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Files Date: 2004-06-14

Trustix Secure Linux Security Advisory 2004.6
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by stian | Site gcc.gnu.org

A very simple bug in the Linux kernel allows a small program to cause a denial of service. This flaw affects both the 2.4.2x and 2.6.x kernels on the x86 architecture.

tags | exploit, denial of service, x86, kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | 2ab47694f55382d6c53256a0fabfb2ef
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by http-equiv, Christopher V. Calderon

Registry updates for Microsoft Windows that help to prevent priorly unknown IE flaws from compromising a machine due to cross zone access flaws.

tags | registry
systems | windows
MD5 | d4be5b8effb7a0704e84810788258652
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by topolb

Weplab is a tool to review the security of WEP encryption in wireless networks from an educational point of view. Several attacks are available to help measure the effectiveness and minimum requirements necessary to succeed.

Changes: The following features are available in this second alpha version: Capture unique IV WEP encrypted packets from the wireless lan interface, Bruteforce 64 bits or 128 bits keys, Ascii bruteforce 64 bits or 128 bits keys, Full weak keys attack (FMS) to both first and second bytes for 64 bits or 128 bits keys.
tags | tool, wireless
MD5 | 4abcb9dba9e687bfd816129bbbc8c8fa
Secunia Security Advisory 11799
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Secunia

Microsoft has issued Service Pack 2 for ISA Server 2000. This includes patches for all previously reported vulnerabilities as well as older hot fixes, where some address potential security issues.

tags | advisory, vulnerability
MD5 | 5762fda1c8060fb7502ee4ba0b7903b2
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Ziv Kamir

When an overly long filename is requested via the WinAgents TFTP server, a denial of service occurs due to an error in the handling of the request. Tested against version 3.0, other versions may be susceptible. Exploitation included.

tags | exploit, denial of service
MD5 | e9030ba21e5ba0c96dbfd3e2f3056239
Secunia Security Advisory 11824
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Secunia, Keith Gable | Site ignition-project.com

A vulnerability has been discovered in ignitionServer versions 0.1.2 through 0.3.1, which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions. The vulnerability is caused due to missing password verification when linking servers.

tags | advisory
MD5 | 3ed7bf846be98922567d8958ae3a1273
Secunia Security Advisory 11807
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Secunia, Michael Castleman

A vulnerability has been discovered in MoinMoin that can be exploited by malicious users to gain escalated privileges. The problem is that a user can gain the same privileges as an administrative group by creating a user with the same name. The vulnerability has been reported in versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.2.1.

tags | advisory
MD5 | 977b231f1ac6323f67c2ab8e56305c8c
Secunia Security Advisory 11846
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Secunia

VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.x has a vulnerability which can potentially be exploited by malicious people to conduct cross-site scripting attacks.

tags | advisory, xss, asp
MD5 | bb54e5157b2f5ac2b4579878bb357495
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Evgeny Demidov

An integer handling error within the swapctl() system call of NetBSD 1.x can allow a local user the ability to cause a denial of service attack.

tags | advisory, denial of service, local
systems | netbsd
MD5 | ca2eeda9cebd911cf463836200b6d2cd
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Tommy A. Olsen

A vulnerability in the Billion BIPAC-640 AE Broadband Firewall Gateway can be exploited by malicious people to bypass user authentication on the administrative web interface.

tags | advisory, web
MD5 | 706bf78e6fbf6d6a1b310ca5f9d3e0a5
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Georgi Guninski | Site guninski.com

The version of mod_proxy shipped with Apache 1.3.31 and possibly earlier versions are susceptible to a buffer overflow via the Content-Length: header. This can lead to a denial of service and possible compromise of a vulnerable system.

tags | advisory, denial of service, overflow
MD5 | e7d78d7a935f0a2ce17af90ae82bf0ba
Technical Cyber Security Alert 2004-163A
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by US-CERT | Site us-cert.gov

Technical Cyber Security Alert TA04-163A - There is a cross-domain vulnerability in the way Microsoft Internet Explorer determines the security zone of a browser frame that is opened in one domain then redirected by a web server to a different domain.

tags | advisory, web
advisories | CVE-2004-0549
MD5 | 863aa8ed338738125c76110936385e7e
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Janek Vind aka waraxe | Site waraxe.us

PHP-Nuke versions 6.x - 7.3 suffer from multiple cross site scripting flaws and one SQL injection attack.

tags | exploit, php, xss, sql injection
MD5 | 29a12d03061abc3f21207ac954c01902
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by John Heasman | Site nextgenss.com

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory #NISR11062004 - By crafting a malformed .RA, .RM, .RV or .RMJ file it possible to cause heap corruption that can lead to execution of arbitrary code. By forcing a browser or enticing a user to a website containing such a file, arbitrary attacker supplied code could be executed on the target machine. This code will run in the security context of the logged on user. Another attacker vector is via an e-mail attachment. NGSResearchers have created reliable exploits to take advantage of these issues. Versions affected are: RealOne Player (English), RealOne Player v2 (all languages), RealPlayer 10 (English, German and Japanese), RealPlayer 8 (all languages), RealPlayer Enterprise (all versions, standalone and as-configured by the RealPlayer Enterprise Manager).

tags | advisory, arbitrary
MD5 | 9b39749f4276503fbe10da621c33ba0b
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Keigo Yamazaki

Webmin version 1.140, a web-based system administration tool for Unix, has a vulnerability that allow users to gain read access to the configuration of a module without authentication.

tags | advisory, web
systems | unix
MD5 | 60b527ea62095c03c90abf72d9dadb76
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Karl Lynn | Site eeye.com

eEye Security Advisory - eEye Digital Security has discovered a critical vulnerability in RealPlayer. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to reliably overwrite heap memory with arbitrary data and execute arbitrary code in the context of the user who executed the player or application hosting the RealMedia plug-in. This specific flaw exists within the embd3260.dll file used by RealPlayer. By specially crafting a malformed movie file along with an HTML file, a direct heap overwrite is triggered, and reliable code execution is then possible. Systems Affected: RealOne Player, RealOne Player v2, RealPlayer 10, RealPlayer 8, RealPlayer Enterprise.

tags | advisory, remote, arbitrary, code execution
MD5 | 1ab3251d59de9827bc933f9e0042e061
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Michel Blomgren | Site cycom.se

sbd is a Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32. sbd features AES-128-CBC + HMAC-SHA1 encryption (by Christophe Devine), program execution (-e option), choosing source port, continuous reconnection with delay, and some other nice features. Only TCP/IP communication is supported. Source code and binaries are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Changes: Bugfixes, implemented Christophe Devine's optimized AES-CBC-128 code, added the -n and -m options.
tags | tcp
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 71fd4a554d96904ffc5e20ecb465daf9
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Stephan Martin | Site tinyca.sm-zone.net

TinyCA is a simple GUI written in Perl-Gtk to manage a small certification authority. It works as a frontend to OpenSSL. TinyCA lets you manage x509 certificates. It is possible to export data in PEM or DER format for use with servers, as PKCS#12 for use with clients, or as S/MIME certificates for use with email programs. It is also possible to import your own PKCS#10 requests and generate certificates from them. It also lets you create and manage SubCAs for more complex setups. The most important certificate extensions can be configured with the graphical frontend. English and German translations are included.

Changes: Added new look for some functions. Key, request and certificate can be generated in one step. Code cleanup.
tags | perl, encryption
MD5 | c0e74c3fffea105474276be113d8ba15
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Peter Eriksson | Site lysator.liu.se

Pidentd v3 is a much improved version of the original Ident daemon both in terms of speed, code quality and features. Features include multithreading, a "configure" script, startup autodetection, much clearer/rewritten C code, doesn't run as root after startup, has a configuration file and can be started from /etc/inittab (on systems using a SysV init).

Changes: Added support for Gcc in 64bit-mode and Solaris 10. Fixed a file descriptor leak in request.c.
tags | root
systems | unix
MD5 | 3a1edfbabe1cc71401f683e7812f8f04
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Antirez | Site hping.org

hping is a network tool designed to send custom ICMP/UDP/TCP packets and to display target replies like ping. It handles fragmentation and arbitrary packet body and size, and can be used to transfer files under all supported protocols. Using hping, you can test firewall rules, perform spoofed port scanning, test net performance using different protocols, packet size, TOS (type of service), and fragmentation, do path MTU discovery, transfer files (even with really Fascist firewall rules), perform traceroute-like actions under different protocols, fingerprint remote OSs, and audit a TCP/IP stack. hping is very useful for learning TCP/IP.

Changes: Implements scripting capabilities that prior versions did not have. A new packet generation core that is much more powerful than the previous is available to the scripting capabilities.
tags | tool, remote, arbitrary, udp, scanner, spoof, tcp, protocol
systems | unix
MD5 | 2b3f595d61ee2698341f0ca78987ceab
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by killer | Site mostly-harmless.nl

A bug in Blackboard Learning System release 6 allows users to steal documents out of the digital dropbox of other users. Remote perl exploit included.

tags | exploit, remote, perl
MD5 | 24664bee21865c591e5ebeacf907e0f8
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Site hp.com

A potential security vulnerability has been identified with HP-UX running ftp where the vulnerability could be exploited remotely to allow unauthorized access. Impacted versions: HP-UX B.11.00, B.11.11, B.11.22.

tags | advisory
systems | hpux
MD5 | 8a4b86d932e2a37b0f7cabc398cdd68f
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by msl

Edimax 7205APL with a firmware of 2.40a-00 has a huge flaw where a guest account is hard-coded into the firmware allowing anyone to perform a backup with the same privileges of the administrator.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 920cbf76ffc52c5242a7de9605b4317b
Posted Jun 14, 2004
Authored by Joel Eriksson

A remotely exploitable format string vulnerability exists in smtp.proxy up to and including version 1.1.3. The bug is present and exploitable regardless of any compile time and runtime configuration options and can be exploited by sending a message with an embedded format string in either the client hostname or the message-id.

tags | advisory
MD5 | 8ff006e1ae1e98fc101e810e7fd5cffd
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