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Files Date: 2001-11-22

Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Zinc_Sh

Shell script to scan a domain for open windows shares using samba. Tested on slackware, red hat, SuSE. Requires smb client.

tags | tool, shell, scanner
systems | linux, redhat, windows, unix, suse, slackware
MD5 | 2cb45da8934e1a609da45af3e4205c1f
Posted Nov 22, 2001

CERT Advisory CA-99-16 - Buffer Overflow in solaris sadmind. The sadmind program is installed by default in Solaris 2.5, 2.6, and 7.

tags | overflow, add administrator
systems | solaris
MD5 | fd271451ef808735834c29476f4a121b
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Bro Evil

Dword.pl - This will convert a given IP address into it's dword equiv, as described in "How to Obscure Any URL", available here.

systems | unix
MD5 | fa19c30bc78ff6eeb419cdeda93779ca
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Cyrax | Site members.antionline.com

Explanation of how to exploit the rpc.sadmind bug on Solaris.

tags | exploit
systems | solaris
MD5 | be1ae7f11bc82103d3ad0d2ed147e147
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Hawaiian Superman

Hotmail is vulnerable to yet another serious security problem involving javascript. Windows, MacOS, and Linux users are affected. Filters may be bypassed by putting line feeds in the middle of the javascript code, the browser will remove the line feeds and execute it.

tags | exploit, javascript
systems | linux, windows
MD5 | 216cfc1e4f3f35e01de990a4c2973aba
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Echo8

Veritas Volume Manager 3.0.x for Solaris contains a security hole which can, under specific circumstances, allow local users to gain root access. Exploit description included.

tags | exploit, local, root
systems | solaris
MD5 | 11dc5c3932ca0eb6191ac53ab46ce704
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Solar Eclipse | Site phreedom.org

This paper describes in detail the exploitation of the libc locale format string vulnerability on Solaris/SPARC. The full source code for the exploit is presented and some details of the implementation are discussed.

tags | exploit
systems | solaris
MD5 | 87e33640b70adf716cef2f0164b34652
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Zerologic | Site nssolution.net

Xitami WEB/FTP Server for Windows 95/98/NT/2k v2.5b4 has remote vulnerabilities which allow users to view sensitive system information via testcgi.exe. Passwords are stored in plain text. Denial of service is possible.

tags | exploit, remote, web, denial of service, vulnerability
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | c9e95f053b3bd9e85e7f9aa02c0229e7
Posted Nov 22, 2001

Working Solaris x86 /usr/bin/mail exploit

tags | exploit, x86
systems | solaris
MD5 | ffaa045c2d7832322410f14958a800f8
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Brock Tellier

A vulnerability exists in Oracle 8.1.5 for UN*X which may allow any user to obtain root privileges. Local root exploit shell script included.

tags | exploit, shell, local, root
MD5 | ad79f85a2f2462a71ce9a19c67e37d8e
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Sixkiller

The Sambar web server version 4.3 Beta 2 is vulnerable to remote buffer overflow. Dos example included.

tags | exploit, remote, web, overflow
MD5 | 0b0f8d9b9c0fbc7545614821d17db79d
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Darkplan | Site indigo.ie

Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.5 buffer overflow advisory - I recently uncovered a stack based buffer overflow in NN which allowed me to execute arbitrary code. Exploit included. Tested with Netscape Navigator 4.5 using Windows98.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary
MD5 | c6ec66586571c4658f296f0917c7aeca
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Venglin | Site freebsd.lublin.pl

Plogd v2 - syn/udp/icmp packet logger (freebsd version).

tags | udp, system logging
systems | unix, freebsd
MD5 | 8acf703296d17b76edc2716398aa9b38
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Sil

Backdoor shell script to be run from cron monthly.

tags | tool, shell, rootkit
systems | unix
MD5 | 0793fc12f1e7d665299d8bcc965302b0
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Serge Birj

RemoteHit searches for a computer on a remote network, in a given IP Range, using NetBIOS protocol. The program is fully multi-threaded. RemoteHit has MS "Find: Computer" like interface.

tags | remote, protocol
MD5 | e75bd23090674caa29fe058d5e51aa2b
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by alert7 | Site netguard.com.cn

NSI Rwhoisd v1.5 through contains a remotely exploitable format string vulnerability if use-syslog: is on, which is the default.

MD5 | 8f2cf9fda4c8679a81e047eea5c2deb3
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Cabezon Aurelien | Site iSecureLabs.com

PhpNuke v5.1 allows remote users to steal the admin password, which is Base 64 encoded. The password is in a cookie which needs to be stolen from the admin by asking him to visit a link.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | 5686e0f17eae8f3ea7fd0aa3489ea3c9
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Trippin Smurfs

CgiXp.exe is a remote exploit for Webcart v8.4 (bugtraq id 3453) and several unicode vulnerabilities (bugtraq id 1806). Tested against Windows NT Server 2000 / IIS 5.0 and Linux Red Hat 7.2 / Apache 1.3.22 +webcart.cgi. Gui based, requires Visual Basic 5.0 .OCX files in your system directory (richtext ocx, msinet dll).

tags | exploit, remote, cgi, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat, windows, nt
MD5 | d8a90c61f227c272691969a903aff1bd
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Site apache-ssl.org

Apache-SSL is a set of patches for Apache to create a secure Webserver, based on SSLeay/OpenSSL. It is designed to be small, secure, and efficient.

Changes: Updates for the new version of apache.
tags | encryption
MD5 | 117399147c96590b64f940fe4b5a6fef
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by gobbles | Site bugtraq.org

Berkeley finger.cgi has a remote command execution vulnerability because it does not strip out newlines.

tags | exploit, remote, cgi
MD5 | 9684aed3ac871b146dc84de43c08404f
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Urity | Site securityfriday.com

RegistryBrowser is a utility which demonstrates problems associated with stolen windows passwords by remotely browsing remote system registries using a specified user account. Tested on Windows NT and 2000.

tags | remote
systems | windows, 2k, nt
MD5 | 6c66b0fab36597e00164f63bb3e179fc
Posted Nov 22, 2001
Authored by Stealthmode316

Uni.pl checks a host for the recent IIS unicode vulnerability in 14 different ways.

tags | exploit
MD5 | c6698e5cebd9eb773117d22e6b65c4b5
Posted Nov 22, 2001

The Flicks Titan application firewall for IIS has a vulnerability in the url inspection allowing it to be easily bypassed.

tags | exploit
MD5 | 5a1f22fbe896e7084e009630287190bf
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