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Files Date: 2001-12-14

Posted Dec 14, 2001
Site dwheeler.com

Flawfinder searches through source code for potential security flaws, listing potential security flaws sorted by risk, with the most potentially dangerous flaws shown first. This risk level depends not only on the function, but on the values of the parameters of the function.

Changes: Includes a man page and more command line options.
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 2c6e05444ffd6d6411ce9979c7c9e7318a26fd87efebed79112c95d925fead88
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Authored by Bjarni R. Einarsson | Site mailtools.anomy.net

The Anomy mail sanitizer is a filter designed to block email-based attacks such as trojans and viruses. It reads an RFC822 or MIME message and removes or renames attachments, truncate unusually long MIME header fields and sanitizes HTML by disabling Javascript and Java. It uses a single-pass pure Perl MIME parser, which can make it both more efficient and more precise than other similar programs and has built-in support for third-party virus scanners.

Changes: Rewritten HTML sanitizer which enforces default-deny instead of the old default-allow policy, in addition to many other HTML-related improvements. Also adds generic detection of MIME-type/filename mismatches, which protects against bugs like those exploited by BadTrans and Nimda.
tags | trojan, perl, javascript, virus
systems | unix
SHA-256 | cad6887bb95fb4ea027b9a2edec0604e3064919b11b5f0e33cfced017d48c7f3
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Site ssh.com

Ssh.com's Secure Shell is a program to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to move files from one machine to another, providing strong authentication and a secure communications over insecure channels.

Changes: Fixed lots of bugs and improved file transfer performance.
tags | remote, shell, encryption
SHA-256 | e7a9a14b8bbe21326737843a4255af7034b38db21b64bdec983c00760d709d1f
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Site sourceforge.net

IP Accounter is an IP accounting package for Linux. It collects, summarizes, and nicely displays IP accounting data. Its output can be a simple ASCII table, or graph images. Ipchains and iptables are supported. Logs are stored in files, gdbm, or even a PostgreSQL database.

Changes: This release has PostgreSQL storage fixes. Many little fetchipac fixes were done.
systems | linux
SHA-256 | d454f2bcd8ad72930c98f36fc3355aaae2c1b0461c002f9b9bfa42acf71cc1ed
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Authored by vade79, realhalo | Site realhalo.org

Netscript is a portable and lightweight tcp socket scripting tool. It is intended to allow anyone to script situations based on a word-to-word ruleset response system. Includes wildcard support, character replacement, random replacement, argument inclusion, server timeout, initial send, display altering, multiple character dump formats, telnet protocol support, logging, program to socket dumping, executable ruleset support and reverse binding among other things.

Changes: This release adds -Z (system logging support) for when it is running at a syslog accessible level. -u has changed so that it will now apply the supplementary groups to the id change. Also, if no group id is specified, it will apply the group id of the user id. The ns_exit() module function has been changed to pass the type of exit.
tags | tcp, protocol
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 14b6ef214c3e8d6da1516db0ef399a645466b853e422b3ae13aaffafb7d93911
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Authored by twlc, Dioad

Nutsaq.pl scans for the WU-Ftpd v2.6.1 glob vulnerability via anonymous login.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | f3376c43283146377d00f27274f3d741a501c5a8e7671bdec945ce565f7d3236
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Authored by Alberto Ornaghi, Marco Valleri | Site ettercap.sourceforge.net

Ettercap is a network sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LANs. It uses ARP poisoning and the man-in-the-middle technique to sniff all the connections between two hosts. Features character injection in an established connection - you can inject characters to server (emulating commands) or to client (emulating replies) while maintaining an established TCP connection! Integrated into a easy-to-use and powerful ncurses interface.

tags | tool, sniffer, tcp
SHA-256 | 32214792e9f397a9ffdd202f074776ac779226231fc1882796c897280e4f70ab
Posted Dec 14, 2001
Authored by Tom Vandepoel | Site ubizen.com

ISNprober is a tool that samples TCP Initial Sequence Numbers (or IP ID's) and can use that information to determine if a set of IP addresses belong to the same TCP/IP stack (machine) or not.

Changes: IPID probing, better reporting of no response, added case for constant IPID=0 (or TCPISN=0), and added a README with new findings.
tags | tool, scanner, tcp
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 8d31129ad28b47eeac556a5e0bf64aca2c47c0c71b2c91e10ce374b15eabaf20
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