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Files Date: 2000-12-06

Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Lars Brinhoff | Site nocrew.org

httptunnel creates a bidirectional data channel through an HTTP proxy, from your isolated computer behind a restrictive firewall, to a system on the Internet you have access to.

Changes: Bug Fixes.
tags | web
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 0d4c3b276f47c06fc39f77e45babef1b3ede53512928c7a59ad0dd795ef0e617
Posted Dec 6, 2000

Exploit Code for oidldapd in Oracle 8.1.6 (8ir2) for Linux. I tested in RH 6.2 and 6.1.

tags | exploit
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 538b4209e4761c7b41607b2d2c04a48d5372e427a9bd4d58ec3f97fb47945eb3
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Venglin | Site b0f.freebsd.lublin.pl

Bobek.c is a Wu-Ftpd 2.6.0 remote root exploit (updated 05/08/2000). Bug is in the SITE EXEC command, an account is not required as anonymous access is enough. Tested against Redhat 6.2, FreeBSD 3.4-STABLE, and FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | linux, redhat, freebsd
SHA-256 | 271153fe402f54217a98ff64ba5860d7b6059482b6a0d067654ec98d32bd7b48
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Ben Williams

Xlock local format string exploit for Linux/x86. Tested on Slackware 7.1 and Redhat 6.2.

tags | exploit, x86, local
systems | linux, redhat, slackware
SHA-256 | 4d145844ebe8a37d22c403be58bb4a6d5b30eb6341926262952994da081a236f
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Shane A. Macaulay

HP/UX v11.0 /usr/bin/pppd local root buffer overflow exploit.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, root
systems | hpux
SHA-256 | fe3f5dd4d79deb81bc655988c0acc2f21da6e77fad6cfac1b4dcdac71dd5c744
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by DiGiT

Linux/x86 remote root exploit for ypbind (ypbind-mt). Tested against Red Hat 7, SuSe 6.x, and Debian.

tags | exploit, remote, x86, root
systems | linux, redhat, suse, debian
SHA-256 | 2b24fda89ac2d6cab494fa7e7579f14e73b189f6e164ba521552fab98bd40eb6
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory - Versions 6.09 and below of tcsh are vulnerable to a symbolic link attack. This attack can be used to cause users to destroy the contents of any file to which they have write access.

systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 3df29adf6dbe722e28a079d8f2473dd032276ccd0f6fd07b4a2b51d0bd2478d3
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory - Red Hat Linux 7 and a previous PAM errata issued for Red Hat Linux 6.x both included a new module, pam_localuser. Although this module is not used in any default configurations, the version included was vulnerable to a buffer overflow. These updates remove this vulnerability and fix various other bugs.

tags | overflow
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | d77b25d8dfbe12f53d1d71298b9ae3fc1c097de5731d8ab094222b7af68bbab1
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Count Neithardt von Gneisenau

PHP 3.0.16/4.0.2 remote root format string overflow exploit for Linux/x86. Tested against Slackware 7.0 and Red Hat 6.0.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, x86, root, php
systems | linux, redhat, slackware
SHA-256 | 4f73e668ad771ff15e243d28868f71c32cd935cf7d2e79ab10e3af4c19ab5ca3
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory - A race vulnerability exists where a user can replace the tempfile used by diskcheck with symlinks to other files on the system, making it possible to corrupt those files.

systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 59fe9fff331f4a988eb4bfa0273ba0fb534afdb6bb9907fd7977767c54743cbe
Atstake Security Advisory 00-12-04.1
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Atstake | Site atstake.com

Atstake Security Advisory A120400-1 - IIS 4.0/5.0 Phone Book server buffer overrun vulnerability. The Phone Book Service was created by Microsoft to help provide dial in services to the corporation and ISPs. As part of the functionality of the service when users dial in their client software can be configured to download phone book updates from a web server. The ISAPI application that serves the update is pbserver.dll. This DLL contains a buffer overrun vulnerability that can allow the execution of arbitrary code or at best crash the Internet Information Server process, inetinfo.exe.

tags | web, overflow, arbitrary
SHA-256 | 7822463a0e0c98a33b81e6be0d33e5d289f446c0bcfff7a90e516e33823ba258
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site simon.org.ua

IPA is highly configurable IP accounting software for FreeBSD. It allows to make IP accounting based on IP Firewall and/or IP Filter accounting rules. In most cases IP Accounting Daemon is run on public servers, software routers, etc. It uses powerful IP Firewall and/or IP Filter accounting rules and based on its configuration allows to escape from writing scripts to manage network accounting.

systems | unix, freebsd
SHA-256 | 9f558b1f41582508b9105ea02f7c617b423f21cbba959806348be75e57592720
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site freeswan.org

Linux FreeS/WAN provides IPSEC (IP Security, which is both encryption and authentication) kernel extensions and an IKE (Internet Key Exchange, keying and encrypted routing daemon) allowing you to build secure tunnels through untrusted networks. Compatible with with other IPSEC and IKE systems already deployed by other vendors such as OpenBSD.

Changes: This release features mostly stabilization changes due to the large amount of new code since the 1.5 release.
tags | tool, kernel, firewall
systems | linux, unix, openbsd
SHA-256 | d9b04407ddee8993da703b3e43c04b773e5128526dbec49bf3ad2c8f6737bb94
Posted Dec 6, 2000

Knetfilter is a KDE gui application designed to manage the netfilter functionalities that will come with the new kernel 2.4.x. In Principal, all standard firewall system administration activities can be done just using knetfilter. But there is not just a GUI to iptables command line, it is possible also some monitoring via a tcpdump interface.

Changes: This release fixes a serious bug in the save function, introduces support for lec and atm interfaces, and now uses libtool and a configure script to generate Makefiles.
tags | tool, kernel, firewall
systems | linux
SHA-256 | e6b022c6ed302f0bfcd5b7d12b35ec414154cbcc1f603c623aebb1ed9aa0dd3d
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Authored by Ian Hall-Beyer | Site ipchains.nerdherd.net

ipchains-firewall is an easily-configurable shell script to establish masquerading and firewalling rules using ipchains. The package contains a script to establish firewalling for a single machine connected to the network without masquerading, a script to establish firewalling for a system acting as a router routing to non-private IP space, a script to establish firewalling and masquerading for a system acting as a router routing to private IP address space, and one to establish firewalling and masquerading for a system acting as a router, routing to multiple RFC1918 subnets over multiple interfaces. The distribution also includes a copy of midentd v1.6, to enable identd over the masqueraded network.

Changes: Port blocks for CIFS, LDAP, and Kerberos were added, and some minor bugs were quashed.
tags | tool, shell, firewall
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 0dabd63ddda4e9d57be3e1fe48d3e433e6fd58aab584aeb27aca3064e9a98b62
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site duncanthrax.net

Exiscan is an email virus scanner which works together with the Exim MTA and McAffee's uvscan or Trend Micro's vscan. It is written in Perl and is designed to be as subtle and lightweight as possible. The special thing about exiscan is that is does not resend messages after scanning them, so that the process is fully transparent to the MTA and requires only minimal reconfiguration of Exim.

Changes: Support has been added for the AVP and Sophos Sweep scanning engines.
tags | perl, virus
systems | unix
SHA-256 | acba5a832e554df16b17b19e0bd88b97085b83d7c0f856af6587b85859a9b1b6
Posted Dec 6, 2000
Site net-security.org

Weekly Newsletter from Help Net Security - Covers weekly roundups of security events that were in the news the past week. In this issue: Network Associates Website defaced, and much more.

SHA-256 | a660aa9e4c549ba7140953d2debf0f5839baf5810b12182e2a3b977e6730c8f3
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