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Files Date: 2002-12-29

Firewall Builder With GUI
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Site fwbuilder.org

Firewall Builder consists of object-oriented GUI and set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. In Firewall Builder, firewall policy is a set of rules, each rule consists of abstract objects which represent real network objects and services (hosts, routers, firewalls, networks, protocols). Firewall Builder helps user maintain database of objects and allows policy editing using simple drag-and-drop operations. Firewall Builder can be used to manage firewalls built on variety of platforms including, but not limited to, Linux running iptables and FreeBSD or Solaris running ipfilter.

tags | tool, firewall, protocol
systems | linux, solaris, freebsd
MD5 | 9f889dd8219415ee4acef34651b3ad7f
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Site sourceforge.net

Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer which provides protection against traffic analysis and allow sending electronic mail anonymously or pseudonymously. It is every unix using citizens civic duty to run a remailer and help ward off the evil forces of censorship. It is a well known fact that running a remailer will make you automatically cool.

Changes: Doc and packaging changes.
systems | unix
MD5 | c10d1f7c35177748d947aab64143494a
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Site cse.fau.edu

Incident.pl is a small script which, when given syslogs generated by snort or other tools, can generate an incident report for events that appear to be attempted security attacks, gather information on the remote host, and report the attack to the appropriate administrators.

Changes: Incident entries reported from WHOIS servers such as RIPE now take priority over other email addresses listed in the same WHOIS output.
tags | tool, remote, sniffer
MD5 | 392c44d76299cc35cbe36e1c05ae1ce7
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Site wifiscanner.sourceforge.net

WifiScanner is an analyzer and detector of 802.11b stations and access points which can listen alternatively on all the 14 channels, write packet information in real time, search access points and associated client stations, and can generate a graphic of the architecture using GraphViz. All network traffic may be saved in the libpcap format for post analysis. It works under Linux with a PrismII card and with the linux-wlan driver.

Changes: Adds an IDS module, an option to not display some types of packets (-N), reorganization of .h and .c for optimization, an option to not count INVLD packets (-M), better use of configure.in, and bug fixes. Screenshot available here.
tags | tool, wireless
systems | linux
MD5 | 77642158b452b271d92421a9c2d8fd30
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by Gabriel Maggiotti | Site qb0x.net

Local proof of concept for non-setuid binary /bin/sfxload which overflows the $HOME environment variable. Tested on Red Hat 7.0 and 7.2. Other setuid programs may call this binary, leading to privilege escalation.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, proof of concept
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 386bbe466f4dc4f6b60932f86f505f57
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Site vanheusden.com

The Linux-kernel security patch for kernel v2.4.20 includes security improvements that implement random PIDs, random port numbers for IPv4, NAT, and IPv6, and enhanced random numbers for networking. Patch for kernel 2.4.19 is also available.

tags | kernel, patch
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | b48e2c548650b8e4d6bea098fb4d5ab9
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by van Hauser, thc, DJ Revmoon | Site thc.org

Amap is a scanning tool that allows you to identify the applications that are running on a specific port. It does this by connecting to the port(s) and sending trigger packets. These trigger packets will typically be an application protocol handshake (i.e. SSL). Amap then looks up the response in a list and prints out any match it finds. Adding new response identifications can be done just by adding them to an easy-to-read text file. With amap, you will be able to identify that SSL server running on port 3445 and some oracle listener on port 233!

Changes: More application fingerprints, less bugs and SSL support!
tags | tool, protocol
MD5 | c84cdd211628573fc516575829629896
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by Gabriel Maggiotti | Site qb0x.net

Cups-1.1.17 and below remote denial of service exploit. Tested against Red Hat Linux 7.0 and 7.3.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 33fa36c03919bbd5f1ee1380d2894ad8
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by Efrain Torres | Site pwp.007mundo.com

Wmap v1.3 is a cgi scanner that attempts to be smarter than most. To increase the chance of finding useful stuff, wmap has a file containing interesting Directories (dirs.db) and other file containing common cgi dirs (dircgis.db) to search for. If a directory is found is added to the test. This include all the directories that are found in the html tags. For each directory found, not only scans for vulnerable CGI's (cgis.db) it scan for interesting files (ex. passwords.tmp) included in the file (file.db) and does an http PUT scan.

Changes: Many bug fixes.
tags | web, cgi
systems | unix
MD5 | c6ea4d3cb5c9499182cb736b26942b2c
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by Rand, Dani | Site iproyectos.com

Putty v0.52 and below remote exploit which is a fake ssh server to exploit connecting putty clients. Downloads and executes an attacker supplied URL. Tested on linux and Cygwin against putty 0.52 running on WinXP and Win2000.

tags | exploit, remote
systems | linux, windows
MD5 | 88a62418d110db66cf4e541618555d63
Posted Dec 29, 2002
Authored by Toxic Ocean | Site blackhat.be

CST is a java based web scanner that scans using a database of scripts (user editable). The sample databases included contains +1600 possibly vulnerable scripts/dirs. You can scan with or without a proxy server. The scanner has 11 different Anti-IDS tactics and sends fake "X-Forwarded-For:", "Referer:" and "User-Agent:" headers to hide your scan even more. You can also specify a wait time between 2 script fetches. The scanner uses HEAD requests instead of GET for faster scanning, and has support for scanning virtual hosts. You can also specify another port to scan instead of the standard port 80. The scanner outputs the scripts/dirs that return a 200, 403 or 401 HTTP code and outputs the webserver software. A full and comprehensive manual is included.

tags | java, web, cgi
systems | unix
MD5 | dd65552d1d225d11a0cddb0db3755a27
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