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Files Date: 2000-07-31

Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by Matt Post | Site cs.calvin.edu

pixlog is a utility for compiling useful reports from the syslog messages of a Cisco PIX firewall. As tens of megabytes of data can be generated by a PIX firewall per minute, pixlog cooperates with syslogd to parse the data as it comes in, generating nice looking HTML reports. Screenshot available here.

systems | cisco
MD5 | beea4fe379972fc95f38c9e39e63faf2
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by venomous | Site rdcrew.com.ar

overflow.txt is a paper written in Spanish which explains buffer overflows and includes sample code.

tags | paper, overflow
MD5 | 8fd971431c1591e222406c4440ae125a
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by Nelson Brito | Site stderr.sekure.org

Signatures.pl is a tool to check fingerprint signatures. Tested on Linux, all comments are in Portugese.

systems | linux, unix
MD5 | 03671c2a971f872dc25df3cb7548852e
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Site securityfocus.com

The Security Focus pager v3.0 helps system administrators track content of interest to them from www.securityfocus.com, notifying the administrator when new content arrives. It provides short descriptive summaries allowing the administrator to stay updated on relevant issues in the security world including Bugtraq, vulnerabilities, news articles, software releases, and other important information. This is the linux source / binary distribution - windows binaries are available.

tags | vulnerability
systems | linux, windows, unix
MD5 | 563ad64736bb4b5fedd8d96455c1a10b
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by r00tabega, Xtremist | Site r00tabega.com

NCSA Httpd v1.3 remote root exploit. Tested against Slackware 4.0.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | linux, slackware
MD5 | d3cb7f11c6d033347321f63e6d8c5974
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by r00tabega, Xtremist | Site r00tabega.com

Rivat is a distributed CGI scanner written in perl which scans for over 405 vulnerabilities.

tags | cgi, perl, vulnerability
MD5 | 3e13dff1d33f06227f8e2e98d96d6a46
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by r00tabega, Xtremist | Site r00tabega.com

Sourcescan.pl looks through C source code for common vulnerabilities, including strcpy, gets, strcat, sprintf, fscanf, scanf, vsprintf, realpath, getopt, getpass, streadd, strecpy, strtrns, getenv, and setenv.

tags | vulnerability
MD5 | 50605a5667497959c16b85bb906bde09
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by r00tabega, Xtremist | Site r00tabega.com

Many IDS systems detect buffer overflow exploitation by looking for a series of NOP's (hex 90) which are typically used to pad the buffer so the offset does not have to be exact. Instead of using NOP's, a stealthy exploit could jump to the next instruction (jmp 0x00) or jump a small number of instructions.

tags | overflow
MD5 | 898e0efcbc94600d8a277a92621efb6f
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by Wizdumb | Site mdma.za.net

Bajie is a freeware HTTP daemon written in Java has vulnerabilities which allow remote users to view any file on the system, and find out the real server path.

tags | exploit, java, remote, web, vulnerability
MD5 | 4df55cb734e84869146afb3bb2d45856
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Site redhat.com

ReD Hat Security Advisory 46-02 - New netscape packages are available that fix a buffer overflow due to improper input verification in netscape's JPEG processing code which can result in remote compromise. It is recommended that users of netscape update to the fixed packages.

tags | remote, overflow
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 10e00500600ffc932c94972fc4472665
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by Marvin | Site habets.pp.se

Arping is an arp level ping utility which broadcasts a who-has ARP packet on the network and prints answers. Very useful when you are trying to pick an unused IP for a net that you don't yet have routing to.

Changes: The ability to ping the broadcast MAC address, and a fix for an off-by-one error when counting pings.
tags | tool
systems | unix
MD5 | 24f0c5664c3eb15071846689cd6d231c
Posted Jul 31, 2000
Authored by Gerard Paul Java | Site cebu.mozcom.com

IPTraf is a console-based network statistics utility for Linux. It gathers a variety of figures such as TCP connection packet and byte counts, interface statistics and activity indicators, TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns, and LAN station packet and byte counts.

Changes: Fixes for some segmentation fault bugs, and fixes for DVB interfaces.
tags | tool, udp, sniffer, tcp
systems | linux
MD5 | a62f1faf1693057e1e1b0ea1aeaf555b
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