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Files Date: 1999-11-16 to 1999-11-17

Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Adam Jacob

rhupdmgr is a script which sends an email to the sysadmins when a machine has fallen out of sync with the RedHat Updates. It works by checking a generated list of RPMs to be updated.

systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 3a6a0e3d372afb9568dbaa46859fdd949cc34d08709f1b62dbb0a86b5919b6d1
Samhain File Integrity Checker
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Rainer Wichmann | Site samhain.sourceforge.net

Samhain is a tool for verifying the integrity of files. It uses the TIGER message digest algorithm to generate a database for files and directories listed in the configuration file. After initializing the database, samhain can run as a background process, performing checks at user-defined intervals. Results can be written to a log file and/or forwarded to another host by e-mail. Log file entries are signed to prevent tampering. The current version is tested on Linux only.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 1505f8f9c2445ed1a8767f0ce6bdd68622d0740af23fed22db953ce348336066
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Vianney Rancurel

Xipdump is a protocol analyzer and tester. It's a kind of graphical tcpdump(8) which adds the possibility of changing packet values and resending them. The graphical representation of a packet is intended to offer a complete, customizable view at a glance.

Changes: A port to Solaris.
tags | tool, sniffer, protocol
SHA-256 | f82d39df7996146a48b3a60381c93fb0c2698dc5a99fcbb5873d1423e1519eb8
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Antirez | Site kyuzz.org

Hping is a software to do TCP/IP stack auditing, to uncover firewall policy, to scan TCP port in a lot of different modes, to transfer files accross a firewall, test network performance, test of TOS is handled, etc.

tags | tool, scanner, tcp
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 42eba4cefee6cb7baf1f8c006e8b6590ca76092f8c03c8adfb52d6eebcb10ffc
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by up | Site members.xoom.com

Underground Periodical issue 6. Includes A Phreaks Guide to net2phone, Virtual Espionage, More 'features' in Win 9x, Compuserve Password Finder, IP Spanking, Pirch Passwords, The ICQ So Called Protocol, ICQ

tags | protocol, magazine
SHA-256 | b109efde04118a0db29092a9d428016733be60e54b2502abf16f43d851dc3ab3
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Darattys

Darats Remote Admin Tool. Windows backdoor which runs on TCP port 48. Archive password is set to p4ssw0rd. Use at your own risk.

tags | remote, trojan, tcp
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 77fc4b8faf85f4b0f1968076907cf20dd1d51d6ea1d26450ebaceae1832adfbb
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Unyun | Site shadowpenguin.backsection.net

Cgitest.exe CGI is distributed with W4-Server2.6a/32-bits has a buffer overflow. Any instructions can be executed on the victim host by using this buffer overflow exploit.

tags | exploit, overflow, cgi
SHA-256 | 152b3ef6e55079125a83e4cd6e9842f7de802388a4ca59dc948071470fdfe4af
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Balazs Scheidler | Site balabit.hu

syslog-ng as the name shows is a syslogd replacement, but with new functionality for the new generation. The original syslogd allows messages only to be sorted based on priority/facility pair, syslog-ng adds the possibility to filter based on message contents using regular expressions. The new configuration scheme is intuitive and powerful.

Changes: Syslog-ng should now be able to fetch local messages under Solaris.
tags | system logging
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e95b8af7ac6119743611968def66c26fc674824982d05176787a1a83fccbc924
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by The Nessus Project

Nessus is a free, open-sourced and up-to-date remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris and some other systems. It is multithreaded, plugin-based, has a nice GTK interface and currently performs over 270 remote security checks.

Changes: Speed improvements, exportability of reports in HTML and LaTeX, bugfixes, and portability issues.
tags | tool, remote, scanner
systems | linux, unix, solaris, bsd
SHA-256 | 73503cac028d8e11c71ef23ad85f0e943880baab1a18f0e0e849465c3cd2d800
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by h1kari | Site nfsg.org

NDump is a collection of Perl programs to log and parse incoming packets. It is very unique in that it is one of the only loggers to log machine level information as well.

tags | tool, perl, sniffer
SHA-256 | df30aa5824c4beb3e25ca5e4d54efef67dd2f8329595ab4a1489013b63ff583a
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Icer | Site ic3d.tsx.org

Microsoft Access database password cracker. Works on Access 97 or Access 2000.

SHA-256 | e2d0f4961f76fa56eeb2a9744329080b56a7b0c2ba92664b5e7cc259c522c766
Posted Nov 16, 1999


tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 524faf915467ef3023f35e71207ed68d1dede75063948131263699e249209285
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Sectorx

Bug is a spy program for linux, which reads from the microphone and sends the audio back to the client in UDP packets. Will not disrupt audio playback.

tags | udp
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | ea2b635d9e944d47760aa1429a5c954f3b5ed370792148b7cae71cd8503e1ead
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Anathema

DeleGate 5.9.0 remote overflow.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow
SHA-256 | 30642c0d094ab7bf796632ec2992a7147c5d28d2f0a2c746c0c9cc62f2186936
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Taeho Oh

This paper will attempt to explain how to exploit a buffer overflow under alpha linux.

tags | paper, overflow
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 9dfb70b64ed44d377e06b5bc10d95c210b241c1438af704d524d60f1bec84e18
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by scut | Site team-teso.net

Clean, functional, and fast banner scanner.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | d3a5bf0b9a3e63c5b84dbc7c7ca06de53564482024ab93e88b6138b33eb0a863
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by Creed

Knark is a kernel-based rootkit for Linux 2.2. Hides files in the filesystem, strings from /proc/net for netstat, processes, and program execution redirects.

tags | tool, kernel, rootkit
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 2ca87438b3600053b676be52bdbdb15dfd1129e0bf7612e3d6aac9135e2fdae0
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Site pure-security.net

The gHost project is a very thorough set of remote security scanning scripts thrown together by various members of the group gH. This is the first alpha release.

tags | tool, remote, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 6793d248e0c9cd76518748b52ab5eecea926c707d40b145c691419e07c2d9e56
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by S. Krahmer

Eyes on Exec 2.32 is a set of tools which you can use to build your own host based IDS. It watches for programs getting exec'd and logs information about it to a file. Combined with perl this can be extremely powerful. Requires linux kernel 2.2.

tags | tool, kernel, perl, intrusion detection
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 721aa1dc02e15a1fb8384fa30f37cc22af65e7cc1755e2bc04a94eaffd14de73
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by S. Krahmer

List Not Closed Files. Lets you not only list not closed files but also write/read etc. to it. Also inserting commands into stdin of programs (say SSH) is possible. Needs libpopt and x86/linux kernel 2.2.

tags | x86, kernel
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | d7032e97709ff8da358464fef1040bbc91a9b3f460717572d116ffeb0631275f
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by CyberPsychotic

Named version scanner. Due to several vulneriabilities found in BIND daemon, it's always good to know what bind versions you're running.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 6252b690ef013e0a1bf5131aa89038e46fd5d8e9d1b6f0f2ae9ee3555a666327
Posted Nov 16, 1999
Authored by CyberPsychotic

Unix backdoor which pretends to be a http daemon.

tags | tool, web, rootkit
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e8731998c6f8964470198eb94c4df8a820262e7bcd5c9ed5a0ceb724d820911a
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