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Password Secrets Of Popular Windows Applications
Posted Sep 16, 2013
Authored by X3NON, F4RY4R_RED

Whitepaper called Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications. Written in Persian.

tags | paper
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 2f2d636dd3b0d33b256e0011a95a9894ba4f4cdb485fd3aa852c13d9dd37e586

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Buffer Overflow Exploitation - SEH
Posted Oct 13, 2011
Authored by Khalil Ezhani

Whitepaper called Buffer Overflow Exploitation - SEH.

tags | paper, overflow
SHA-256 | d4773945a03214e61e08b72d1a503fffdf07e12cac2dba7b7d716c937d990401
Hacking WebLogic
Posted Oct 12, 2011
Authored by Sysmox | Site sysmox.com

Whitepaper called Hacking WebLogic. It gives a brief overview of how to hack a default WebLogic server using a web browser.

tags | paper, web
SHA-256 | 77477751376cbf1dd5937b193eca2afb67787fcb5a3e0c217ea0c52936c41806
Evading Antimalware Engines Via Assembly Ghostwriting
Posted Oct 12, 2011
Authored by antiordinary

Whitepaper called Evading Antimalware Engines via Assembly Ghostwriting.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | c69ca241db8929c1badf0a2febd49a571ceddd5755b5f32dd8ef44146ffadb5c
Bypassing Windows 7 Kernel ASLR
Posted Oct 12, 2011
Authored by Stefan Le Berre

Whitepaper called Bypassing Windows 7 Kernel ASLR. In this paper, the author explains every step to code an exploit with a useful kernel ASLR bypass. Successful exploitation is performed on Windows 7 SP0 / SP1.

tags | paper, kernel, bypass
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 5c3994059d8384faf17163e5cb49cd471cedb061f14e2c2b7ef3cdb5ce5724aa
Beyond SQLi: Obfuscate And Bypass
Posted Oct 6, 2011
Authored by CWH Underground, ZeQ3uL, Suphot Boonchamnan

Whitepaper called Beyond SQLi: Obfuscate and Bypass. It discusses filter evasion, normal and advanced SQL injection bypassing techniques, and more.

tags | paper, sql injection
SHA-256 | 53da24878fd14e31209e104f5628e918c66caec3b70de820ef4ded44a458460e
Gaming Security By Obscurity
Posted Oct 5, 2011
Authored by Dusko Pavlovic

Whitepaper called Gaming Security By Obscurity. This paper attempts to claim that obscuring information can actually improve security.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 85ebf7cdd1837591d397da7aac2ad98c0b1f4ee658364bb7fc4fdcbb32a254d1
Bypassing IDS With Return Oriented Programming
Posted Oct 4, 2011
Authored by Jonathan Salwan

Whitepaper called Bypassing IDS with Return Oriented Programming. It heavily discusses and shows the point of leveraging polymorphic shellcode in order to bypass detection.

tags | paper, shellcode
SHA-256 | 7b4233a85e4bc362abaaeaf8b2d2687ed81a3db3a7a699bbe6949214aeb66bae
JBoss Exploitation
Posted Oct 1, 2011
Authored by Secfence

Whitepaper called JBoss Exploitation. This paper goes into detail on popping a shell on open JMX consoles.

tags | paper, shell
SHA-256 | f5e7c9eba0269b878c2481d4055fb0247eb60c34c16d6a88ef2dd33026039dc3
Bypassing ASLR/DEP
Posted Oct 1, 2011
Authored by Secfence

Whitepaper called Bypassing ASLR/DEP. It discusses techniques to bypass these security mechanisms and how custom shellcodes are developed.

tags | paper, shellcode
SHA-256 | 19d0d0eeefb330797d6b704b3e34af8e0a45d1f512f2906ecc92ca8068e83e5d
Busting Windows In Backtrack 5 R1
Posted Sep 30, 2011
Authored by Rahul Tyagi

Whitepaper called Busting Windows in Backtrack 5 R1 with Metasploit Framework 4.0.

tags | paper
systems | windows
SHA-256 | b17b3bde70b97dae75d3386c74f74dbd0087c578cc9036544d4919bdf1d6204e
Embedding The Payload
Posted Sep 29, 2011
Authored by 0dem

Whitepaper called "Embedding the Payload" or "How to avoid AV-Detection". The main goal of this paper focuses on how to undermine system integrity by circumventing anti-virus detection.

tags | paper, virus
SHA-256 | 14edf4f453f8794728b0ac49c1d1ae57bab9b38e68a39ab9849188b3c9dd702d
Process Hollowing
Posted Sep 27, 2011
Authored by AutoSec Tools | Site autosectools.com

Whitepaper called Process Hollowing. Process hollowing is yet another tool in the kit of those who seek to hide the presence of a process. The idea is rather straight forward: a bootstrap application creates a seemingly innocent process in a suspended state. The legitimate image is then unmapped and replaced with the image that is to be hidden. If the preferred image base of the new image does not match that of the old image, the new image must be rebased. Once the new image is loaded in memory the EAX register of the suspended thread is set to the entry point. The process is then resumed and the entry point of the new image is executed.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 7f7a85ecfeef6b9feb94c08d5e3cb1f087e2f5240b64d76d49bde14d9a26bc7b
Android LKM Cheat Sheet
Posted Sep 25, 2011
Authored by Eugenio Delfa

Whitepaper called Android LKM Cheat Sheet - Porting Old School LKM Tricks to Android Devices.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 745eb8bf8b8dd3d83741b9d6317a53fef94d4fb7ee3c0f8955af8112b7d16328
Clickjacking For Shells
Posted Sep 21, 2011
Authored by Andrew Horton | Site security-assessment.com

Whitepaper called Clickjacking for Shells. Two years after the world was warned about clickjacking, popular web apps are still vulnerable and no web app exploits have been published. With many security pros considering clickjacking to have mere nuisance value on social networks, the attack is grossly underestimated. In this presentation, the author demonstrates step by step how to identify vulnerable applications, how to write exploits that attack web apps and also how to protect against clickjacking.

tags | paper, web, shell
SHA-256 | b6184ace78ff59c01b98abf9251555c43de66e1e8499ccd4c6717f23c36d980f
Google Hacking para Pentesters
Posted Sep 19, 2011
Authored by White Security Group

Whitepaper called Google Hacking para Pentesters - Mas que una busqueda, un conducto de intrusion. Written in Spanish.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 7af4094bc4500e34f386b3f68457a98b4d52c9bdae725016e7f440eb10a4d54a
Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit
Posted Sep 18, 2011
Authored by Robert Wesley McGrew

Whitepaper called Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | f59cbcd12441be2dab9123ed5045721dbcfdc2e82f05eaaf9bf8f3b87aeaa123
Using QR Tags To Attack Smart Phones
Posted Sep 13, 2011
Authored by Augusto Pereyra

Whitepaper called Using QR Tags to Attack Smart Phones (Attaging). It discusses the threatscape related to arbitrary scanning of these tags and using Metasploit to exploit them.

tags | paper, arbitrary
SHA-256 | 5aeb974041271775d2797f33f606f42ebe41ac2480ecbba6cd286c2ec7fba100
Vulnerable Facebook Applications
Posted Sep 8, 2011
Authored by Abhinav Singh

Whitepaper called Vulnerable Facebook Applications - A Case Study.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | db7ee148a4140380128730cb9cdbd4d023f5cbc8c38c1fbfd903d105e5c140f9
Better PHP Practices
Posted Sep 5, 2011
Authored by cwade12c | Site haxme.org

Whitepaper called Better PHP Practices. It focuses on on security measures and implementations to enhance your code.

tags | paper, php
SHA-256 | 6ee3c89a53b24f31636bad8962204b1f5dedcf8be35915edc4dc0196fa23c6b7
Route Optimized Ad-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
Posted Sep 2, 2011
Authored by Dinesh Shetty

Whitepaper called Optimized Ad-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol.

tags | paper, protocol
SHA-256 | 276122fff45fd9a03d478f868be5278cae367c1fb18bb2597e19520d2ed8f62a
Anti-Debugging With Exceptions
Posted Aug 30, 2011
Authored by AutoSec Tools | Site autosectools.com

Whitepaper call Anti-Debugging with Exceptions. Several techniques for detecting exception swallowing debuggers have been documented. The concept is simple: by design, debuggers handle certain kinds of exceptions. If such an exception is wrapped in a try block, the exception handle is only executed if a debugger is not attached. Hence it can be inferred that a debugger is attached whenever the exception block is not executed.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 3dc0d938444d4ea8c28a360c244944d839f70154ae1c34e649472052b970a2ef
Reversing On Linux/x86 With GDB
Posted Aug 26, 2011
Authored by fr0g

Whitepaper called Reversing on Linux x86 (with GDB). Written in French.

tags | paper, x86
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 63981f464847dbb4d276d73bf0736d51248fa7a93e40390d2df252a1579bf0ca
Dissecting Java Server Faces For Penetration Testing
Posted Aug 25, 2011
Authored by Aditya K Sood, Krishna Raja

Whitepaper called Dissecting Java Server Faces for Penetration Testing. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, they discuss the internals of JSF, a Java based web application framework and its inherent security model. In the second part, they discuss about the security weaknesses and applied security features in the JSF. In addition, they also raise a flag on the security issues present in JSF in order to conduct effective penetration testing.

tags | paper, java, web
SHA-256 | bb2851a7d694bdfdc081c72877ac631b96b1d0fc6f302e1493882794b986f6d1
Demystifying The Android Malware
Posted Aug 25, 2011
Authored by Dinesh Shetty

Whitepaper called Demystifying the Android Malware. It dives into various phases to discuss the hows and whys behind malware implementation for Android.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | ad9e4c33e888d2a10ee1d2ca15fbe4ebac9bb71fc66331e213a36b8563c018b5
Trends In Circumventing Web-Malware Detection
Posted Aug 19, 2011
Authored by Neils Provos, Moheeb Abu Rajab, Nav Jagpal, Lucas Ballard, Ludwig Schmidt, Daisuke Nojiri, Panayiotis Mavrommatis

Whitepaper called Trends in Circumventing Web-Malware Detection. This paper studies the resulting arms race between detection and evasion from the point of view of Google's Safe Browsing infrastructure, an operational web-malware detection system that serves hundreds of millions of users.

tags | paper, web
SHA-256 | cf9f181577c7f297701970d222eb7481558208e956470e4b2215d69e78cf2bdc
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