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Files Date: 2000-10-01 to 2000-10-31

Posted Oct 30, 2000
Site boss.dids.com

Boss Everyware gives a clear picture of how a Windows computer is being used. It secretly logs program names, window titles, visited URLs, user names, and keystrokes. With its Report Manager, Boss Everyware provides a powerful tool for the analysis of logged data. Can monitor one or many computers.

systems | windows
MD5 | 8c786e33857c2efc22b38219c7b55397
Posted Oct 30, 2000
Authored by Natas | Site rsh.defacements.com

Malice v.5.2 scans for over 238 cgi vulnerabilities and uses anti-IDS tactics as discussed in RFP's famous whitepaper. Written in perl. Checks for known bugs and interesting directories.

tags | cgi, perl, vulnerability
systems | unix
MD5 | a4d376fae0f655e944297a37c0873461
Posted Oct 30, 2000
Authored by Thomas Biege | Site suse.de

Assitch is a remote packetfilter analyzer, that detects in and OUT rules by doing ACK scanning. (It's useless against state-full filters.) Assitch is 3 years old, but still useful for debugging filter rules.

tags | tool, remote, sniffer
MD5 | 3d88df3f893dc36c738211b59fa86817
Posted Oct 30, 2000
Authored by Nick Kurshev | Site biew.sourceforge.net

Biew is Binary vIEWer with built-in editor for binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes. It contains a PentiumIII/K7Athlon/Cyrix-M2 disassembler, full preview of MZ, NE, PE, LE, LX, DOS.SYS, NLM, arch, ELF, a.out, coff32, PharLap, and rdoff executable formats, a code guider, a text viewer with russian codepages support, and many other features.

Changes: A Pentium IV disassembler, improved documentation, and lots of various enhancements and bugfixes.
systems | linux
MD5 | fa1a992ce9abd7538e7fc4ac23023c4d
Posted Oct 30, 2000
Authored by Boris Wesslowski | Site kyb.uni-stuttgart.de

fwlogwatch analyzes the ipchains packet filter logfiles and generates text and HTML summaries. Features realtime anomaly response capability and has an interactive report generator.

Changes: More customization options (colors, sorting, and response actions) and a Web interface for realtime response status information.
tags | tool, firewall
systems | unix
MD5 | 24de3c40e5da7520fff18ada8161ae1d
Posted Oct 30, 2000
Site tripwire.org

Tripwire is a very popular file integrity checker which saves checksums of selected files in a database. Any changes to these files are flagged and logged, including those that were added or deleted, with optional email / pager reporting. Databases and reports are cryptographically signed.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | d3d1d35ee10b59a0176ca6f754825ca1
Posted Oct 29, 2000
Site sfc.keio.ac.jp

pakemon has been developed to share IDS components based on the open source model. Current version of pakemon monitors all traffic on a network, search given data patterns in the traffic and output session logs and summary logs of matched traffic.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | 3e99f29f9e8c6084bde9857991b4a1a6
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Peter Todd | Site esm.sourceforge.net

ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a program that lets you tie together plugins to monitor your system. This could be used to alert by email or pager in the event of hard drive failure, tripwire alerts, high load, etc. All of this is done automatically. Features fault-tolerent design, unlimited number of agents, simple API, comes with Mailreport and a monitor called ESMSyslog.

Changes: A posible security hole has been fixed (tmp race), ESMSysLog can now do regular expression matching of syslog messages, bug fixes.
tags | system logging
systems | unix
MD5 | 3c4134d8c3b26b03a2e5268301728995
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Site gzip.org

Gzip for Windows! gzip is gnu zip. This is the self extracting archive.

systems | windows
MD5 | b83c0bb3bfa36e832ad6108d6c81d036
Posted Oct 28, 2000

GNU zip (gzip) for Windows!

systems | windows
MD5 | 6ce3d0ea4c41189c4c7cc090161ffc66
Posted Oct 28, 2000

This is GNU tar, ported to Windows.

systems | windows
MD5 | d8bb79256c579552c955ed39b103a00c
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Telehor | Site teleh0r.cjb.net

Mailing List & News Version 1.7 remote exploit - takes advantage of insecure mail handling to spawn a shell on tcp port 60179.

tags | exploit, remote, shell, tcp
MD5 | 5b5c4283da989acf012bbb7886f87d6d
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Telehor | Site teleh0r.cjb.net

Listmail v112 remote exploit which spawns a shell on tcp port 60179. Takes advantage of an insecure open call.

tags | exploit, remote, shell, tcp
MD5 | 767ed6a4cc996cdcbccf351a8d91e733
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Telehor | Site teleh0r.cjb.net

FormNow CGI script v1.0 remote exploit - Takes advantage of an insecure sendmail call to bind a shell to tcp port 60179.

tags | exploit, remote, shell, cgi, tcp
MD5 | 753caf5727561d3032689d3fb5274607
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Morpheusbd | Site brightdarkness.de

News Update 1.1 advisory / remote exploit which allows changing the passwords for the cgi program without knowing the former password, allowing malicious users to modify your news-page.

tags | exploit, remote, cgi
MD5 | 0ef5c877b6231e014e9c01c6cbab9d52
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Antirez | Site kyuzz.org

Older version of the host command contains a remotely exploitable buffer overflow. The host command is used to perform the AXFR request to obtain the zone transfer information, and can be caused to execute arbitrary code when connecting to a fake DNS server, a netcat process listening on port 53.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary
MD5 | 21f7ca8c7a3d22f7143d8b703491149e
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Manor G.

aix2passwd converts the AIX shadow passwd (located in /etc/security/passwd) into a regular crackable passwd file, which can be cracked with any password auditing tool.

systems | unix, aix
MD5 | badc137c7f03465b81a9f9cbe314aa90
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Site suse.de

SuSE Security Advisory - A vulnerability has been found in the ncurses library, which is used by many text based applications. Insufficient boundary checking leads to a buffer overflow if a user supplies a specially drafted terminfo database file. If an ncurses-linked binary is installed setuid root, it is possible for a local attacker to exploit this hole and gain local root access. SuSE recommends patching this vulnerability by removing the SUID bits from xaos, screen, and cda.

tags | overflow, local, root
systems | linux, suse
MD5 | 898e03004864a6e80967310900737ec5
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Condor, Csh | Site sekure.org

The Half-life Dedicated Server for Linux contains remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Includes remote buffer overflow exploit hl-rcon.c which has been tested against v3.1.0.x for Linux x86.

tags | exploit, remote, overflow, x86, vulnerability
systems | linux
MD5 | 4debd0504db2a01634e63b2ab921c401
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Shane Hird

This program exploits a flaw in the share level password authentication of MS windows 95/98/ME in its CIFS protocol to find the password of a given share on one of these machines, as discussed in ms00-072. Google flags this as malware so only use this if you know what you are doing. The password to unarchive this zip is the word "infected".

Changes: Lots of bug fixes! Works much better.
tags | exploit, protocol
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | bd1694e07448b890840c4cfbf191ae72
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Roelof Temmingh | Site sensepost.com

Unicodexecute2 is a simple perl script to execute commands on vulnerable IIS servers w/ Unicode, as described in this article.

tags | exploit, perl
MD5 | 89be00be29fc322dcc2642c23b1ab9de
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Site richard.iguana.co.nz

net-acct logs network traffic. It provides a daemon (nacctd) that logs all traffic passing through the machine it runs on, and the level of detail of output is configurable.

tags | tool, sniffer
MD5 | 87daae6d4b06144534205b3fc201c058
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Chris Martino | Site smirks.org

SysWatch is a perl / cgi script that allows you to view current system information, disk utilization, resource utilization all in your web browser.

Changes: A fix for a font problem in one of the sections, a changed tail command to be more portable, and a fix for a file creation problem in Solaris and BSD.
tags | tool, web, cgi, perl
systems | unix
MD5 | c32656b844ee1848dfb251330ef09dd2
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by Dianne Skoll | Site roaringpenguin.com

MIME Defanger is a flexible MIME e-mail scanner designed to protect Windows clients from viruses and other harmful executables. It works with Sendmail 8.10 / 8.11 and will alter or delete various parts of a MIME message according to a flexible configuration file.

Changes: Bug fixes and a new "notify_sender" feature which notifies sender that e-mail has been modified.
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 528afb3220507a963fd4e0525343a7ca
Posted Oct 28, 2000
Authored by 6 Inch Taint

Godmessage worm is a worm based on Godmessage IV. Untested dangerous code. Archive password is set to p4ssw0rd. Use at your own risk.

tags | worm, trojan
MD5 | 28c0752d03c9aad21c8046ce4fffe5ca
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