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Windows x64 Password Protected Bind Shellcode
Posted Jan 1, 2017
Authored by Roziul Hasan Khan Shifat

825 bytes small Windows x64 password protected bind shellcode.

tags | shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | c0bbde3d6720685937eb70dde42897b287b93969c476d0a911b6923f9aa9db89

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WinAMP 5.55 SEH Overwrite
Posted May 24, 2009
Authored by His0k4

WinAMP versions 5.55 and below MAKI script universal SEH overwrite exploit.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | f94826f92efd36d62df6e4978119b9b375ea487e89205060f3e7030dcc2b3351
Winamp 5.541 Skin Buffer Overflow Exploit
Posted Mar 5, 2009
Authored by SkD

Winamp versions 5.541 and below skin universal buffer overflow exploit. Launches calc.exe.

tags | exploit, overflow
SHA-256 | 5205111a1315db28c3d3ab7879b96c792bb6fd5b57802735fb65549a6e5b8435
win32 PEB!NtGlobalFlags Shellcode
Posted Feb 24, 2009
Authored by koshi

14 bytes small win32 PEB!NtGlobalFlags shellcode.

tags | shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | bd6da0384db9681081f499006fe5902116a197a8ea926b38438711cc2ca8fb4f
WinAmp GEN_MSN Plugin Heap Buffer Overflow
Posted Jan 7, 2009
Authored by SkD

WinAmp GEN_MSN plugin heap buffer overflow proof of concept exploit that creates a malicious .pls file.

tags | exploit, overflow, proof of concept
SHA-256 | 6cc13470a643ecebc9414c4bd17a426ef9b9cd1233f7e12bc459d001d2fd4a32
Posted Mar 14, 2008
Authored by Yag Kohha

Win32 Download and Execute shellcode generator (browsers edition).

tags | shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 7b4a8ecd0221c424c3a44b73c8e2dbfa850cef48b36272ad109b9efa57e2a47b
Posted Jun 15, 2007
Authored by Kevin Devine

124 byte win32 download and execute shellcode.

tags | shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | aab5d5a52b27af1060146907b74ed8f440ebb56779c5e3714747edb53d0f0c71
Posted May 3, 2007
Authored by Marsu

Winamp versions 5.34 and below .MP4 file code execution exploit that spawns calc.exe or binds a shell to tcp port 4444.

tags | exploit, shell, tcp, code execution
SHA-256 | 5231fc6957b90c9479fe8b2675abd7027a9483ca6a35b26a845bb39958c17d7f
Posted Mar 9, 2007
Authored by Umesh Wanve

Winamp versions 5.12 and below crafted .PLS file remote buffer overflow exploit. Written in Perl.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, perl
SHA-256 | 07d8b624ae8c747343fe22839b4742a9d2799a0d8bc965bb30020428d8281dde
Posted Sep 7, 2006
Authored by Craig Heffner | Site craigheffner.com

This multi-part tutorial will present several ways in which you can add functionality to closed source Windows executables through DLLs, PE header modification, and good old assembly code. Adding code to existing code caves, modifying PE headers to create code caves and/or importing DLL functions, adding backdoors to programs, and adding plugin support to closed-source programs are all covered.

tags | paper
systems | windows
SHA-256 | addfbf9225a75334eb73fe19aa2b943d801118f73553f9dc431330aa37f87327
Posted Jun 14, 2006
Site pandora-security.com

In Windows XP, the task scheduler service runs as "SYSTEM", so if an ordinary user has access to the scheduler they can become an administrator.

tags | advisory
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 29173531c65d43e6210eaaddd378d2be9ca201c234205f2d657fb81b27385a41
Posted Apr 28, 2006
Authored by inge.henriksen | Site ingehenriksen.blogspot.com

Multiple browsers Windows mailto protocol Office 2003 file attachment exploit: Application protocols handling in Microsoft Windows is badly designed, i.e. when someone types mailto:someone@somewhere.com into a browser the protocol is first looked up under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\%protocol%\shell\open\command, if it is a protocol that is allowed under the current user context then the value is simply replaced by the contents in the address bar at %1.

tags | advisory, shell, protocol
systems | windows
SHA-256 | e9d335bf8d915cd060f8c111a59da1d0d42a6dbbbd5cadd09f58e5c92e11646f
Posted Apr 19, 2006
Authored by c0ntex | Site open-security.org

There is a heap based buffer overflow in the rendering engine of .hlp files in winhlp32.exe which will allow some attacker the possibility of modifying the internal structure of the process with a means to execute arbitrary and malicious code.

tags | advisory, overflow, arbitrary
SHA-256 | 261cc8c6cf2b5eda5136962d8d3719ae3cb6e8c675f3c02463a079710b8a439e
Posted Feb 26, 2006
Authored by Hamid Ebadi | Site hamid.ir

WinAce Archiver versions 2.6 and below are susceptible to a directory traversal attack when fed a malicious RAR or TAR file.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | ac1620c545b765e381ee1711f9bad0b294b6f1193c8e749431f4df0125cbca8b
Posted Jan 30, 2006
Authored by ATmaCA | Site atmacasoft.com

Winamp versions 5.12 and below remote buffer overflow universal exploit that makes use of the PLS file handing buffer overflow flaw.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow
SHA-256 | da39fb74316372b26791276c6d55da9f1eb0f5ea23213bbbf6a3cf15301ee5db
Posted Oct 30, 2005
Authored by Darkeagle | Site exploiterz.org

318 byte useradd shellcode for Russian Windows NT/2k/XP variants.

tags | shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 10017e3f15e72558b80c3010dd58d45700aa807ddf899b075926f63b8f3ebad0
Posted Aug 24, 2005
Authored by ATmaCA | Site atmacasoft.com

Local exploitation of a buffer overflow vulnerability in WinAce allows attackers to execute arbitrary code. Exploit included.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary, local
SHA-256 | bdad9505e8ee75c208b54f83a3cc991e44dd27b94d4cdb241c613c9529979990
Posted Jan 7, 2005
Authored by Rafel Ivgi | Site theinsider.deep-ice.com

WinAce WinHKI version 1.4d suffers from a directory traversal flaw that allows a compressed archive to overwrite files below the extraction directory.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | 7acca77e689274d3cd982f9d900df6860a2925ef7a040d858a40a2163d48384e
Posted Dec 30, 2004
Authored by b0f

Winamp 5.07 is susceptible to denial of service attacks due to file mishandling.

tags | advisory, denial of service
SHA-256 | 0b5240d3567ef720dcffc5927d8c59d58554de3af62ba3e699f57b60b972857d
Posted Dec 11, 2004
Authored by Brett Moore SA | Site security-assessment.com

Detailed analysis and overview of the Winamp 5.05 vulnerability recently patched.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | 0f5de7b9ebfaf2752d6409fddc9fe0ca060c3f20c2977f51e0bb33c53aa41958
Posted Nov 24, 2004
Authored by Brett Moore SA | Site security-assessment.com

A remotely exploitable stack overflow has been found in Winamp version 5.05 and below which allows malformed m3u playlists to execute arbitrary code. Fix available here.

tags | advisory, overflow, arbitrary
SHA-256 | 99d0d7a37a9704572d57022f0d3742f404776b272e3755e80703ceb58318934b
Posted Oct 13, 2004
Authored by Edward Ziots

In regard to Windows 2003 Servers, both the Distributed Link tracking Server Service and Internet Connection Firewall Service have the Default DACL of Everyone:Full Control, which basically lets anyone connect to the SCM and start and stop these services at will, which in the case of the Internet Connection Firewall Service could cause many headaches for your service based systems.

tags | advisory
systems | windows
SHA-256 | d215ed928fec0e161f37c0ab08cc9416f69f073313b1b012ea68e781f922f43e
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Ziv Kamir

When an overly long filename is requested via the WinAgents TFTP server, a denial of service occurs due to an error in the handling of the request. Tested against version 3.0, other versions may be susceptible. Exploitation included.

tags | exploit, denial of service
SHA-256 | 37edc8387891774a869861d51b12bf0f6942164a32c1c8e0af19bfa75a3d0c01
Posted May 9, 2004
Authored by houseofdabus, froggy 3s

Remote exploit for the Lsasrv.dll RPC buffer overflow. Tested against various Russian and English versions of Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Ported to compile properly on Linux.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow
systems | linux, windows
SHA-256 | de64cd542848869101fd0295b16efedcc16a5d8fa502380d2df58defde723411
Posted Dec 31, 2003
Authored by rosiello, Johnny Mast | Site rosiello.org

Local buffer overflow exploit for Winamp version 5.1.

tags | exploit, overflow, local
SHA-256 | f182b48d2c437582583fc964c2c81d32cd54caef71e771fcff223fcbabf8a6c4
Posted Dec 15, 2003
Authored by Delikon | Site delikon.de

A simple tutorial on Windows Shellcoding - Shows how to write shellcode in asm that spawns a cmd shell. Includes tools to encode the asm code to avoid NULL bytes, and to generate the typical C shellcode. In Powerpoint and PDF format.

tags | paper, shell, shellcode
systems | windows
SHA-256 | d612a88f1dba4e28d11743cd0d9579d520bc1ffcfcc355aa2d650faad3da1111
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