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Files Date: 2000-09-18

Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Vigilante | Site vigilante.com

Vigilante Advisory #12 - Mdaemon 3.1.1 for Windows NT includes Webconfig and Worldclient which listen to TCP port 3000 and 3001. They both are vulnerable to a heap overflow vulnerability which could be used to execute arbitrary code. Fix available here.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary, tcp
systems | windows
SHA-256 | 9633e5d15d8fbf21e8c07e68f5b9143eb0b13c96a75fdb436fc56cddf57db245
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Site redhat.com

Red Hat Security Advisory - Various format string vulnerabilities have been found in syslogd and klogd. When exploiting these vulnerabilities, it could be possible for local users to gain root access.

tags | local, root, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | a17cc7d59867c8802e43bf80a0d76c739e447191dbf864f926f349cc4519cd8f
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Johnny7

Torn Kit is a linux rootkit which has been optimized for linux/x86 mass installation. It is the first rootkit which uses precompiled binaries yet still allows a user defined password. This code is being widely used to automatically compromise hosts which have the wu.ftpd and rpc.statd vulnerabilities, and was mentioned in CERT's recent Incident Note IN-2000-10 advisory.

tags | tool, x86, vulnerability, rootkit
systems | linux, unix
SHA-256 | 5c48ccb7e9f41685772e735a35e40fd8a61535f255a9d4f6968b8a1e150e3bf9
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by oblivion, Cyber0ptix | Site 0blivion.org

Oblivion Magazine Issue #7 - Contains articles on Voice over IP, An Introduction to IPSec, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), ADSL, Firewall-1 + Firewalls Rant, and security news.

tags | protocol, magazine
SHA-256 | 239423a563095461e8e129994dc051c5bbc250df2ec79cac461d7dc74dbdc4b9
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Steve Sanders

Namezero apparently allows people to change other peoples pages. Simple exploit details included in this Microsoft Word document.

tags | paper
SHA-256 | 29d67d18049722910a42447b9ed6bae0708aa8a2a57c409b4bac1e1bc914acc5
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Site videotron.ca

This regedit registry patch will tighten down security on a Microsoft NT v4.0 (sp3 and sp6 or 6a) machine. Changes about 55 registry entries.

tags | registry
SHA-256 | 17ecace1825394820a936146cb0eebe1dd734581c3df84d03e1c809bf5376982
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Site wwdsi.com

SAINT (Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool) is a security assessment tool based on SATAN. Features include scanning through a firewall, updated security checks from CERT & CIAC bulletins, 4 levels of severity (red, yellow, brown, & green) and a feature rich HTML interface.

Changes: This version features an RPM for Linux users, GUI support for SAINTwriter, a new man page, and a new configuration script based on GNU Autoconf. Also includes check for Qaz trojan/worm, backdoors on 9704/TCP and 1524/TCP, checks for new CGI vulnerabilities including YaBB, scohelphttp, MultiHTTP, and Mobius DocumentDirect for Internet, and adjusted timing for better scanning.
tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 32a410d596287b65aa4e082b5c138bab0d3ed71501701c72be8059c2cd126d61
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Samy Kamkar | Site pdump.lucidx.com

Pdump is a sniffer written in perl which dumps, greps, monitors, creates, and modifies traffic on a network. It combines features from tcpdump, tcpkill, ngrep, tcptrace, dsniff (and its webspy and urlsnarf), pfilt, macof, and xpy. It is able to do passive operating system detection/fingerprinting and can also watch packet streams and then create it's own spoofed packets to hijack or kill TCP connections. It understands tcpdump-like and perl-like syntax and allows easy modifications via a plug-in system. The packet display is easily configurable. Readme available here.

Changes: Passive operating system detection/fingerprinting similar to siphon has been added, added recognition of df (don't fragment) and tos flags, added an implementation tcpkill from dsniff which is able to kill any open TCP connection, non-promiscuous mode sniffing, and now uses the pdump::Sniff module for packet creation and sniffing.
tags | tool, perl, spoof, sniffer, tcp
SHA-256 | f7f15865466b04de11b1198577c231f9dcf94f81aebc0940a4af43dc6221164b
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Site bitchx.com

BitchX is the premiere IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. It is a modified clone of the popular ircII client, and is available for almost all UNIX OS's as well as Win95/NT and OS/2.

Changes: This release features various new features and bugfixes.
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | ce1eec9dec4d0c0a708130ea5485eb58106a9299d138723126ebc272776d71d7
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Bart Timmermans, Filip Sneppe | Site hammer.prohosting.com

HardenNT (Beta 0917) is a tool created to automate the task of securing one or more Microsoft Windows based computers. It is specifically aimed at securing Windows NT 4.0 machines, although some of the functionality could also be used on Windows 9x or even Windows 2000 networks. HardenNT is not a tool that is to be installed or even run on a computer that one wants to secure. It merely creates a number of batch files that run standard NT (and NT resource kit) tools. This means that the batch files created by HardenNT are to be copied and run on the host you want to secure. Updates frequently, newest version available here.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | e09153373619655c9b68e3a686e86477e1edddfdcf54c5a3091b59e0612c11aa
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Robert Salizar | Site energymech.net

Stealth IP Stack is a kernel patch for Linux 2.2.17 which makes your machine almost invisable on the network without impeding normal network operation. Many denial of service attacks, such as stream, are much less effective with this patch installed, and port scanners slow to a crawl. It works by restricting TCP RST packets (no "Connection Refused"), restricting ICMP_UNREACH on udp (Prevents UDP portscans), restricting all ICMP and IGMP requests. A sysctl interface is used so these features can be turned on ande off on the fly.

tags | denial of service, kernel, udp, tcp
systems | linux
SHA-256 | cb7f36d76783cdabab99611890b6f8df14437d9b0ace7474dadd6a02480461e8
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Cyber_Bob

Ploits.c v1.95 integrates stuff.c, ath0.c, and banner.c into one attack tool.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 755a2a39dd379973cf20b9d77886a0e3abe6c9404233bc780362699329fca097
Nmap Scanning Utility 2.54 BETA 5
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by Fyodor | Site insecure.org

Nmap is a utility for port scanning large networks, although it works fine for single hosts. Sometimes you need speed, other times you may need stealth. In some cases, bypassing firewalls may be required. Not to mention the fact that you may want to scan different protocols (UDP, TCP, ICMP, etc.). Nmap supports Vanilla TCP connect() scanning, TCP SYN (half open) scanning, TCP FIN, Xmas, or NULL (stealth) scanning, TCP ftp proxy (bounce attack) scanning, SYN/FIN scanning using IP fragments (bypasses some packet filters), TCP ACK and Window scanning, UDP raw ICMP port unreachable scanning, ICMP scanning (ping-sweep), TCP Ping scanning, Direct (non portmapper) RPC scanning, Remote OS Identification by TCP/IP Fingerprinting, and Reverse-ident scanning. Nmap also supports a number of performance and reliability features such as dynamic delay time calculations, packet timeout and retransmission, parallel port scanning, detection of down hosts via parallel pings. Screenshot available here.

Changes: Fixed bugs on FreeBSD and platforms that dislike division by zero. Revamped the 'compatability libraries' subsystem for more portability.
tags | tool, remote, udp, tcp, protocol, nmap
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e130ff3e71ade3b4b5048c7b6bb5d9972db5f1446368d158d27bdb1d8ec1cf87
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Authored by FX | Site phenoelit.de

vnx4.c is a VNC attack program ported to Windows. Features cracking of the password in the registry, online brute force against VNC server or cracking a sniffed challange/response handshake.

tags | cracker, registry
systems | windows
SHA-256 | a507db549f33869781e20c6631dc821d6eba0651c0cbad494ae78e1b0e831359
Posted Sep 18, 2000
Site xato.net

Snort Panel is a front-end control panel for the win32 port of snort. It allows you to set command-line options via dialog box settings and it monitors the alerts file for new alerts.

tags | tool, sniffer
systems | windows
SHA-256 | e50f793cd53f455b32a5190829ea97353bf9ea47977f36f0c8d4fe5d3b6a32ad
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