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Files Date: 2002-02-26

Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Gerhard Buergmann

BVI v1.1.1 is an editor for binary files using common vi - commands and additional commands for binary search and substitution.

Changes: Bug fixes and updates.
MD5 | b9d77c57bda2e019207a1874d9bb4dea
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Sorbo

Sortelnetd is a working telnetd 0.17 exploit (even remote if you are careful enough). alignment is critical. Includes a demo of how to find offsets and use against localhost.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | bc3466b78d7278734d0f28b61029bd10
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Roelof Temmingh | Site sensepost.com

Mieliekoek.pl is a SQL insertion crawler which tests all forms on a web site for possible SQL insertion problems. This script takes the output of a web mirroring tools as input, inspecting every file and determine if there is a form in the file.

tags | web
systems | unix
MD5 | 69a47601ba11f3408544b2e8d0eeb20f
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Site cert.org

CERT Advisory CA-2002-04 - Microsoft Internet Explorer contains a buffer overflow vulnerability in its handling of embedded objects in HTML documents. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on the victim's system when the victim visits a web page or views an HTML email message. This bug was discussed in MS02-005.

tags | web, overflow, arbitrary
advisories | CVE-2002-0022
MD5 | 86fd6e68bbf8b3c6283cb00313852ed7
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Joe S

A paper in mIRC security.

MD5 | ae7f71be7e1758b13745cd9b8a41b30b
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by teso, Sebastian Krahmer | Site team-teso.net

Weaknesses in the CHAP protocol as used within PPP and PPTP. Allows authentication in PPTP networks without knowing valid login/password combinations. This authentication scheme is widely used at universities (WLAN networks). A link to a special pppd which is able to authenticate without valid /etc/ppp/chap-secrets is included.

tags | protocol
MD5 | 6b4b918f410d855855fdaab340232b39
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Site netstumbler.com

NetStumbler is a Windows utility for 802.11b based wireless network auditing.

tags | tool, wireless
systems | windows
MD5 | d29a76ba61f5885d3125765f89806222
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Site bretmounet.com

ApSniff is a wireless (802.11) access point sniffer for Windows 2000. It enables you to list all access points broadcasting beacon signals at your location. Useful for helping you set new access points making sure you do not have interfering APs, and helping you set-up wireless clients by providing you with the client configuration information. Requires WLAN cards of Prism 2 chipset. It works with a DLINK DWL-650 and linksys WPC11.

tags | tool, wireless
systems | windows, 2k
MD5 | d51a9b969e8700e9035418fce98837d4
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Mike Kershaw | Site nerv-un.net

Kismet is an 802.11b wireless network sniffer. It is capable of sniffing using almost any wireless card supported in Linux, which currently divide into cards handled by libpcap and the Linux-Wireless extensions (such as Cisco Aironet), and cards supported by the Wlan-NG project which use the Prism/2 chipset (such as Linksys, Dlink, and Zoom). Features Multiple packet capture sources, Runtime network sorting by AP MAC address (bssid), IP block detection via ARP and DHCP packet dissection, Cisco product detection via CDP, Ethereal and tcpdump compatible file logging, Airsnort-compatible "interesting" (cryptographically weak) logging, and Secure SUID behavior.

tags | tool, wireless
systems | cisco, linux
MD5 | 59e97f8708cc71921d663fc923e8d463
Posted Feb 26, 2002

The UNICODE bug explained, by ReDeeMeR

tags | paper
MD5 | 923dfdd29cc5f0f3e0dd983e19b22d25
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Patrik Karlsson | Site cqure.net

SQLAT is a suite of tools which could be useful for pen-testing a MS SQL Server. The tools do dictionary attacks, upload files, read registry and dump the SAM. They do this by wrapping extended stored procedures. There is also a tool for doing a minimal analysis of a SQL Server with output as HTML. You need to be 'sa' to run some of the tools, but this usually isn't a problem. SQLAT works over port 1433.

tags | registry
systems | unix
MD5 | d3ea5274c317e3c1b93feb79ab4f80d2
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Patrik Karlsson | Site cqure.net

OAT 1.1.0 is a set of tools which can be used to audit Oracle databases running on the Microsoft Windows platform. The Tools are Java based and were tested on both Windows and Linux. They should hopefully also run on any other Java platform.

Changes: The password guessing is now done on all SIDs of the database. The SIDs enumeration should now be more reliable, Errors reported in a more readable form.
tags | java
systems | linux, windows, unix
MD5 | af9c1635782aa7913afb7614e4679196
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Patrik Karlsson | Site cqure.net

WaveStumbler is console based 802.11 network mapper for Linux and supports WEP, ESSID, MAC and more. This package includes a kernel patch (for the wireless nic drivers) which can be applied to the linux-2.4.17 sources and a program called wavestumbler. The program interacts with the patched network drivers to map wireless networks.

Changes: New kernel patch + massive bugfixes! WEP, Noise and channel should now be displayed properly. Added time fields "firstseen", "lastseen", "maxsignal". Added curses support.
tags | tool, kernel, wireless
systems | linux
MD5 | 2e91753758a890fc4beb213a3b5fb504
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by NTSleuth | Site ntsleuth.0catch.com

NetBIOS Enumeration Utility v2.0 beta 1 is a utility for Windows which can be used to enumerate one single host or an entire class C subnet. This utility can run in two modes: query and attack. The main difference between these modes is that when NBTEnum is running in attack mode it will seek for blank password and for passwords that are the same as the username but then in lowercase letters. Runs on Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP.

Changes: Enumerates more things. Checks for user accounts with blank passwords and accounts with the same username and password.
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 720662512acf6434193129146b44974f
Posted Feb 26, 2002
Authored by Moritz Bartl | Site headstrong.de

WebClicker v2.56 uses public proxies to create artificial banner ad clicks. Emulates complete browser HTTP transfer and can be used for banner/link exchanges and toplists as well.

Changes: customizable proxy timeout, play WAV sound file when done, flashes window when done, minimizing the simple form is now possible, improved memory management and a few more bugs fixed.
tags | web
MD5 | 146167107b4ca5dde0f49960a2050601
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