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Files Date: 2000-04-27

Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by SnakeByte | Site kryptocrew.de

TFAK v3.0 is a client for 22 remote access trojans, and removes 257 remote access trojans and 9 file joiners. This is the first and only trojan scanner which is able to find new, unknown trojans. Archive password is set to p4ssw0rd. Use at your own risk.

Changes: Improved heuristics, the ability to scan entire folders, added the option to edit the autostarted files, automatic autostart file monitoring.
tags | remote, trojan
SHA-256 | f3058f0579478fa44a96a6e24d2c80f0d1463d4140f109d0489e35e2fbe2ace1
Posted Apr 27, 2000

fgets() is unsafely used in qpopper version 2.53.

tags | exploit
SHA-256 | 77180eb67bc49fa8972f894996d0a0752c4976f7670f14e763a26beb0508488f
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Matt Power

Meeting Maker is a networked calendaring/scheduling software package that's estimated to be installed on over 700,000 desktops. Clients send passwords to a Meeting Maker server encoded using a polyalphabetic substitution cipher. Included perl script will decode passwords sent over the net.

tags | exploit, perl
SHA-256 | 67154248285eff4f8f035d665daa2b567210290fe6363e5a280227c4204c28b5
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by noir | Site hack.co.za

/usr/bin/lpset vulnerability in Solaris/SPARC 2.7.

tags | exploit
systems | solaris
SHA-256 | 738aaad04aff586acc9e1ba9f31af8433e25ab9c588436f502730bdb49b2452a
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Kil3r | Site hack.co.za

redhat 6.1 /usr/bin/man exploit.

tags | exploit
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | a500d368a3d864005964651a7bdc495be0ca96fa5760a567eb02ee98dd14c8e6
Posted Apr 27, 2000

Red Hat Security Advisory RHSA-2000:014-16 - The GUI portion of Piranha may allow any remote attacker to execute commands on the server. This may allow a remote attacker to launch additional exploits against a web site from inside the web server. This is an updated release that disables Piranha's web GUI interface unless the site administrator enables it explicitly.

tags | remote, web
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 6e954b74b20856e17bdb52124b057e22a026b2412ed11a71453262d37275be7c
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by DiGiT

Solaris 2.7 /usr/bin/lp local exploit, i386.

tags | exploit, local
systems | solaris
SHA-256 | 9bc5fca1cc87abb07be6db3401607d3a358e4c4094233f749f43579bcc03bce7
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by DiGiT

xsun2.c is a Solaris 7 x86 local root stack overflow for /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun.

tags | exploit, overflow, x86, local, root
systems | solaris
SHA-256 | 24ed4a994f23f97bc9fed03f609685836e2cbacf45625145eee480f32fadd9b6
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Laurent Levier

/usr/bin/lpset local root exploit for sparc.

tags | exploit, local, root
SHA-256 | d78747e93cc1e62a2498b1d8476bbc5f83b029adb59fc71da4f8e40156e912bb
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Funkysh

imwheel local root exploit (as discussed in RHSA-2000:016-02).

tags | exploit, local, root
SHA-256 | c9ef8294aec65f46d63ce7f67c062e2ee9fa22a942d8fbaa5505c062851c439d
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by David Litchfield | Site cerberus-infosec.co.uk

Cerberus Information Security Advisory CISADV000427 - Cart32 secret password Backdoor. he Cerberus Security Team has discovered a serious security hole in Cart32 (http://www.cart32.com/) that can only be described as a blatant backdoor. Within cart32.exe, the main file that provides the cart's functionality, there is a secret hidden password that can be used to gain vital information such as other passwords and using these an attacker can modify the shopping cart's properties so that arbitary commands may be run on the server as well as gain access to customers' credit card details, shipping addresses and other highly sensitive information.

tags | web
SHA-256 | 98e03c0e0706b6a43501efe12529016b65d8e31ed23baff38c1bc950534d95af
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Lance Spitzner | Site enteract.com

Passive Fingerprinting is a method to learn more about the enemy, without them knowing it. Specifically, you can determine the operating system and other characteristics of the remote host using nothing more then sniffer traces. Though not 100% accurate, you can get surprisingly good results by looking at the TTL, TOS, Window Size, and DF bit. Includes information on changing your machines fingerprint on Linux and Solaris.

tags | paper, remote
systems | linux, unix, solaris
SHA-256 | 3de3522a3961606ab4ff30b515bb3831552e13e90fd72c8718c7d15a4adf6301
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by eth0 | Site b0f.freebsd.lublin.pl

Timbuktu Pro 2.0b650 denial of service exploit.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 57c923b60dc99c9f00bd5df5a3490c3875a21a218befdfb11e7d5e49b5bd8ac6
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by winsd | Site win2000mag.com

Windows Security Update April 19 - In this issue: FrontPage 2000 Exposes Win2K Accounts, Buffer Overflow in Cmd.exe, Active Directory Mixed Object Access, Cisco IOS Subject to Denial of Service, Real Server Denial of Service, Netscape Communicator Exposes Local Files, Buffer Overflow and Path Exposure in HTimage, Internet Explorer 5.01 Allows Cross-Frame Navigation, Netware 5.1 Remote Administration Overflow, and Panda Security 3.0 Can Be Bypassed.

tags | remote, denial of service, overflow, local, magazine
systems | cisco, windows
SHA-256 | 921aa9537a60c1ccb06c67629be4e513cc11a200a55ebfebf6465df15fef6632
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by djHD

Vulnerability found in cgi DNEWSWEB used for reading news groups from web. Its possible to overflow stack and read any file from remote host with web server rights. All versions and for all OSes exploitable. Example of reading file /etc/passwd for Linux included. Fixed in dnews 5.4c1, available here.

tags | exploit, remote, web, overflow, cgi
systems | linux
SHA-256 | 80c493b4fa962aa14ae596c3448a43d15955031505446513fe804663d836d3de
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Authored by Mike Richardson | Site quaking.demon.co.uk

KSnuffle is a network packet sniffer for KDE. It supports multiple concurrent sniffers, packet filtering (aka tcpdump), event triggers and commands, text and binary logging (and replay), remote sniffing (via a demon process), and dynamically loadable plugins. Network traffic is displayed graphically and in detail; supplied plugins summarise traffic by direction (incoming, outgoing), source, and destination.

tags | tool, remote, sniffer
SHA-256 | 600c5501d6a4ede4f260d596ad4ae215835355ee635f2c1f98446f6b51f87f8d
Posted Apr 27, 2000
Site cert.org

CERT Advisory CA-2000-03 - Continuing Compromises of DNS servers. Many systems are vulnerable to remote root bind bugs which are increasingly being exploited. A significant number of delegates DNS servers in the in-addr.arpa tree are running outdated version of DNS software as well. CERT

tags | remote, root
SHA-256 | 7b97c73fe63e3a90247e1211b76b0ec3924d359ff2819400d1d10d4c987690cd
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