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Files Date: 2016-03-13

Mandos Encrypted File System Unattended Reboot Utility 1.7.6
Posted Mar 13, 2016
Authored by Teddy | Site fukt.bsnet.se

The Mandos system allows computers to have encrypted root file systems and at the same time be capable of remote or unattended reboots. The computers run a small client program in the initial RAM disk environment which will communicate with a server over a network. All network communication is encrypted using TLS. The clients are identified by the server using an OpenPGP key that is unique to each client. The server sends the clients an encrypted password. The encrypted password is decrypted by the clients using the same OpenPGP key, and the password is then used to unlock the root file system.

Changes: Various updates.
tags | tool, remote, root
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 36eb969ae81366e3aa52213964a8c78d
NetSTR 0.18
Posted Mar 13, 2016
Authored by Jay Fink | Site systhread.net

NetSTR is an open source small, fast and easy to use port scanner and packet sniffer. IPv4 scanner can perform ranged, single or use an internal top ports list plus it has a flexible timers/port capability. IPv6 single port single host is supported. The tcp and arp sniffers print an easy to read dump format and have a full packet decode capability. Additionally netstr sports a fuzzy passive network scanner.

Changes: Major speed improvements, passive utility bugs fixed, and better port connect/check code.
tags | tool, scanner, sniffer, tcp
systems | unix
MD5 | 8273edc5ec94e535cf58529a0a724c4f
IPSet List 3.4
Posted Mar 13, 2016
Authored by AllKind | Site sourceforge.net

ipset_list is a wrapper script written in bash for listing sets of the netfilter ipset program. It allows you to match and display sets, headers, and elements in various ways. The output can optionally be colorized. An interactive mode allows to select the query options in a wizard based manner.

Changes: A new option (-T) was introduced, allowing to test for existence of elements. This option can be used multiple times over multiple ipset sets in one query. An interactive wizard based mode has been added. It allows to select the options for the query interactively. Additionally the command line for the search can be composed (-G). In order to run the wizards, the dialog and whiptail programs are supported. One bug was fixed: usage output did not display some valid combinations. Also some minor tweaks have been done. A man page has been included. Script options can now be set from a configuration file.
tags | tool, firewall, bash
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 2cbf49ae9554892eff8081e9b0c09c3a
Apache ActiveMQ 5.13.1 Clickjacking
Posted Mar 13, 2016
Authored by Christopher Shannon

Apache ActiveMQ versions 5.13.1 and below suffer from a clickjacking vulnerability.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2016-0734
MD5 | d4303488a915ee1920a1bbef126fd1d5
Apache ActiveMQ 5.13.0 Cross Site Scripting
Posted Mar 13, 2016
Authored by Christopher Shannon

Apache ActiveMQ versions 5.13.0 and below suffer from a cross site scripting vulnerability.

tags | advisory, xss
advisories | CVE-2016-0782
MD5 | 540c4f2b484edbec9d7fcb19c7e8530b
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