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Files Date: 2000-05-05

Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Paul Herman

tcpstat reports certain network interface statistics much like vmstat does for system statistics. It gets its information by either monitoring a specific interface, or by reading previously-saved tcpdump data from a file.

tags | tool
systems | unix
MD5 | 1e73a839ae9071d4c62338c47baaeac0
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site s0ftpj.org

Linux kernel 2.2.x implementation of the CaRoGNa 2.0.x module Secret technique of the divine HOKUHACKO school [ Hokuto No Ken rules ;)] Sacred Strike of the Modular Renewal that bumps root down.

tags | kernel, root
systems | linux
MD5 | 42718d42c8967fcdf62650d647e4424a
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site s0ftpj.org

Simple module to prevent lame people from using your box as a launch base for spoofed ip packets. Intercepts the socketcall() system call looking for the IP_HDRINCL parameter passed via setsockopt().

tags | spoof
MD5 | d75f42fbe84717789145d2ac2bdf1c4c
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site s0ftpj.org

Linux Loadable Kernel Module to keep an eye on the system, and add security 'on the fly' to a prexisting running box. Contains a simple implementation of BSD securelevels, while waiting for the official 'in-distro' arrival of Linux Capabilities [POSIX 1.e] in 2.4.x and strong ACLs.

tags | kernel
systems | linux, bsd, osx
MD5 | 6d45601756c7bd61466fd81365d98854
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Lamagra | Site lamagra.seKure.de

Project aurora is lamagra's non-blind LAN spoofing project. It can be used to create TCP connections from a non-existing box or another box in the network. The biggest problem while spoofing was guessing the sequence numbers to acknowledge and that the other box always sends back a reset when it receives a SYN|ACK. This used to be solved by abusing small bugs in the tcpip stack.

tags | spoof, tcp
MD5 | 6b276aa4c57241cef0a88d7306e26461
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Lamagra | Site lamagra.seKure.de

fs-spider is a multi-threaded bad permissions finder (user defined). It

MD5 | 48bb15ad312e8be76f26b4bcc38bb6be
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Lamagra | Site lamagra.seKure.de

This shellcode creates a connection to a host/port and starts a shell. This should be more anti-IDS then the others and it can go through a firewall.

tags | shell, shellcode
MD5 | b92b48091663aeca497d26a0b45769f0
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Lamagra | Site lamagra.seKure.de

An overview and Analysis of the LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU virus/worm.

tags | paper, worm, virus
MD5 | 8dc04033153d7eb463b862dd23be672c
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Zucco | Site w3.swi.hu

Ascan v1.6 is a tiny port scanner written in perl.

tags | tool, scanner, perl
systems | unix
MD5 | 07e5601a2c22df03244f5947cb5a908d
Posted May 5, 2000
Site torn.kaapeli.net

A screen shot from when apache.org was defaced with a Microsoft logo.

systems | unix
MD5 | da4ea4d0480860e630966d982930044d
Posted May 5, 2000
Site mycio.com

myCIO.com is issuing an update to the Love Letter virus. Two new variants of the virus have been found.

tags | virus
MD5 | 00b2faf93b485580b948b9fa52351135
Posted May 5, 2000
Site mycio.com

myCIO.com is issuing a HIGH RISK OUTBREAK ALERT for this virus and is making available remediation tools at their website.

tags | virus
MD5 | eedfdefb87b0c90634192c9b50ad5457
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Nathan X | Site geocities.com

Divorce the Love Letter virus. Cleans the rubbish out that the Virus caused. Not elegant but does the job! Read then run the Run_Fix.bat. Use at your own risk.

tags | virus
MD5 | 33ea18030997b35eb38e2e70063f6068
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by Scrippie | Site b0f.freebsd.lublin.pl

This exploit spawns an EGID mail shell on the default Slackware 4 install.

tags | exploit, shell
systems | linux, slackware
MD5 | 9103ea3b4c415060fa4ec20011b06106
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by CERT | Site cert.org

CA-2000-04 - The "Love Letter" worm is a malicious VBScript program which spreads in a variety of ways. As of 2:00pm EDT(GMT-4) May 4, 2000 -- the CERT Coordination Center has received reports from more than 250 individual sites indicating more than 300,000 individual systems are affected.

tags | worm
MD5 | 332a85ab02b9d095ef94ee3d81982c28
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by ipfreely | Site newhackcity.net

It is possible to cause a kernel panic on systems running NetBSD by sending a packet remotely with an unaligned IP Timestamp option.

tags | exploit, kernel
systems | netbsd
MD5 | 306f33046a1226ef1be7d0461cc60113
Posted May 5, 2000
Site xforce.iss.net

ISS Security Advisory - A dangerous Visual Basic Script (VBScript) virus, dubbed the "LoveLetter" or "ILOVEYOU" virus, has been spreading itself across the Internet through email via Microsoft Outlook and through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) using a popular IRC client named mIRC. The virus is susceptible to activation whenever the Windows Script Host features are enabled.

tags | virus
systems | windows
MD5 | ecadf473b9504cba07d474c2b2c3ee0c
Posted May 5, 2000

Very simple yet affective http daemon version reply. Makes a simple http connection to the host then head's the version and prints to stdn, simple no? Written by rossex.

tags | tool, web
systems | unix
MD5 | e2ac6949534065db8af3302cbba8ff7c
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by win2k | Site win2000mag.com

Windows 2000 Magazine Security UPDATE, May 3, 2000 - Peek Under the Hood of Distributed Denial of Service Attack Software, Cassandra NNTPServer Subject to Denial of Service Attacks, Cart32 Software Contains Backdoor, News: New Distributed Denial of Service Software Discovered, News: More Derogatory Netscape References, HowTo: Advanced Security in Exchange 2000, Part 1, and more.

tags | denial of service, magazine
systems | windows, 2k
MD5 | 928faa0ff88d01d219a68aac62ce363b
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by SnakeByte | Site KryptoCrew.de

STC 3.0 is a multipurpose tool for Windows, which does the work of 30 seperate programs. Includes a .htaccess Brute-Forcer, Anonymous FTP Scanner, List of Bios Master Passwords, tiny CD-Player *g*, CGI-Vulnerability Scanner, Country Codes List, Dictionairy Generator, DNS, DomainScannerr, File Compare (Patch Engine), FTP Brute-Force, Service Scanner, Cached ISP Passwords Retriever, Hex/bin/dex/ascii converter, HTML Grabber, IRC Channel Brute-Force, IRC_Flooder, Link-Looker, NetBios Password Cracker, Password Generator, Ping / Traceroute, Port2Service, Portflooder, Portscanner, PortCheck (checks for open Ports), Port Watcher, Screensaver Password Retriever, Anonmailer / Mailbomber, OOB Nuke, Telnet Brute-Force and Whois lookup.

tags | cgi
systems | windows
MD5 | ec404986eb565969ca36e04946f4a252
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