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Files Date: 2002-09-12 to 2002-09-13

Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by NTFX | Site soldierx.com

Efstool local root exploit. A condition has been found in efstool which is shipped with Redhat and Slackware linux (and possibly other distributions) which, given the right environment, root privileges can be gained. Full research provided.

tags | exploit, local, root
systems | linux, redhat, slackware
SHA-256 | 35749dc21ecb4aaf67c6b4d31e62c494ff815452e4240da1bf2a8f9647bb5cab
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Contem@efnet

Pud is a peer-to-peer ddos client/server which does not rely on hubs or leafs to function properly. It can connect as many nodes together as you like, and if one node dies, the rest will always stay up).

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 9fd29bf12ea572080b4675c6dad7c694fa13ab7b629dad469dcf2acdad083443
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Noam Rathaus | Site SecuriTeam.com

Outlook Express allows users to bypass many SMTP content protection programs by enabling the 'message fragmentation and re-assembly' feature. Vulnerable filters include GFI, Symantec, Trend Micro, and more.

tags | bypass
SHA-256 | f4e74ad446badf4dfeb8df4ef5e09926ea7b4179e2a15b6eeb976e5f55953a98
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Ryba

Patch for dsniff-2.3 that allows you to record gadu-gadu messages, a popular communicator in Poland.

Changes: Local and remote users' IP addresses can be shown, added switch -p for disabling promiscuous mode (useful on routers), added support for extension in new GG protocol. Other small bugfixes and improvements were made.
tags | patch
systems | unix
SHA-256 | fc8192dec74061d358ec1a10e5e0866c6251e97743985d25084f0710cf326c3b
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by embyte | Site sourceforge.net

Gspoof is a GTK+ program written in C which makes easy and accurate the building and the sending of TCP packets with or without a data payload. It's possible to modify TCP/IP fields or the Ethernet header.

tags | tcp
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 47bcdd58c8cf4482235ca8a7b06b5fe52b2c32bf50a199587c578d01ddcc5c2e
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Gabriel Menezes Nunes

The N(etbios) E(numerating) S(ecurity) S(weep) is a batch file which scans a subnet checking for smb shares and attempts to login as administrator with a null password. Runs under win2k or xp and logs 4 seperate types of info.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | 91d9b22d2bc10be205fe150719564a7534666dd7f1633249a7e2171aa01f6566
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Max Moser | Site remote-exploit.org

CDPsniffer is a small perl Cisco discovery protocol (CDP) decoding sniffer. It sniffs the network traffic, picks out the CDP packets and prints out the decoded protocol contents.

tags | tool, perl, sniffer, protocol
systems | cisco
SHA-256 | b56dd366d3ff75bcbc91aede8e906e21d5092deb3490fe962f2f3869a524da01
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by NTFX | Site legion2000.security.nu

Remote / Local buffer overflow for Savant Web Server 3.1 and below, as described in Foundstone advisory 091002-SVWS. Crashes the daemon, no patch is available as of the 11th of Sept, 02.

tags | exploit, remote, web, overflow, local
SHA-256 | ad57dc5966575318626d73f28ca8dbe11e8d0ca35c7b095349d490a33f81b15d
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Joe Grand | Site consilium-iii.com

Pdd (Palm dd) is a Windows-based tool for for memory imaging and forensic acquisition of data from the Palm OS family of PDAs. Pdd will preserve the crime scene by obtaining a bit-for-bit image or "snapshot" of the Palm device's memory contents. Such data can be used by forensic investigators and incident response teams.

tags | tool, forensics
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 6e0fb5a1061f176311aa320ef23ad3cc13753f68dab1ada83300f6fa78e67ff3
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Brian Carrier | Site atstake.com

Mac-robber is a forensics and incident response program that collects Modified, Access, and Change (MAC) times from files. Its output can be used as input to the 'mactime' tool in The @stake Sleuth Kit (TASK) to make a time line of file activity. mac-robber is similar to running the 'grave-robber' tool from The Coroner's Toolkit with the '-m' flag, except this is written in C and not Perl.

tags | tool, perl, forensics
SHA-256 | fba5080859c28624e2e603940d5efd60cb02546d431f19f5ace0fbf4a7ad88db
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Brian Carrier | Site atstake.com

The Autopsy Forensic Browser is an HTML-based graphical interface to The here.

tags | tool, forensics
SHA-256 | 7082a6700ccd1c6090ef3d8e04453441c07498c803d272c05f52b45e9c6e55ca
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Brian Carrier | Site atstake.com

The @stake Sleuth Kit (TASK) is an open source forensic toolkit for a complete analysis of Microsoft and UNIX file systems. TASK enables investigators to identify and recover evidence from images acquired during incident response or from live systems. Features the ability to analyze images generated by the 'dd' utility, Supports the NTFS, FAT, FFS, and EXT2FS file systems, 14 command line tools that allow the user to control what data is processed and presented, identify deleted files by name and location, and create time lines of file activity to identify files and directories to analyze.

tags | tool
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 93b1aef022aa80a1c0bc1eedb0000236c337396313bafb181568418b3c502e18
Posted Sep 12, 2002
Authored by Fkt | Site prosum.sourceforge.net

ProSum is a console based program that protects your files, sys_call_table and IDT in a manor similar to tripwire (All in user space, without kernel modules). In addition, database with files etc. could be encrypted with Blowfish algorithm and files that are protected could be store at any secure/bastion host to later replace them. ProSum could be run on any UNIX system, at least with file protect mode (without IDT and sys_call_table support).

tags | tool, kernel, intrusion detection
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 72b66e29a6d697c84d82391457a17f67d1d3d3851b90c8852fb58ad13688aaf1
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