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IBM QRadar SIEM Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution
Posted Jul 11, 2018
Authored by Pedro Ribeiro | Site metasploit.com

IBM QRadar SIEM has three vulnerabilities in the Forensics web application that when chained together allow an attacker to achieve unauthenticated remote code execution. The first stage bypasses authentication by fixating session cookies. The second stage uses those authenticated sessions cookies to write a file to disk and execute that file as the "nobody" user. The third and final stage occurs when the file executed as "nobody" writes an entry into the database that causes QRadar to execute a shell script controlled by the attacker as root within the next minute. Details about these vulnerabilities can be found in the advisories listed in References. The Forensics web application is disabled in QRadar Community Edition, but the code still works, so these vulnerabilities can be exploited in all flavors of QRadar. This Metasploit module was tested with IBM QRadar CE 7.3.0 and 7.3.1. IBM has confirmed versions up to 7.2.8 patch 12 and 7.3.1 patch 3 are vulnerable. Due to payload constraints, this module only runs a generic/shell_reverse_tcp payload.

tags | exploit, remote, web, shell, root, vulnerability, code execution
advisories | CVE-2016-9722, CVE-2018-1418, CVE-2018-1612
MD5 | 221b05c8f4d9bb44521c8ebfe10f771d

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IBM QRadar SIEM Code Execution / Authentication Bypass
Posted May 29, 2018
Authored by Pedro Ribeiro

IBM QRadar SIEM versions prior to 7.3.1 Patch 3 or 7.2.8 Patch 28 suffer from authentication bypass, code execution, and privilege escalation vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, code execution
advisories | CVE-2018-1418
MD5 | 0e6ecaa9d4eab8b0a258bb8b10edb984
IBM Informix Dynamic Server DLL Injection / Code Execution
Posted May 31, 2017
Site securiteam.com

IBM Informix Dynamic Server suffers from dll injection, PHP code injection, and heap buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, overflow, php, vulnerability
advisories | CVE-2016-2183, CVE-2017-1092
MD5 | acf1047cf6ec465e6ff49df652940fd6
IBM WebSphere Remote Code Execution Java Deserialization
Posted Mar 14, 2017
Authored by Liatsis Fotios | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module exploits a vulnerability in IBM's WebSphere Application Server. An unsafe deserialization call of unauthenticated Java objects exists to the Apache Commons Collections (ACC) library, which allows remote arbitrary code execution. Authentication is not required in order to exploit this vulnerability.

tags | exploit, java, remote, arbitrary, code execution
advisories | CVE-2015-7450
MD5 | 08d8879a89fd3efd87e28c199e8028f1
IBM AIX 6.1 / 7.1 / 7.2 Bellmail Privilege Escalation
Posted Dec 22, 2016
Authored by Hector X. Monsegur

IBM AIX versions 6.1, 7.1, and 7.2 suffer from a Bellmail privilege escalation vulnerability.

tags | exploit
systems | aix
advisories | CVE-2016-8972
MD5 | 05dd43af666f2ed46734a7dfb17a2f37
IBM WebSphere 7 / 8 / 8.5 / 9 Deserialization Issue
Posted Oct 11, 2016
Authored by Maurizio Agazzini

IBM WebSphere versions 7, 8, 8.5, and 9 deserialize untrusted data. This can lead to denial of service and remote code execution vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service, vulnerability, code execution
advisories | CVE-2016-5983
MD5 | f21b4f91dfaa2289b5b1b9a16af96136
IBM GPFS / Spectrum Scale Command Injection
Posted Jun 8, 2016
Authored by John Fitzpatrick

IBM GPFS version through and through along with Spectrum Scale versions through and through suffer from a command injection vulnerability.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2016-0392
MD5 | c73ca42d9718c27c79aacac694762658
IBM Cognos 11.0 Content Spoofing
Posted Jun 3, 2016
Authored by Sonal Moon

IBM Cognos version 11.0 suffers from a content spoofing vulnerability.

tags | exploit, spoof
advisories | CVE-2016-0398
MD5 | 6d9a333bb7096e99972fcae6b1df9cbd
IBM Security Website Cross Site Scripting
Posted Feb 6, 2016
Authored by RootByte

IBM Security Website suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

tags | exploit, xss
MD5 | b3a2eb862a4118dcd69218b459c202eb
IBM i Access For Windows 7.1 Denial Of Service
Posted Nov 19, 2015
Authored by hyp3rlinx | Site hyp3rlinx.altervista.org

IBM i Access for Windows is vulnerability to a stack buffer overflow denial of service vulnerability.

tags | exploit, denial of service, overflow
systems | windows
advisories | CVE-2015-7422
MD5 | 917e8a2507ea8466c47676ae664064d7
IBM i Access For Windows 7.1 Buffer Overflow
Posted Nov 19, 2015
Authored by hyp3rlinx | Site hyp3rlinx.altervista.org

IBM i Access for Windows is vulnerable to a buffer overflow. A local attacker could overflow a buffer and execute arbitrary code on the Windows PC.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary, local
systems | windows
advisories | CVE-2015-2023
MD5 | c40c0828f0febe3fa5864c0c90ecf05b
IBM Installation Manager 1.8.1 Race Condition
Posted Nov 12, 2015
Authored by Larry W. Cashdollar

The install script for IBM Installation Manager version 1.8.1 suffers from a /tmp race condition.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 5c4f9fb578a7239602ddb35966c91386
IBM AIX HACMP Privlege Escalation
Posted Sep 8, 2015
Authored by Kristian Hermansen

IBM AIX High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) suffers from a local privilege escalation vulnerability that results in root privileges.

tags | exploit, local, root
systems | aix
MD5 | cb4aa5b5b97e7eb120168dee929b7d61
IBM Watson XSS / Open Redirect
Posted Jun 5, 2015
Authored by Jerold Hoong

IBM Watson Cloud Computing SaaS suffers from cross site scripting and open redirect vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, xss
MD5 | e6be0b3a85872c76bf0716baeec16503
IBM Security AppScan 9.0.2 Remote Code Execution
Posted Jun 1, 2015
Authored by Naser Farhadi

IBM Security AppScan versions 9.0.2 and below suffer from an OLE automation array remote code execution vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote, code execution
MD5 | 7c64f5a37542016bd51556569e0044d3
IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 / 6.1.5 / 6.1.0 Cross Site Scripting
Posted May 7, 2015
Authored by Filippo Roncari

IBM WebSphere Portal versions 7.0, 6.1.5, and 6.1.0 suffer from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.

tags | exploit, xss
advisories | CVE-2014-0910
MD5 | 14a5a911aa04f3ad5e5ff09d71a3698c
IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.2 kbbacf1 Privilege Escalation
Posted Oct 30, 2014
Authored by Robert Jaroszuk

IBM Tivoli Monitoring version 6.2.2 kbbacf1 privilege escalation exploit.

tags | exploit
advisories | CVE-2013-5467
MD5 | 653f2bb6a7913408f4cc0ffc92081cf6
IBM WebSphere Application Server Cross Site Scripting
Posted Sep 10, 2014
Authored by G. S. McNamara

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Integrated Solutions Console version suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

tags | advisory, xss
MD5 | 7416e32cfd8fdc74f7d384c107f275e7
IBM 1754 GCM KVM Code Execution / File Read / XSS
Posted Jul 21, 2014
Authored by Alejandro Alvarez Bravo

The IBM 1754 GCM KVM suffers from code execution, arbitrary file read, and cross site scripting vulnerabilities. Versions and below are vulnerable.

tags | exploit, arbitrary, vulnerability, code execution, xss
advisories | CVE-2014-2085, CVE-2014-3080, CVE-2014-3081
MD5 | 45362f1e1a43c79c45707dd9a29f1fdc
IBM AIX Runtime Linker Privilege Escalation
Posted Jul 9, 2014
Authored by Tim Brown | Site portcullis-security.com

IBM AIX versions 6.1 and 7.1 suffer from a runtime linker privilege escalation vulnerability.

tags | advisory
systems | aix
advisories | CVE-2014-3074
MD5 | 5ed90263296038d7960e8d8e007b1e6a
IBM AIX 6.1.8+ Privilege Escalation
Posted Jun 12, 2014
Authored by Tim Brown | Site portcullis-security.com

IBM AIX versions 6.1.8 and later suffer from a local privilege escalation vulnerability in libodm due to an arbitrary file write.

tags | exploit, arbitrary, local
systems | aix
advisories | CVE-2014-3977
MD5 | 319e4008a767f106fb7dc54a17237ed2
IBM DB2 Privilege Escalation
Posted Jun 4, 2014
Authored by Tim Brown | Site portcullis-security.com

setuid and setgid programs can escalate privileges via insecure RPATH use in IBM DB2 systems.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2014-0907
MD5 | 6a99c82db7f5576482f6ca6bec6d7d12
IBM AIX Kernel Memory Leak / Denial Of Service
Posted May 6, 2014
Authored by Tim Brown | Site portcullis-security.com

IBM AIX versions 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1 releases VIOS 2.2.* suffer from kernel memory leak and denial of service vulnerabilities. It has been identified that the ptrace() system call can be manipulated by an unprivileged user into leaking uninitialized kernel memory and that the method by which this is achieved may also lead to a denial of service condition. This can be achieved by manipulating the parameters that are passed to the ptrace() system call when performing the PT_LDINFO operation. By calling ptrace(PT_LDINFO, childpid, leakbuffer, maximumleak, NULL) with a value of maximumleak that greater than that required for the expected result of the PT_LDINFO operation, the AIX kernel will xmalloc() this space (without initializing it), populate it and then perform a copy operation that returns the result within leakbuffer.

tags | advisory, denial of service, kernel, vulnerability, memory leak
systems | aix
advisories | CVE-2014-0930
MD5 | 4236298d7ba606989f3262b37ad6c132
IBM Server RAID Manager Browser Edition Blind SQL Injection
Posted Apr 23, 2014
Authored by joev

IBM Server RAID Manager Browser Edition version 1.2 suffers from a remote blind SQL injection vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote, sql injection
MD5 | d1aad21b7bfee6eed821deeaea43c26f
IBM BPMS Privilege Escalation / Disclosure
Posted Feb 22, 2014
Authored by 0in

IBM BPMS version suffers from account reconfiguration, privilege escalation, and information disclosure vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, info disclosure
MD5 | bf05e32fd785964166d12192970638af
IBM Forms Viewer Unicode Buffer Overflow
Posted Jan 3, 2014
Authored by rgod, juan vazquez | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in IBM Forms Viewer. The vulnerability is due to a dangerous usage of strcpy-like function, and occurs while parsing malformed XFDL files, with a long fontname value. This Metasploit module has been tested successfully on IBM Forms Viewer 4.0 on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1.

tags | exploit, overflow
systems | windows, xp, 7
advisories | CVE-2013-5447
MD5 | 934e609ca11e09357b857cfb77ad41d6
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