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Password Generation Script
Posted Dec 7, 2011
Authored by Richard Braganza

This is a perl script that generates a list of passwords from user-supplied input on the command line. It enables a tester the ability to create various permutations of a given password for testing.

tags | cracker, perl
SHA-256 | 1eb229f6f284423c21b8d973d32dc10130512598abb5cd7062d67dedcbc04955

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WU-5QLi-5C4NN3R SQL Injection Scanner
Posted Sep 8, 2015
Authored by c0d3Lib

This is a perl script for performing SQL injection scans against a target site.

tags | tool, scanner, perl, sql injection
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 139b62728dd6b4c9441400351f509ee6364315609ff302ac2730a8b6939a0de3
Passwords 2015 Call For Papers
Posted Jul 13, 2015
Site passwordscon.org

Passwords 2015 has announced its Call For Papers. It will take place December 7th through the 9th, 2015 at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | ca17f5045e83a93191564e0ddaa9800deae4ebbe38a38abddbe4598d8a79f7e9
WP-Bruteforce c0d3Lib WordPress Bruteforcing Tool
Posted Jan 8, 2015
Authored by Agha Nata

This is a perl script to bruteforce logins on WordPress.

tags | tool, cracker, perl
SHA-256 | e4fc872f857fd9c0a0f00dbc16b78a2d66efee57cb3bebc394f9630db8af7c35
PASSWORDS'14 Norway Call For Papers
Posted Sep 15, 2014
Authored by Per Thorsheim

The PASSWORDS'14 Norway Call For Papers has been announced. It will take place December 8th through the 10th, 2014 in Trondheim, Norway.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | a270ae5136e49e09f525068c54f96fe43d036add98f294ae63d3bfe720c708fa
PasswordsCon 14 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 3, 2014
Authored by Per Thorsheim

The Passwords^14 Call For Papers has been announced. This year they will be teaming up with BsidesLV and it will be held August 5th and 6th, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 0e6de150d688bebe16bd35e0c270eef72a5d368e42d96e788440cfd04e133119
Passwords^13 Call For Submissions
Posted Oct 14, 2013
Authored by Per Thorsheim

The Passwords^13 Call For Submissions has been announced. It will be held December 2nd through the 3rd, 2013.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 3390c568b1f38f866637d47d3dd6eb69335f65c39bc82e9f2e71ecbaa112e9e2
Password Secrets Of Popular Windows Applications
Posted Sep 16, 2013
Authored by X3NON, F4RY4R_RED

Whitepaper called Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications. Written in Persian.

tags | paper
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 2f2d636dd3b0d33b256e0011a95a9894ba4f4cdb485fd3aa852c13d9dd37e586
Passwords^12 Call For Presentations
Posted Aug 13, 2012
Authored by Per Thorsheim

The Passwords^12 Call For Presentations has been announced. It will be held at the University of Oslo (Norway) December 3rd through the 5th, 2012.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | b22177219b2df9e74a0cd122fe1ebfc286c7578564e0f26ab3dbfd71aab4ac78
Perl CGI Shell
Posted Oct 15, 2011
Authored by Marshall Whittaker

This is a Perl CGI backdoor that provides shell-like capability.

tags | tool, shell, cgi, perl, rootkit
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 09fc7f09f2300df12f0b671a4184d8050707a0d7248afe5344459a60b8ed9388
PASSWORDS^11 Call For Papers
Posted Mar 10, 2011
Authored by Per Thorsheim

The PASSWORDS^11 Call For Papers has been announced. It will be held at the University in Bergen (Norway) from June 7th through the 8th, 2011.

tags | paper, conference
SHA-256 | 65413d76a6624ad26c578a7d5c90e1ad2dc2905ed2048322c675737b75346a5c
Password Sniffing In Wireshark
Posted Aug 24, 2010
Authored by rOckHuntEr

Brief whitepaper touching on how to use Wireshark for password sniffing. Written in Arabic.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 7eacf1df077b891bea39f52dc68658cd50ef625393d0cb2f6198e31cb0b0c56d
View Counter Script Via Proxies
Posted Feb 20, 2009
Authored by Osirys | Site y-osirys.com

This is a perl script that will visit a page repeatedly using various proxies. Can be used for testing purposes.

tags | tool, perl
systems | unix
SHA-256 | b64aaf2e2c1ae0d074f0f673d2a3833e95a4d9a915ee5ea551a718154d8c8960
WholeHogSoftware Password Protect Insecure Cookie
Posted Feb 3, 2009
Authored by Stack | Site v4-team.com

WholeHogSoftware Password Protect suffers from an insecure cookie handling vulnerability.

tags | exploit, insecure cookie handling
SHA-256 | 879dcb888bd7acc1a852549d9d2bc10d3e78da75248890919d6c01b2efb8061c
Password Ganking By Modifying PHP Code
Posted Dec 30, 2008
Authored by Rohit Bansal

Brief login form password theft tutorial showing how to backdoor php code once access has been gained to a system in order to not have to crack hashes.

tags | paper, php
SHA-256 | efa9a5d70d121d1cd4ee5fd03891f3e0b9ec2ada0da46b4dc78a39dbc6a542b5
Posted Apr 1, 2006
Site elcomsoft.com

PasswordSafe 3.0 has a weak random number generator.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | 954e83279ee35055656c5f3c8533f0e6ef3820b4533a07b2d5c91e78d3510be2
Posted Nov 20, 2005
Site elcomsoft.com

A design flaw in PasswordSafe allows for quicker brute force cracking attempts.

tags | advisory
SHA-256 | 5cba441313e89b00df5185e559ebc1f6aceaf29a9e02a60424f0b21d89a11067
Posted Nov 20, 2004

Password article that discusses common attacks and possible solutions.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 3538e96f4db235417b69d3fe2694ab99b4e8ae7672633c45c99c2eb10fb74699
Posted Oct 23, 2004
Authored by Andrew Christensen

This is a Perl script that can search files to identify whether data has been hi dden using a weak steganography tool for Windows named Camouflage. If Camouflage has been used, it prints the approximate amount of hidden data, and says how many hidden files there are. If a password was used to "protect" the hidden data, the password is printed out. It has been tested against .doc carrier files, and tested against Camouflage v1.2.1. It also saves an unprotected version of the file with a different name.

tags | perl, encryption, steganography
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 1e41627ee891f89cb5aa1c4e441cd1ec6065587fedf8c8f504930887f92bb62a
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Jimvin | Site watersheep.org

nbtstat.pl is a simple Perl script that provides the basic functionality of the nbtstat utility that is available on Windows. It grabs the NetBIOS name table from a remote machine. This is a Perl port of eSDee's nbtstat.c (http://www.netric.org/tools.htm), written with portability in mind. It only requires Perl and the IO::Socket module.

tags | tool, remote, web, scanner, perl
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 13166a14ceb220484c98d39013a6a4c0060355f3bb85f104f1f59e07c7141da8
Posted Aug 26, 2002

Default passwords for VAX/VMS, DEC-10, TOPS 10,

tags | bbs
systems | vax
SHA-256 | b78a809d7aa0681bebae4753b22f49f06d1cc29de774788f53d66f4668e95f83
Posted Jul 3, 2002
Authored by Lawrence Lavigne, Michelle Welday

This is a perl script that checks for the whois_raw cgi vulnerability. Code ripped from Piffys issscan.pl.

tags | tool, cgi, scanner, perl
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 79a982f5b7207a58334998ccd349d93b3fadbc457f773bd51bd09e4d6b8f8b1a
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Dan Grassi

Quick Password is a program written in Python that generates passwords of user specified lengths which are easy to remember and pronounce. The passwords are reasonably secure and can easily be remembered because they are composed of dictionary words that are pronounceable joined by special characters. The program generates passwords of between 2 and 10 words each between 3 and 10 characters in length separated by non-alpha characters. It is usable as a web application from the home page if you do not wish to download it.

tags | web, python
systems | linux
SHA-256 | d6dabca6d18785695d9795744ba0c6fd12a1e673dfd26a9be02d799b1feac4c9
Posted Dec 9, 1999
Authored by Rajeev Kumar | Site geocities.com

This is a perl script which interprets Checkpoint FW1 (V4.0) account logs, obtained from Master management console, or with the 'fw logexport' command. Can be used safely for standalone FW as well.

tags | tool, perl, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 8ff492db1234a619ad6f8afb8d4ff0b6c230403f1329b2b47ca5162f3d351650
Posted Oct 1, 1999

UNIX Password Security: A discussion of the importance of well-chosen passwords, and how passwords are cracked

tags | paper
systems | unix
SHA-256 | c8678acf4db6fbbcf4059305c7eb88ac5074fcae1a7fcb777e91c3266724a7a5
Posted Aug 17, 1999
Authored by The c5 Project

A real simple password generator generating mixed upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

tags | cracker
SHA-256 | df65990c5d9286dd97eb763e639bbf8379e15b4a7063cd7c99f918626b5fdd37
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