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Files Date: 2000-07-17

Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by glitch | Site hack.co.za

Remote root exploit for Wu-ftpd 2.6.0 from the ports collection running on FreeBSD v3.3, 3.4 and 4.0.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | b33a52130ecae7c08a7f0c4dcb7e6ef28378351b56b083cae7ad55d2438dc515
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by Damien Miller | Site openssh.com

This is a Linux/portable port of OpenBSD's excellent OpenSSH. OpenSSH is based on the last free version of Tatu Ylonen's SSH with all patent-encumbered algorithms removed, all known security bugs fixed, new features reintroduced, and many other clean-ups.

Changes: Fixes from the CVS branch.
tags | encryption
systems | linux, openbsd
SHA-256 | fcb9fbd5c09bc4255d43422c629f5ab6a44e3cbd21d8d0ff47741191605eaded
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Site net-security.org

Weekly Newsletter from Help Net Security Issue 22 - 17.07.2000 - Covers weekly roundups of security related events. In this issue: Excel 2000 vulnerability, Apache::ASP hole fixed, Big Brother vulnerability, Netscape administration server password disclosure, Feartech FTP browser problem, IIS vulnerabilities, Microsoft Office 2000 (Excel and PowerPoint) and in PowerPoint 97 IE Script vulnerability, Cvsweb vulnerability, Armoring linux, Armoring Solaris, Armoring NT, The US may announce new encryption rules, Introduction to PGP, New Excel bug, Kevin Mitnick allowed back online, Win95 Smash virus, NmapNT, and more.

tags | vulnerability, virus, asp
systems | linux, windows, solaris
SHA-256 | ab6ee8fd4f90b938aa24a81a207029831725ac88b08dea86613b6e5c4ea75712
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Site suse.de

SuSE Security Announcement - A security hole was discovered in the FTP server in nkitb version less than 2000.7.11-0 contains a remote root vulnerability. The standard ftp server does directly pass untrusted data from a DNS server to the setproctitle() function in a unsecure manner, allowing an attacker to modify his/her DNS record to execute abitrary machine code as root while connecting to the standard ftp daemon.

tags | remote, root
systems | linux, suse
SHA-256 | 736fef8cf6af36ad331b57ed0ef2b54ea785d6ef402650a95644b54305ef2a9c
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory - The version of nfs-common distributed in Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 is vulnerable to a remote root compromise involving rpc.statd.

tags | remote, root
systems | linux, debian
SHA-256 | 5b12e7f0218b416192ef89b0230faf8815a97e17df1ef3c4ee6d162b145fbf14
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by Prizm

GAMSoft's TelSrv 1.4/1.5 contains a remote denial of service vulnerability. If supplied with a very large login name, the service will crash.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service
SHA-256 | d31d36019b70a0193ce995c7d0dfaa0d973ba38791905be7948fcc5321627aab
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by Nelson Murilo

chkrootkit V. 0.16 locally checks for signs of a rootkit. Includes ifpromisc.c to check and see if the interface is in promisc mode, chklastlog.c to check lastlog for deletions, and chkwtmp.c to check wtmp for deletions. Tested on Linux 2.0.x, 2.2.x and FreeBSD 2.2.x, 3.x and 4.0.

Changes: Add tests for new and popular variations of rootkits, better port for Solaris and performance patches.
tags | tool, integrity, rootkit
systems | linux, unix, freebsd
SHA-256 | dce1bb35a3eae94ae776ffa1b6b40a4695555ca9c51dec2103f00d0a70dce590
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by Xphere | Site casema.net

WipeOut v1.0 is a log cleaner which uses temporary files to remove the entry not just zeroing the entry out. All other cleaners only look for the login name and doesn't check the hostname, so it is possible to cloak the wrong user. This tool does check if the hostname is the correct one.

tags | tool, rootkit
systems | unix
SHA-256 | ede3c9c209f66b8fdbb5b4903f5fb8f97f467aaf7062dc46c018197b0e345a69
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Site debian.org

Debian Security Advisory - The versions of cvsweb distributed in Debian GNU/Linux 2.1, are vulnerable to a remote shell exploit. An attacker with write access to the cvs repository can execute arbitrary code on the server, as the www-data user.

tags | remote, arbitrary, shell
systems | linux, debian
SHA-256 | bde093ff911197907af689c349320d1215735f41782f40c7e69166fcde98e03c
Posted Jul 17, 2000
Authored by Bruce Schneier, crypto-gram | Site counterpane.com

Crypto-gram for July 15, 2000. In this issue: Full Disclosure and the CIA, Counterpane Internet Security News, More Counterpane Internet Security News, News, Even the President Can't Choose a Good Password, The Doghouse: Intuit QuickBooks, Full Disclosure and Lockmaking, Security Risks of Unicode, Crypto-Gram Reprints, and Comments from Readers.

tags | crypto, magazine
SHA-256 | f64ae0592134ce4f7b1bd16733a9f0798ae00b308be2abfdfab0435e2c1b5630
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