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Files Date: 2004-05-01 to 2004-05-31

Secunia Security Advisory 11724
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Secunia, David Brown, Aaron, Ren Puls

Apple has issued an updated version of Mac OS X, which fixes many unspecified vulnerabilities. An unspecified error reportedly exists within the NFS logging functionality when tracing system calls. Another unspecified error reportedly exists within LoginWindow when handling directory services lookups and console log files. Yet still another unspecified error exists within Packaging during package installation. Not to mention another unspecified error exists within the TCP/IP stack implementation when handling out-of-sequence TCP packets. Two more unspecified errors exist within AppleFileServer when using SSH and reporting errors and within Terminal when handling URLs.

tags | advisory, tcp, vulnerability
systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 7a043a061f9b9080e31cb3e101ae7ebe
Secunia Security Advisory 11723
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Secunia, Steve Rumble

OpenBSD has issued an update for xdm. This fixes a security issue, which potentially may allow malicious users to gain unintended access to a system. A CVS version of XFree86 xdm, which is included in some versions of OpenBSD, has an error that causes it to listen for queries on a random TCP socket, even though requestPort is set to 0 in the configuration file.

tags | advisory, tcp
systems | openbsd
MD5 | 14b9c747284af8f4286f2b266ebb0c4a
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Matt Zimmerman | Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory DSA 510-1 - jaguar discovered a format string vulnerability in jftpgw, an FTP proxy program, whereby a remote user could potentially cause arbitrary code to be executed with the privileges of the jftpgw server process, which runs as user nobody by default.

tags | advisory, remote, arbitrary
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2004-0448
MD5 | abeaaf252e7640c0ef709f46ea2e206f
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Matt Zimmerman | Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory DSA 509-1 - Steve Kemp discovered a vulnerability in xatitv, one of the programs in the gatos package. If an administrator removes the default configuration file, a local attacker can escalate to root privileges.

tags | advisory, local, root
systems | linux, debian
advisories | CVE-2004-0395
MD5 | 8e513db87dd560ae68c5ed832e87a45f
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Janek Vind aka waraxe | Site waraxe.us

e107 version 0.615 is vulnerable to full path disclosure, cross site scripting, remote file inclusion, and multiple SQL injection attacks.

tags | exploit, remote, xss, sql injection, file inclusion
MD5 | 97ae0e46335f1d8621318b47bb8ed913
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by crypt0 | Site cyber-war.org

A cross site scripting vulnerability exist in the BBcodes of the LDU forum.

tags | advisory, xss
MD5 | 924907310ffd3709f6b835eadee11418
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Chintan Trivedi | Site eos-india.net

Mollensoft Hyperion FTP Server version 3.6 is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack via the CD command.

tags | advisory, overflow
MD5 | ed4a30926065c28a2f1212c3b73cff46
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Maciek Wierciski

JPortal is susceptible to SQL injection attacks and also stores the administrator password in the clear.

tags | exploit, sql injection
MD5 | 5d99778db6af0ad83abc1d85e30297a1
Posted May 30, 2004
Authored by Michel Blomgren aka Shadowinteger | Site cycom.se

rrs is a reverse (connecting) remote shell. Instead of listening for incoming connections it will connect out to a listener (rrs in listen mode). The listener will accept the connection and receive a shell from the remote host. rrs features full pseudo-tty support, full OpenSSL support (high encryption, client/server authentication, choice of cipher suites), Twofish encryption, a simple XOR cipher, plain-text (unencrypted) session, peer-side session monitoring (snooping), daemon option and reconnection features. rrs is Free Software distributed under the MIT License and is known to compile and run under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and QNX.

Changes: The -C option can now include several certificate files. This release also added CRL (Certificate Revocation List) support, the ability to choose the source port when connecting out (instead of having the kernel assign a source port), setuid support, and SSLv3 and SSLv2 support (not just TLSv1 as before). openssl_scripts was added, which contains a set of scripts to easily create a root CA, subordinate CA, and client/server certificates, and sign and revoke certificates.
tags | remote, shell
systems | linux, netbsd, unix, freebsd, openbsd
MD5 | b400d03c0e39e3e78a7327ba78f789f0
Posted May 29, 2004
Authored by DG | Site geschke-online.de

FLoP is utility designed to gather alerts with a payload from distributed Snort sensors at a central server, and to store them in a database. Both PostgreSQL and MySQL are currently supported. High priority alerts may be sent out via e-mail.

tags | tool, sniffer
MD5 | cc5a7a0a07131d462b94458ca4521724
Secunia Security Advisory 11534
Posted May 29, 2004
Authored by Georgi Guninski, Secunia | Site guninski.com

Georgi Guninski has discovered a vulnerability in mod_ssl versions below 2.8.17, which potentially can be exploited by malicious people to cause a DoS (Denial of Service) or compromise a vulnerable system. Successful exploitation requires that the FakeBasicAuth option is enabled and that the malicious client certificate is issued from a trusted CA (Certificate Authority).

tags | advisory, denial of service
MD5 | 09b467d0d9a367dc251aaae6316a88c5
Posted May 29, 2004
Authored by Valient Gough | Site pobox.com

EncFS is an encrypted pass-through filesystem which runs in userspace on Linux (using the FUSE kernel module). Similar in design to CFS and other pass-through filesystems, all data is encrypted and stored in the underlying filesystem. Unlike loopback filesystems, there is no predetermined or pre-allocated filesystem size.

tags | kernel, encryption
systems | linux
MD5 | bedebf7cdad8cf13d9ef3cc43c9e1315
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by mu-b

Simple UK GSM mobile network mail-bombing utility.

systems | unix
MD5 | 2988cedfc72b0096fb96ce76632b4484
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Jimvin | Site watersheep.org

nbtstat.pl is a simple Perl script that provides the basic functionality of the nbtstat utility that is available on Windows. It grabs the NetBIOS name table from a remote machine. This is a Perl port of eSDee's nbtstat.c (http://www.netric.org/tools.htm), written with portability in mind. It only requires Perl and the IO::Socket module.

tags | tool, remote, web, scanner, perl
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | bbc3d133ee4907d3d09f837fa2c6fd87
Posted May 28, 2004
Site wifiscanner.sourceforge.net

WifiScanner is an analyzer and detector of 802.11b stations and access points which can listen alternatively on all the 14 channels, write packet information in real time, search access points and associated client stations, and can generate a graphic of the architecture using GraphViz. All network traffic may be saved in the libpcap format for post analysis. It works under Linux with a PrismII card and with the linux-wlan driver.

Changes: Various code clean ups and fixes.
tags | tool, wireless
systems | linux
MD5 | 63a39a85debef9289877284b3f1a09d7
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Christopher SEKIYA | Site rezrov.net

tacshell is a drop-in replacement for sdshell, the functionality used with RSA's ACE/Server. It uses the TACACS+ protocol for authentication.

tags | tool, protocol
systems | unix
MD5 | 6cad05a93aa3f56cafd8b6d4eb48684a
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by SolarIce | Site covertsystems.org

Tutorial written by Covert Systems Research. It defines several of the common types of vulnerabilities together with their counterpart command line exploit sequences. The descriptions of these types of vulnerabilities range from stack to heap, function pointer and format string weaknesses. This whitepaper has been developed to help those seeking to improve their exploitation skills while also aiming to give the reader the knowledge for a more surgical aspect to manipulating vulnerable programs.

tags | paper, vulnerability
MD5 | 62a60a7f34fd8873be12ee4a1a5b2d43
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Peter Winter-Smith | Site ngssoftware.com

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory #NISR27052004 - It is possible to cause a number of buffer overruns within the WildTangent WTHoster and Web Driver modules via any method that takes a filename as a parameter. Version 4.0 tested and others are possibly affected.

tags | advisory, web, overflow
MD5 | f074d3174ebc046ce09221657b72178a
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Marc Schoenefeld

Sun-Java-App-Server PE version 8.0 suffers from a path disclosure vulnerability when returning server error 500 pages.

tags | advisory, java
MD5 | a1340be73e5fa96fb10be66e55cb2789
Technical Cyber Security Alert 2004-147A
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by US-CERT | Site us-cert.gov

Technical Cyber Security Alert TA04-147A - A heap overflow vulnerability in the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. Systems affected: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) versions prior to 1.11.16. CVS Features versions prior to 1.12.8.

tags | advisory, remote, overflow, arbitrary
advisories | CVE-2004-0396
MD5 | 2e0d84d03979a45b15c596936a0fa348
Posted May 28, 2004
Site support.openview.hp.com

Use Of TCP/IP Reserved Port Zero Causes Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) To Stop Responding. LAN management products that use port zero when accessing an Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) in a ProLiant server will cause iLO to become unresponsive. Port zero is specified as a reserved port by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and should not be used.

tags | advisory, tcp
MD5 | b5714e865abdbd6b17af261216dbb94c
Posted May 28, 2004
Authored by Donato Ferrante | Site autistici.org

MiniShare HTTP server version 1.3.2 is susceptible to a denial of service attack due to mismanagement of requests. If a HEAD or GET request is sent with only one line following it, the server will crash.

tags | advisory, web, denial of service
MD5 | b9408a34ff51863488b63616ccf25e42
Posted May 26, 2004
Site f-secure.com

F-Secure Security Bulletin FSC-2004-1 - Certain malformed LHA archives cause a buffer overflow when scanning them for viruses. The error typically causes a restart of one of the modules in the product. This leads to performance degradation and makes denial of service attacks possible. Product lines affected: F-Secure Internet Security 2004, F-Secure Anti-Virus 2004, Solutions based on F-Secure Personal Express 4.6x and 4.7x.

tags | advisory, denial of service, overflow, virus
MD5 | 853fa2a7a72dbfb7afae1b4645b4c8ee
Posted May 26, 2004
Authored by priestmaster | Site priestmaster.org

Small whitepaper on nop usage and a random nop generation utility is included.

tags | shellcode
MD5 | ce269a5e12c111aec8aa594b9ce1cc18
Posted May 26, 2004
Authored by priestmaster | Site priestmaster.org

Metamail remote exploit that makes use of a buffer overflow and upon successful exploitation, binds a listening socket to UDP/13330 awaiting shellcode. Affected versions: 2.2 through 2.7.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, udp, shellcode
advisories | CVE-2004-0104, CVE-2004-0105
MD5 | c25cca5f2ea199cb78714642d720a041
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