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Files Date: 2000-02-15 to 2000-02-16

Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Marcin Marszalek

pgp4pine is a script that automatically encrypts and decrypts mail under Pine using PGP. The user is not separated from things that PGP does. The program is compatible with PGP versions 2.6.3, 5.0, 6.5.1 and GNUPG 1.0, has support for an aliases file and signature-rotating programs, and can remember your passphrase for a session if you need.

Changes: Viewing of non-encrypted data and important bugfixes.
tags | encryption
SHA-256 | e70f8d34141cd6328689b684acf538eaaf91ca1b870976cb9e7306a0b1ea8f74
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Duke

VoidEye CGI scanner. Scans for 119 known vulnerabilities. Runs on: win9x, winNT, win2000. Features: Three IDS tactics, user can add his own holes, editing "exp.dat" in any text editor or via program interface, user can process a site list, editing it via the program interface or the file "servers.dat", scanner can work via a proxy, for more security. Multi-threaded and fast. This is the worlds first skinnable hacking tool.

tags | cgi, vulnerability
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | 76f2ae3fe5c3a5331f417b6a19443be87d426940c9dec5245d86e8018fc002b8
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Neo

Vanish is a log wiper that cleans WTMP, UTMP, lastlog, messages, secure, xferlog, maillog, warn, mail, httpd.access_log, and httpd.error_log. Tested under SuSE.

tags | tool, rootkit
systems | linux, unix, suse
SHA-256 | c1e5c7c80ca862d9439028efd2bf2008c950464632bb506dce70f40fbb45ecd5
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Lamagra

A little article on m68k buffer overflows + shellcode.

tags | paper, overflow, shellcode
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 016422af06a4b1b382cf3adddd84f9422c208462d1ded6d338ac8ba2a3b63718
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Axess

Wu-ftpd Trojan - Login with specific user/pass and it gives you a root shell.

tags | tool, shell, root, trojan, rootkit
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 6547cb07beca930fb5a5a509b4aa3187c60b95edba4c0ae4a5fd579f1aaf3e5a
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Zion | Site fuxx0rs.cjb.net

How to unlock Nokia provider locked phones using several different methods.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | de01b152b09d9cf3716925fea1a288a31a8433dcb40c055fe52a30685eea1fe9
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Advanced Research Corporation | Site www-arc.com

Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a security analysis tool based on the SATAN model. It is updated frequently to address the latest threats. Checks for common old holes, backdoors, trust relationships, default cgi, common logins.

Changes: Distributed DOS test added, bug fixes.
tags | tool, cgi, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 05f97a90c0c83fb80ac39509a36683aa273b03f3d8285225520a859fd1277733
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by teso, stealth | Site team-teso.net

Hellkit is a shellcode generator. You write the your shellcode in C, and it gets converted to ASM for use with both heap and stack based overflows. Examples included.

tags | overflow, shellcode
SHA-256 | f79551c7c0968751b9e2c04ed2b7d01a68b0bd7e81029b1fdf67696e615a7dd7
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by teso, stealth | Site team-teso.net

Adore is a linux LKM based rootkit. Features smart PROMISC flag hiding, persistant file and directory hiding (still hidden after reboot), process-hiding, netstat hiding, rootshell-backdoor, and an uninstall routine. Includes a userspace program to control everything.

systems | linux
SHA-256 | ba742bd9a58e200fbed9a58044af03f4d0429b7fba2352ea510f2278ffe69410
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Erik Iverson | Site dragonmount.net

Dragonmount Networks has broken the weak encryption used on Sybergen Secure Desktop passwords. This windows app will display the password.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | 94356d13911ad5852a918419555188a7bce26d68dae8fbcaa89a9ad827e668a2
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Ilia Baldine | Site anr.mcnc.org

This is a port of FreeBSD divert sockets to Linux 2.2.12. Divert sockets allow you to intercept packets traveling through the IP stack based on firewall rule selection and then reinject them (possibly after mangling).

tags | tool, firewall
systems | linux, freebsd
SHA-256 | f62023a433def63d24a920cbc87bf565428dc5627ae06f6d663dbd10b711a44d
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Dylan Greene | Site staff.washington.edu

Localscan is a Perl-based frontend for nmap. It allows the user to compare the results of an nmap portscan with the results of a previous nmap portscan made when the subnet or IP range being scanned was in a "known-good" configuration. Essentially, localscan allows the user to use a portscanner and ask "What new ports are open?" instead of just asking "What ports are active?"

Changes: Bug fixes.
tags | tool, perl, nmap
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e36aa4cf54d8c095330ef4be2eec3b01a1eabda922c9d7011c22f24df7e0bf1c
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Vic Abell

Lsof is a Unix-specific diagnostic tool. Its name stands for LiSt Open Files, and it does just that. It lists information about any files that are open by processes currently running on the system. It is the single most powerful utility for inspecting running processes and determining which process is listening to which ports.

Changes: IPV4/IPV6 fixes, adjustments to Linux /proc-based processing of the TCP and UDP /proc/net files, compile and bug fixes.
tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
SHA-256 | d60225fa124cdd5e89f69db74cb7a17ebebd9b8d0ebcca6988944be43f78512c
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Todd Sabin | Site razor.bindview.com

This is a small unix utility that does the equivalent of NT's nbtstat -A . It sends a Node Status request to the host specified on the command line, and waits (up to 10 seconds) for the reply. If it gets the reply, it dumps the reply as hex, and then interprets the name table.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | f2d1cda851422ba2c3988c1bfce5d3c633d2dd73e5be637a2665736f778bf67e
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Brian Wellington | Site xbill.org

Secure FTP (sftp) implements a file transfer protocol using ssh/rsh as the transport mechanism. When the client is invoked, a remote shell is spawned and the server is run. sftp is mainly useful over a secure ssh session since passwords are not exposed. It also has the advantage that no root access is required, since the server runs as a user process.

Changes: Pty support, get, put, exec can be aborted with ^C, if a pty is allocated, lots of bug fixes.
tags | remote, shell, root, encryption, protocol
SHA-256 | 20414d06d84c458752242310f0d29bd015195de9f075a08b080a3925b4154c65
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Andrew Daviel | Site vancouver-webpages.com

Rkdet is a small daemon intended to catch someone installing a rootkit or running a packet sniffer.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e8008ba28d4ac255b65b7ab99b581481df201d52e1578be0620312907e2fe7a3
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by Marty Frasier

Several previously unreleased utilities for hacking Netware 3. Qloop and Qloop 2 take superviser privileges if the superuser prints something. Addobj allows user to add objects specifying name, type and whether it's a login account. Qlogin users to login to accounts which are not user type. Lstpsrv lists print servers on target server.

SHA-256 | 03043d45b63bd48add549e98ca0ca468d8c94adc18c851ada3b0bdc6ed071090
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by AdamH | Site opensores.thebunker.net

The stunnel program is designed to work as SSL encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server. The concept is that having non-SSL aware daemons running on your system you can easily setup to communicate with clients over secure SSL channels. stunnel can be used to add SSL functionality to commonly used inetd daemons like POP-2, POP-3 and IMAP servers as well as standalone daemons like NNTP, SMTP and HTTP without changes to the source code.

tags | remote, web, local, encryption, imap
SHA-256 | b68f821489ddecc7ac8dc8b1bfd89b1ad105c707e662548bf62d6c83ffbb8768
Posted Feb 15, 2000
Authored by no carrier | Site packetfactory.net

ngrep is an awesomly powerful network too which strives to provide most of GNU grep's common features, applying them to the network layer. ngrep is a pcap-aware tool that will allow you to specify extended regular expressions to match against data payloads of packets. It currently recognizes TCP, UDP and ICMP across Ethernet, PPP, SLIP and null interfaces, and understands bpf filter logic in the same fashion as more common packet sniffing tools, such as tcpdump and snoop.

Changes: -l - line buffer stdout. Useful when working across pipes or with large buffers. Several non-critical bugfixes, which affected performance, few more optimizations that will potentially increase performance and decrease dropped packets on interfaces that see a lot of traffic. Added FDDI support, and now compiles on LinuxPPC, OSF1. Linux binary here.
tags | tool, udp, sniffer, tcp
SHA-256 | 4c0884ad00e2919c86d1cfe78ab06529bedc2f0bdc968e4f57f3454163b4fa1b
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