which CA UIM is running, to run arbitrary CA UIM commands on machines where the CA UIM probes are running. An attacker can also gain access to other machines running CA UIM and access the filesystems of those machines. The first vulnerability, has a medium risk rating and concerns a hardcoded secret key, which can allow an attacker to access sensitive information. The second vulnerability has a medium risk rating and concerns a hardcoded passphrase, which can allow an attacker to access sensitive information. The third vulnerability has a high risk rating and concerns a lack of authentication, which can allow a remote attacker to conduct a variety of attacks, including file reading/writing. Affected versions include 8.5.1, 8.5, and 8.4.7.

tags | advisory, remote, arbitrary, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2018-13819, CVE-2018-13820, CVE-2018-13821
MD5 | 6e99f3fdbc87760f71a42c271a8fbbfb

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Posted Sep 14, 1999

A repost of the 10/17 Ultrix advisory with checksums for several Ultrix system programs.

MD5 | 8c187e25ada74d041f8445a430b2310a
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Vulnerability in SunOS 4.0.x rcp command.

systems | solaris
MD5 | a5da4f2f47c018b0a55f10d0693fd488
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Warning about attacks on DEC/Ultrix 3.0 machines. Advises users to check for Trojan horses, insecure tftp, simple passwords.

tags | trojan
MD5 | 875a123062dfaadaed19342c540fc114
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Warning about the "WANK" worm which attacked DECnet hosts.

tags | worm
MD5 | 519ff2f53903f7f35624042e69183724
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Vulnerability in SunOS 4.0.* restore(8) command.

systems | solaris
MD5 | cc9fa31c90d14c28431acbd58b135dca
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Warning about a series of break-ins in which an intruder replaced the telnet(1) program with a Trojan horse that captured passwords. Contains some general hints about securing systems.

tags | trojan
MD5 | 9b933d2cc5364f424a5fceba2ecc77bc
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Report from Keith Bostic of BSD patch for passwd(1) program.

systems | bsd
MD5 | cf8384d2ad4bed56cdeb8d0871c39b18
Posted Sep 14, 1999

Warning about BSD sendmail 5.59 debug command; general warning about getting latest version of ftpd; other general warnings. ** The sendmail portion of this advisory is superseded by CA-96.20, CA-96.24, and CA-96.25. **

systems | bsd
MD5 | 7da18e65d1ed29f7ac0e6ab944db4fce
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Site kalug.lug.net

MS-DOS/Linux source-code demonstration virii by SVAT. califax replaces the stdio.h file in the /usr/local/include directory and gets compiled into every file compiled with gcc.

tags | local
systems | linux
MD5 | 223ff3050165920e76bb3cd073b429f5
Posted Aug 17, 1999

No information is available for this file.

tags | tool, wardialer
MD5 | b16b44d557673d440a161e7f1a640d3e
Posted Aug 17, 1999

No information is available for this file.

tags | tool, wardialer
MD5 | 4749ac05d84c831d0d342237f80e7dcf
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Final release of Cabral Domain scanner for Win95/98/NT.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | e94ed12ddf074a8a28b66045c1f4deda
Posted Aug 17, 1999

No information is available for this file.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | e1f861b10a1622011382642e78872af9
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Cain is a password recovery tool for Windows 95/98 operating systems. It enables easy recovery of Logon passwords, Share passwords (local and remote), Screen Saver passwords, DialUp passwords, Link passwords and any other application defined passwords cached in your system or in external .PWL and registry files. With Cain these passwords can also be modified quickly. Cain v1.0 also features dictionary and brute-force attack methods, multithreading and resuming. Shareware with free 15-day full trial. Register your copy and get more details at the Cain web site Archive password is set to p4ssw0rd. Use at your own risk.

tags | remote, web, local, trojan, registry
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | 40adea38f9b407b25af6fab24f58668a
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Cain is a GUI multithread application that can be used to recover various passwords on Win 95/98 machines. Features: Screen Saver password decoder, Cached resource recover, OSR2/98 PWL password recover, Local Shares quick modification and password recover, Network Shares password recover, Quick change Screen Saver, Network and Windows passwords, Quick toggle "Password Caching" system features, Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks, much more.

tags | local, cracker
systems | windows
MD5 | de57d85899acd8dd62911b854cd43c9f
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Notes from CIAC regarding SATAN.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 236236d6dd8900ff034ad7e85f116f45
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Pavel Machek

Capabilities Linux kernel (2.2.9 - 2.3.4) patch for elf executables that lowers the capabilities of elf files on execution to enhance security.

tags | kernel, patch
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 420fea07aca04b728f6b67b433c7d841
Posted Aug 17, 1999

No information is available for this file.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 2c622adfab3a0639c0bf35d90f4d28ac
Posted Aug 17, 1999

"Son of Cache-Cow" Netscape Vulnerability

tags | exploit
MD5 | faf73a0ebc7c6632bf29fad49b26a411
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by Wildman

Excellent, detailed description of how to exploit cable modem security flaws and effectively hijack IP addresses.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 369c8d7e3eaa2e7218e08bdbadb24266
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Computer Associates' InocuLAN client for Windows NT contains a bug in the account lockout code that allows large numbers of repeating account lockouts to occur, continuing until the machine is rebooted. A username/passwd vulnerability may also exist.

tags | exploit
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 37dfe836192899aceb66adfe5326a937
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Computer Associates' InoculateIT for Windows NT v4.53 does not properly scan for viruses, leaving your network vulnerable. No solution available from CA yet, but then that's no surprise it is?

tags | exploit
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 9fb8c85915b28088f7faa1a8e24017d2
Posted Aug 17, 1999

All versions of COAS (Caldera Open Administration Tool) previous to coas-1.0-8 may make /etc/shadow world readable. Vendor solutions and upgrade information included.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 61de12b1f5f934b5b5973b8ce5798027
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by CERT

Remote buffer overflows in various FTP servers leads to potential root compromise.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, root
MD5 | dbea2205dda8ccac96f1c99e020cb168
Posted Aug 17, 1999

Buffer overflow in /usr/bin/cancel on Solaris 2.6 x86 platform that can result in root compromise. Exploit code included, no available fix (except upgrade to Solaris 2.7).

tags | exploit, overflow, x86, root
systems | solaris
MD5 | de2cb5922d464b164f82d9051689574b
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