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Files Date: 2000-06-06

Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Simon Edwards | Site simonzone.com

GuardDog is a firewall configuration utility for KDE on Linux. GuardDog is aimed at two groups of users - novice to intermediate users who are not experts in TCP/IP networking and security, and those users who don't want the hastle of dealing with cryptic shell scripts and ipchains parameters. Features an easy to use goal oriented GUI and the ability to generate ipchains scripts as output. Screenshot here.

tags | tool, shell, tcp, firewall
systems | linux
SHA-256 | cb832113504dad2035ef6d625008289b669137adaa599ae8ab36d3455f0499b5
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Digs | Site console-newsletter.hypermart.net

Audit is a script which will record any changes to files on your machine by generating a checksum for each file in the directories scanned. It was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, comes with a GUI, and has a reasonable set of defaults in place out of the box.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 60b0c2023ee26f7321e8195b81af3670fbe5aa6f69ef6161898daf59b61fb8c5
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Mikael Olsson | Site enternet.se

Analysis of jolt2.c (Revision 2) - Technical analysis of the recent "IP Fragment Reassembly" Windows remote denial of service vulnerability described in ms00-029 which is effective against Win98, WinNT4/SP5,6, and Win2K. This attack is actually a network layer resource exhaustion attack.

tags | paper, remote, denial of service
systems | windows
SHA-256 | a82c5c2b254793836555f633f87ad9a648fe71605dc8220e7d7c953cdb29e1e6
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Richard Svensson | Site geocities.com

dspspy is a sound recording utility for spying. dspspy waits until a sound is detected (input via /dev/dsp) and then it records it to a unique file. dspspy records sounds from the microphone to raw sound files. This can be used as a surveillance system.

systems | linux
SHA-256 | 50709de0967eee8404ff791347d490f686b574b106f8e2206c7f6817254c1e93
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Jeremy Beker | Site opensource.3gi.com

Sendmail-TLS is a wrapper for Sendmail which allows for clients to make a secure (SSL) connection to their mailserver as described in RFC 2487.

Changes: A new delay to work around a problem when running on some (fast) servers, the server would decide whether a client was using an MS or RFC compliant client too quickly.
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 888a061fa5812d7e9b52a01a70201ce02a362466d52df431209040e5e75c1863
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Bob Braun | Site synack.net

xinetd is a replacement for inetd, the internet services daemon. Anybody can use it to start servers that don't require privileged ports because xinetd does not require that the services in its configuration file be listed in /etc/services. It can do access control on all services based on the address of the remote host and time of access. Access control works on all services, whether multi-threaded or single-threaded and for both the TCP and UDP protocols.

Changes: A security fix for a bug in the access control mechanism which would cause xinetd will accept connections from IP addresses that do not have a reverse lookup.
tags | tool, remote, udp, tcp, protocol
systems | unix
SHA-256 | f3ab1584445ad0209befdfd63dfcbc2fe91fb01cc85dfdf87300eef59987ba88
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Maxim Krasnyansky | Site vtun.sourceforge.net

VTun is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression, and encryption. It is a user space implementation and doesn't need modification of any kernel parts. VTun supports IP, PPP, SLIP, Ethernet, and other tunnel types. VTun is easily and highly configurable; it can be used for various network tasks like VPN, Mobil IP, Shaped Internet access, Ethernet tunnel, IP address saving, etc.

Changes: Fixed error handling in UDP and TCP drivers, memory and file descriptor leaks. New man pages and documentation updates. Upgrade is strongly recommended!
tags | tool, kernel, tcp, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 732bb78b19c0dd2a5d807f06edd293fa3b8b8712e7850e65210c63432865cbf1
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Tom Eastep | Site seawall.sourceforge.net

Seawall is an ipchains firewall that supports IP masquerading and can be used on a standalone system, on a dedicated firewall system or on a multi-use gateway/server. It supports VPN via IPIP tunnels and PPTP, has an easy to edit configuration file, and can be extended without modifying the base product. It also includes realtime monitoring with an audible alarm that sounds when suspect packets are detected.

Changes: Now has support for IPSec, both masqueraded and on the Firewall system itself. RPM format now available.
tags | tool, firewall
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 51a8b33627662cf71ddc2c8aad063d45cc7295a092d5643f3a2b8989c83eea7b
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Rui Bernardino | Site fwlogsum.sourceforge.net

fwlogsum summarizes and maintains a set of HTML reports, based on user-specified reports and Checkpoint FW-1 log entries. A few default reports are included, but users are invited to customize and create their own.

tags | tool, firewall
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 74c0066929fbf585ad3782a74cd3d1fb96b146f139ad3400ef2e14591fae9c2c
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Sil | Site antioffline.com

rootkeep.sh obtains root locally on Solaris via an included kcms exploit, and modifies the startup scripts so an account is added each time the machine is rebooted.

tags | exploit, root
systems | solaris
SHA-256 | b31cab0f47180be89e3bf59a1a2676046fa41c7ed2eaf453f1356516a401c87d
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Site cert.org

CERT Advisory CA-2000-10 - Several flaws exist in Microsoft Internet Explorer that could allow an attacker to masquerade as a legitimate web site if the attacker can compromise the validity of certain DNS information. These problems are different from the problems reported in CERT Advisory CA-2000-05 and CERT Advisory CA-2000-08, but they have a similar impact.

tags | web
SHA-256 | caa2d8e1fc0030e105ed4758efd2116e7096d4949c4c4cfa5c18509f8e8e48a8
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Laqqah

scl is a collection of 8 stable shellcodes in asm source code format. Includes a shellcode to bind a shell to a port in 96 bytes, code to echo strings, print messages, run shell scripts in /tmp, and send a UDP packet to a host.

tags | shell, udp, shellcode
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 04ff5197ed0a33727f8ca1a051ed29e07341fe847c5b094c40ea40d11c6a93a1
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Funkysh

Netwin ESMTP Server v2.7q linux x86 remote exploit. Tested on RedHat 6.1, binds a shell to TCP port 30464.

tags | exploit, remote, shell, x86, tcp
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | f6229c6e2a67eb3307f3fb307b27985b9446209516295d99dc899bca3fe60903
Posted Jun 6, 2000

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-039) - "SSL Certificate Validation" vulnerabilities. Microsoft has released a patch for two security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and 5. The vulnerabilities involve how IE handles digital certificates, allowing a malicious web site operator to pose as a trusted web site. This patch also eliminates all vulnerabilities discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin here.

tags | web, vulnerability
SHA-256 | 37483c950618d1bae7f4c63a69010fd2d860585f497e0aa1a4a70a22e898cb40
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Alexandre Sagala | Site pages.infinit.net

KNmap is a new KDE frontend for Nmap which supports all the scan methods and a great deal of options. Screenshot here.

tags | tool, nmap
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 89d5eb2e72ddcc2d63c65247ac755005f5365a352355bf770139f9fe34243dd0
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Michal Zalewski | Site lcamtuf.na.export.pl

INND (InterNet News Daemon) 2.2.2 has a remotely exploitable stack overflow in the control articles handler. About 80% of usenet servers are vulnerable.

tags | exploit, overflow
SHA-256 | 1fdab59692baa167e5e89c82010248721ee6cdb5b14cc48401a4a2cd02d49432
Posted Jun 6, 2000
Authored by Moritz Both | Site comlink.apc.org

ipac is an IP accounting package for Linux which collects, summarizes, and nicely displays IP accounting data. The output of ipac can be a simple ASCII table, an ASCII graph, or even images with graphs showing traffic progression. ipac can be used for IP traffic analysis and for accounting purposes.

Changes: Many bug fixes - recommended upgrade.
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 117e5b140da794467f5847e10a4d70560aa2ce0dd345de0e02413db8ae6cb9df
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