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Files Date: 2003-02-05

Posted Feb 5, 2003
Site microsoft.com

Microsoft Security Advisory MS03-005 - A buffer overflow in the Windows XP Windows Redirector allows local users to gain increased privileges provided they are able to log onto the system interactively.

tags | overflow, local
systems | windows, xp
MD5 | 78f0295e6e6ad6aa0de1b4c680d50c02
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Site microsoft.com

Microsoft Security Advisory MS03-004 - A large patch for IE 5.01, 5.5, 6.0 has been released which fixes two newly discovered vulnerabilities, one of which allows malicious web sites to execute remote code on client browsers by misusing a dialog box. A cross-domain vulnerability in Internet Explorer's showHelp() functionality can be tricked into invoking executables already present on a user's local system, downloading malicious code onto a user's local system, and allowing attackers to download users data.

tags | remote, web, local, vulnerability
MD5 | bb8eb75183744c1d902928d181c05d7b
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by Simon Roses Femerling | Site packetfactory.net

LibExploit is a generic exploit creation library to help the security community when writing exploits to test a vulnerability. Using the API you can write buffer overflows (stack/heap/remote/local) and format strings fast and easily by taking care of a lot of the redundant code. Features network and overflow functions, shellcode for several platforms, NIDS evading shellcode, OS detection, multiplatform exploits, and more.

tags | remote, overflow, local, shellcode, library
MD5 | 0ed1f70e7d950d13d211273c14d46021
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by netric, Gloomy | Site netric.org

This 137 byte Linux shellcode creates a remote ICMP backdoor that can be controlled trough the ping utility.

tags | remote, shellcode
systems | linux
MD5 | 2f3612283cf80d8fdebcf7c813db44ea
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by Red Hat Security | Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory RHSA-2003:017-06 - Red Hat released new PHP packages that are no longer affected by the wordwrap() heap overflow vulnerability. These packages are available for Red Hat version 8.0.

tags | overflow, php
systems | linux, redhat
advisories | CVE-2002-1396
MD5 | 6921364932b648cd41620bdc9561be65
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2003.1
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-03:01 - It has been found that the CVS server can be tricked to free memory more then once, which can be used for remote code execution. Additionally, the CVS server allowed clients with write access to specify arbitrary commands to execute as part of an update (update-prog) or commit (checkin-prog). This behavior has been restricted. This affects all FreeBSD versions prior to 4.6-RELEASE-p7, 4.7-RELEASE-p4 and 5.0-RELEASE-p1.

tags | remote, arbitrary, code execution
systems | freebsd
MD5 | ccd2161dff5274f9b0a3ec177c73b23e
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by Red Hat Security | Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory RHSA-2003:025-20 - Updated kernel packages for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0 have been made available that fix an information leak from several ethernet drivers (reported by Atstake), and a file system issue.

tags | kernel
systems | linux, redhat
advisories | CVE-2003-0001
MD5 | ad4bcd14084f3d01eb9e28be1f56df4e
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by KLC Consulting Security Team | Site klcconsulting.net

SMAC v1.1 is a Windows MAC Address Modifying Utility which allows users to change MAC address for almost any Network Interface Cards (NIC) on the Windows 2000 and XP systems, regardless of whether the manufactures allow this option or not.

systems | windows, 2k
MD5 | 953099db684a4fbf7b3841f655cf13ca
Posted Feb 5, 2003
Authored by Dave Aitel | Site immunitysec.com

SPIKE is an attempt to write an easy to use generic protocol API that helps reverse engineer new and unknown network protocols. It features several working examples. Includes a web server NTLM Authentication brute forcer and example code that parses web applications and DCE-RPC (MSRPC). Changelog available here.

Changes: Includes plonk, a new local/remote windows 2000 DoS. A DCE-RPC over named pipe fuzzer was added, SPIKE proxy is updated to 1.4.7, and BSD compatibility is improved and some Oracle tests where added to the audits directory.
tags | web, protocol
systems | unix
MD5 | dc2c0efc2050273c863e545b7973bd02
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