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Files Date: 2017-11-03

Splunk 6.6.x Local Privilege Escalation
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Hank Leininger | Site korelogic.com

Splunk version 6.6.x suffers from a local privilege escalation vulnerability. Splunk can be configured to run as a non-root user. However, that user owns the configuration file that specifies the user to run as, so it can trivially gain root privileges.

tags | exploit, local, root
MD5 | 3e674b7b7b2bbcdc76d6019cc12711aa
Debian Security Advisory 4015-1
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Debian | Site debian.org

Debian Linux Security Advisory 4015-1 - Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in OpenJDK, an implementation of the Oracle Java platform, resulting in impersonation of Kerberos services, denial of service, sandbox bypass or HTTP header injection.

tags | advisory, java, web, denial of service, vulnerability
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2017-10274, CVE-2017-10281, CVE-2017-10285, CVE-2017-10295, CVE-2017-10345, CVE-2017-10346, CVE-2017-10347, CVE-2017-10348, CVE-2017-10349, CVE-2017-10350, CVE-2017-10355, CVE-2017-10356, CVE-2017-10357, CVE-2017-10388
MD5 | b2b3cad18ed4241944297cdafc50c60c
Tor Browser 7.0.8 IP Address Leak
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Filippo Cavallarin

TorBrowser versions 7.0.8 and below for Mac OS X and Linux are affected by a critical security issue. According to the Tor Project, further details will be released in the near future. Due to a Firefox bug in handling file:// URLs it is possible on both systems that users leak their IP address. Once an affected user navigates to a specially crafted web page, the operating system may directly connect to the remote host, bypassing Tor Browser.

tags | advisory, remote, web
systems | linux, apple, osx
MD5 | bdaa06ecaa680697e010dd8fc2955491
Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional Local Buffer Overflow
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Kevin McGuigan

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional versions prior to local buffer overflow SEH exploit.

tags | exploit, overflow, local
advisories | CVE-2017-16513
MD5 | 933312c3e328f6314c710f3d3f67d22a
tnftp "savefile" Arbitrary Command Execution
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by wvu, Jared McNeill | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module exploits an arbitrary command execution vulnerability in tnftp's handling of the resolved output filename - called "savefile" in the source - from a requested resource. If tnftp is executed without the -o command-line option, it will resolve the output filename from the last component of the requested resource. If the output filename begins with a "|" character, tnftp will pass the fetched resource's output to the command directly following the "|" character through the use of the popen() function.

tags | exploit, arbitrary
advisories | CVE-2014-8517
MD5 | b5f59581708e95b46c762d98b3d487b8
WordPress WP Mobile Detector 3.5 Shell Upload
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by h00die, Aaditya Purani | Site metasploit.com

WP Mobile Detector Plugin for WordPress contains a flaw that allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary PHP code. This flaw exists because the /wp-content/plugins/wp-mobile-detector/resize.php script does contains a remote file include for files not cached by the system already. By uploading a .php file, the remote system will place the file in a user-accessible path. Making a direct request to the uploaded file will allow the attacker to execute the script with the privileges of the web server.

tags | exploit, remote, web, arbitrary, php
MD5 | 1d01dc001a0e9ab61957d22e50f28f0c
Ladon Framework For Python 0.9.40 XXE Injection
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Site redteam-pentesting.de

Attackers who can send SOAP messages to a Ladon webservice via the HTTP interface of the Ladon webservice can exploit an XML external entity expansion vulnerability and read local files, forge server side requests or overload the service with exponentially growing memory payloads. Versions 0.9.40 and below are affected.

tags | exploit, web, local, xxe
MD5 | 56720fcc2b7cc9bfd94f0fbaf6ff432d
WordPress JTRT Responsive Tables 4.1 SQL Injection
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Lenon Leite

WordPress JTRT Responsive Tables plugin version 4.1 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote, sql injection
MD5 | 68e2e59e2090580701cdb76d1c40d401
GraphicsMagick Memory Disclosure / Heap Overflow
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Site securiteam.com

GraphicsMagick suffers from memory disclosure and heap overflow vulnerabilities.

tags | exploit, overflow, vulnerability, info disclosure
advisories | CVE-2017-16352, CVE-2017-16353
MD5 | 4c20de7dd05ba1f7488b1f5fb80a4f1c
Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
Posted Nov 3, 2017
Authored by Charles FOL

Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools versions prior to 8.55 suffer from a remote code execution vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote, code execution
advisories | CVE-2017-3548
MD5 | 386817b75cfab78cda1a360f8acbe438
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