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Files Date: 2002-11-13

Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Riley Hassell | Site eEye.com

Eeye Advisory - Both Macromedia Coldfusion 6.0 and Macromedia JRun 4.0 along with their prior versions are vulnerable to various heap overflows when handling URI filenames larger than 4096 bytes..

tags | overflow
SHA-256 | 90b2b823b8a467f8fa059878b381391c6e1fa419031b09b61b9981944581ebd7
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Tamer Sahin | Site securityoffice.net

A memory corruption vulnerability exists in INweb Mail Server v2.01. The POP3 server included with INweb Mail Server does not properly handle some types of requests. By submitting a maliciously crafted request to the POP3 server, an attacker could crash the system, resulting in a denial of service.

tags | exploit, denial of service
SHA-256 | 1c82afe19efc5cd1f9b94c6e761931142f3ae2f1c1916669da77662486122d4e
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Tamer Sahin | Site securityoffice.net

The Hyperion FTP Server for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 has a vulnerability which allows remote attackers to traverse through directories of a target host. Versions tested against that are vulnerable are Hyperion Ftp Server v2.8.1 / Windows 2000 sp3 and Hyperion Ftp Server v2.8.1 / Windows 98 SE.

tags | remote
systems | windows
SHA-256 | f2e3dc440c3dc9d6c71656d2e0914613fa308ff83b4f72614aed8ac43457c54e
iDEFENSE Security Advisory 2002-11-11.t
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by iDefense Labs | Site idefense.com

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 11.11.02 - KDE, the open source graphical desktop environment, has a buffer overflow that is locally exploitable via the kdenetwork module using the LAN browsing implementation known as LISa.

tags | overflow
SHA-256 | dd52f45e6d2d46ffd6d77f77e4dc9480426f8ca8373e076992cad002f3b6c589
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by K. K. Mookhey | Site nii.co.in

A buffer overflow has been found in the iSMTP Gateway version 5.0.1 by Incognito. By injecting an overly long MAIL FROM: command, the server will crash. The support for the underlying operating system and the gateway software has been discontinued.

tags | overflow
SHA-256 | f204c71e48d4825113845c421b993db385df8737e682da300148cd3825e84ded
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Daddy_cad | Site abouthacking.net

Massrooter takes advantage of remote vulnerabilities in bind, PHP, lpd, rpc, wuftpd, null httpd, telnet, mail, ssl, and ssh on multiple systems.

tags | exploit, remote, php, vulnerability
SHA-256 | aa4d6ef52ab74fd1b0cee5680c3fafec1a1e47fb692804c03ada64947dc1bec2
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Li0n | Site li0n.pe.kr

Microsoft IIS 4.0, 5.0, and 5.1 has a vulnerability in dllhost.exe which allows local users to gain SYSTEM privilege. This vulnerability arises from the fact that the process of dllhost.exe harbors an impersonation token of SYSTEM account while processing user's request.

tags | local
SHA-256 | 59f0eed38e0b61e096b9411bafd55ca8111563286a592ed9bc74f3da943e5263
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Laurent Constantin | Site laurentconstantin.com

Lcrzoex is a toolbox for network administrators and network hackers. Lcrzoex contains over 200 functionalities using network library lcrzo. For example, one can use it to sniff, spoof, create clients/servers, create decode and display packets, etc. The Ethernet, IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, ARP and RARP protocols are supported. Lcrzoex and lcrzo were successfully installed under Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. This archive contains Lcrzo and Lcrzoex. Windows binaries available here.

Changes: Support added for WinPCAP version 3. Created a C coding style guide.
tags | udp, spoof, tcp, protocol, library
systems | linux, windows, solaris, freebsd
SHA-256 | 019b699069dc2f29fb4dac866eb1a1e1c6b69e4ee61d9fdb0f09f55b511bcee7
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Tamer Sahin, David Endler | Site idefense.com

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 11.04.02b - Northern Solutions' Xeneo Web Server v2.1.0.0 (PHP version) is vulnerable to a remote denial of service attack making the server crash with a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error message. Fix available here.

tags | remote, web, denial of service, php
SHA-256 | 6666bb2c685153ee0151cae36a27b81d2f2a4710105f318be7fe42b918d20de4
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by David Endler, Texonet | Site idefense.com

iDEFENSE Security Advisory 11.04.02a - Pablo Software Solutions' FTP Server v1.5 and below is a multi-threaded FTP server for Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP that contains a remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability. Fix available here.

tags | overflow
systems | windows
SHA-256 | baa01c7e8344ba2565fc81e13b9f3b233aad068c7e8e6a3fb844674096cd92e8
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Valgasu | Site securiteinfo.com

WinDNSSpoof is a simple DNS ID Spoofer for Windows 9x/2K. You must be able to sniff traffic of the target - if you are in a switched network you can use ARP Cache Poisoning tools like winarp_sk or winarp_mim (see http://www.arp-sk.org).

tags | web
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 2911c72fedd98553e0a0961f6319b0f628acb27aa5a9ddb8e1080b7bd4e79c6b
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Valgasu | Site securiteinfo.com

WinTCPKill is a TCP connection killer for Windows 9x/2K. You must be able to sniff traffic of the target - if you are in a switched network you can use ARP Cache Poisoning tools like winarp_sk or winarp_mim (see http://www.arp-sk.org).

tags | web, tcp
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 923d8a462a5f0fac999c2cbce0fc54dbc03131e7c3825ac2322c9b299d0809d2
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Valgasu | Site securiteinfo.com

WinSSLMiM implements a HTTPS man in the middle attack from the Windows platform. It includes FakeCert a tool to make fake certificate (like the DCA of sslmim in Phrack 57). It can be used to exploit the Certificate Chain Vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Tested under Windows 9x/2000.

tags | web
systems | windows
SHA-256 | fa801d51a1b8cc96034f44ee461b037e348c7862a3c1fcd4dc4983a8ae087712
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by eSDee, netric, Gloomy | Site netric.org

Xsun-expl.c is a local exploit for the SPARC architecture that makes use of the Xsun -co heap overflow found in April, 2002 on Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8.

tags | exploit, overflow, local
systems | solaris
SHA-256 | 97e55a2ca5d9e617ff856cd2414f020155d9ce6262a00ab465fbed2df4dbfdb0
Nmap Scanning Utility 3.10 ALPHA 4
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Fyodor | Site insecure.org

Nmap is a utility for port scanning large networks, although it works fine for single hosts. Sometimes you need speed, other times you may need stealth. In some cases, bypassing firewalls may be required. Not to mention the fact that you may want to scan different protocols (UDP, TCP, ICMP, etc.). Nmap supports Vanilla TCP connect() scanning, TCP SYN (half open) scanning, TCP FIN, Xmas, or NULL (stealth) scanning, TCP ftp proxy (bounce attack) scanning, SYN/FIN scanning using IP fragments (bypasses some packet filters), TCP ACK and Window scanning, UDP raw ICMP port unreachable scanning, ICMP scanning (ping-sweep), TCP Ping scanning, Direct (non portmapper) RPC scanning, Remote OS Identification by TCP/IP Fingerprinting, and Reverse-ident scanning. Nmap also supports a number of performance and reliability features such as dynamic delay time calculations, packet timeout and retransmission, parallel port scanning, detection of down hosts via parallel pings.

Changes: Newest alpha - Now has German manpage, updates for the IP allocation pool and improved OpenBSD support. Fixed a compile problem. New fingerprints added, bugs fixed, experimental features added.
tags | tool, remote, udp, tcp, protocol, nmap
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 9f31c28678de9e0ae46d3bdc153f3e07b44193e025bdb8911f6ba9fadead60ec
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Site xforce.iss.net

ISS Security Advisory - Bind 8 v8.3.3-REL and below and Bind 4 v4.9.10-REL and below contain a flaw in the formation of DNS responses containing SIG resource records (RR) that allows remote code execution. Two denial of service vulnerabilities exist as well. A workaround is available by turning off recursive DNS functionality.

tags | remote, denial of service, vulnerability, code execution
SHA-256 | 415591543028456a7c65c52b6e53dedc3d552efa7ad0f398790215825ae30993
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2002.42
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-02:42 - Several libc functions --- including getaddrinfo(), gethostbyname(), getnetbyname(), and others --- utilize the DNS resolver functions res_search, res_query, and/or res_send which contain buffer overflow vulnerabilities which allow remote denial of service attacks against many applications.

tags | remote, denial of service, overflow, vulnerability
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 1cdf791d166fa98998ba12602cfd1fd958f9553e41b786d6a8431d56df284d9b
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2002.40
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-02:40 - The Kerberos administrative servers, kadmind and k5admind contain stack overflows that allow remote code execution as root from non-authenticated attackers. According to the MIT security team, there is evidence that this bug is being actively exploited.

tags | remote, overflow, root, code execution
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | a53b924c7f8aa4c605768a128d5b3a18c94db514f6e304190e2a87c9e3175aef
Samhain File Integrity Checker
Posted Nov 13, 2002
Authored by Rainer Wichmann | Site samhain.sourceforge.net

Samhain is a file system integrity checker that can be used as a client/server application for centralized monitoring of networked hosts. Databases and configuration files can be stored on the server. Databases, logs, and config files can be signed for tamper resistance. In addition to forwarding reports to the log server via authenticated TCP/IP connections, several other logging facilities (e-mail, console, and syslog) are available. Tested on Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Unixware, Sun and Solaris.

Changes: Bug fixes.
tags | tool, tcp, intrusion detection
systems | linux, unix, solaris, aix, hpux, unixware
SHA-256 | d9fb3cd317e367dd82ad0c3deda6f8033a2b6c54676d6d45cb3a70aaa4c39c97
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