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Files Date: 2000-06-13

Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Jinske

winkod.pl is a simple perl version of the IGMP Windows remote dos attack which has been tested on Red Hat Linux running Kernel 2.2.14, but should be very portable.

tags | remote, denial of service, kernel, perl
systems | linux, redhat, windows
MD5 | 4cdf910a51c3bffd9271ba49a023efb2
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by FX | Site phenoelit.de

cd00r.c is a proof of concept code to test the idea of a completely invisible (read: not listening) backdoor server. Standard backdoors and remote access services have one major problem - the port's they are listening on are visible on the system console as well as from outside (by port scanning). To activate the remote access service, one has to send several packets (TCP SYN) to ports on the target system. Which ports in which order and how many of them can be defined in the source code.

tags | tool, remote, tcp, rootkit, proof of concept
systems | unix
MD5 | f7d023c9bfa342c440262beb65dd105e
FreeBSD Security Advisory 2000.25
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by The FreeBSD Project | Site freebsd.org

FreeBSD-SA-00:25 - The FreeBSD port to the Alpha platform did not provide the /dev/random or /dev/urandom devices. Some applications fail to correctly check for a working /dev/random and do not exit with an error if it is not available, so this weakness goes undetected. OpenSSL 0.9.4, and utilities based on it, including OpenSSH (both of which are included in the base FreeBSD 4.0 system) are affected in this manner.

systems | freebsd
MD5 | d1e54684337b5c06aa9f9f7b7f2d8322
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Matthew Gauthier | Site srm.sourceforge.net

secure rm (srm) is a command-line compatible rm(1) which completely destroys file contents before unlinking. The goal is to provide drop in security for users who wish to prevent command line recovery of deleted information, even if the machine is compromised.

Changes: Final stable release incorporating all of the bugfixes submitted during development!
systems | unix
MD5 | 8ef2e0141df257867365279bc6b1c05c
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site s0ftpj.org

S0ftpj Security Advisory SPJ-004-000 - Multiple remote CGI vulnerabilities in MailStudio2000. Users can view any file on the system, as well as execute commands remotely as root. Major search engines can be used to locate vulnerable hosts. Exploit descriptions included.

tags | exploit, remote, cgi, root, vulnerability
MD5 | 8a9281a0c39e117d2596d7473d567816
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Michal Suszycki | Site wizard.ae.krakow.pl

Whowatch is an interactive utility that displays information about the users currently on the machine in real time. Besides standard information (login name, tty, host, user's process) you can see the connection type (ie. telnet or ssh). You can also watch the process tree, navigate it, and send INT and KILL signals. Ncurses ascii graphics.

Changes: Average load information and new keys for navigation were added, in addition to OpenBSD and FreeBSD support. Also bug fixes and major code optimalization changes.
tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | 0870155e8b75b99f9954e76fb20f9528
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Ytcracker

Cold Fusion 4.5.1 remote dos attack - sends a very long password, crashing the server.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service
MD5 | c874ae7e28967ded6ba2e85b90b942a6
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Xphere | Site casema.net

Linux-sniff v1.0 - Linux eth/tcp/ip sniffer. This tool logs printable data in the packet or it gives detailed info about the eth/tcp/ip packet headers.

tags | tool, sniffer, tcp
systems | linux
MD5 | 6d54d1b97266e2486e34d9c79beb6aea
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Hypoclear | Site hypoclear.cjb.net

CGI Backdoor - Perl based client / server backdoor which communicates over port 80, bypassing many firewalls.

tags | tool, cgi, perl, rootkit
systems | unix
MD5 | a64eb7601c4e7f66ae24d04b3766e345
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Thomas Lundquist | Site zelow.no

floppyfw is a router and simple firewall on one single floppy. It uses Linux basic firewall capabilities and have a very simple packaging system. It is perfect for masquerading and securing networks on ADSL and cable lines using both static IP and DHCP. It has a simple installation, mostly only needed to edit one file on the floppy.

Changes: Updated for kernel 2.2.16.
tags | tool, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | f88975339a195777a472f892d8219d58
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Richard Svensson | Site geocities.com

dspspy is a sound recording utility for spying. dspspy waits until a sound is detected (input via /dev/dsp) and then it records it to a unique file. dspspy records sounds from the microphone to raw sound files. This can be used as a surveillance system.

Changes: Major code rewrite using the ncurses library. A pause feature using SPACE has been added.
systems | linux
MD5 | 6f5dba88451baa4fd5cd11564993e3e9
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Francis J. Lacoste | Site indev.insu.com

Fwctl is a program that intends to make it easier to configure a tight firewall. It provides a configuration syntax that is easier to use and more expressive than the low-level primitives offered by ipchains. It supports multiple interfaces, masquerading and packet accounting. Fwctl doesn't replace a good security engineer, but it can make the job of the security engineer simpler.

Changes: This release reduces the memory usage of report generation and adds bugfixes.
tags | tool, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | 704753e7147a87c3025a3d57db6fb545
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Michal Zalewski | Site lcamtuf.na.export.pl

P0f performs passive OS detection by watching SYN packets with tcpdump. Additionally, it is able to determine distance to remote host, and can be used to determine the structure of a foreign or local network. When running on the gateway of a network it is able to gather huge amounts of data and provide useful statistics. On a user-end computer it could be used to track which operating systems are making each connection. p0f supports full tcpdump-style filtering expressions, and has an easily modified fingerprinting database. Tested on Linux 2.0/2.2, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, SunOS, and Solaris.

tags | tool, remote, local, scanner
systems | linux, netbsd, unix, solaris, freebsd, openbsd
MD5 | d461b6d2c9103f7fe52a387570ff87bc
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by Advanced Research Corporation | Site www-arc.com

Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a security analysis tool based on the SATAN model. It is updated frequently to address the latest threats. Checks for common old holes, backdoors, trust relationships, default cgi, common logins.

Changes: Fixed FrontPage test, Added more rpc program checking, Added test for tacacs server, Added test for Sub 7 backdoor, Added test for JetAdmin directory traversal, Added test for QPOP 3.53 vulnerability, Added test for Cisco Catalyst Vulnerability, Added test for Suse imap server, and bug fixes and performance updates.
tags | tool, cgi, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 33375b51813c48fad56ed77eeb718b73
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