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Files Date: 2000-03-13

Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Rikhardur Egilsson | Site hack.co.za

DNSKiller - Demonstrates a bug in Microsoft DNS server.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 9548ccfae869d74f2c33e0f6c9837afdf43d4c5dbdca426b2320812f86650285
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Kevin Wormington | Site hack.co.za

Sample Windoze NT RAS PPTP exploit - I discovered that NT 4.0 w/SP3 and RAS PPTP is vulnerable to a DOS causing core dump.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | ad9c01a16645eeb27660169f4af9e9eaaf73657ae1960e49bfb8be1a5b6f36f9
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Cosa Nostra

x-dumper.sh remote xwin exploit - Will attempt to dump a screen via xwd.

tags | exploit, remote
SHA-256 | 96d0729bcca71837b7dee733fc336e26e563a24160bf80dc4c8267c52eb3df1a
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by teso, S. Krahmer | Site cs.uni-potsdam.de

TESO Security Advisory - A vulnerability within the wmcdplay CD playing application for the WindowMaker desktop has been discovered. It allows local root compromise through arbitrary code execution.Any system which has wmcdplay installed as setuid root is vulnerable.

tags | arbitrary, local, root, code execution
SHA-256 | 8d5071c1366d929bea61249f0900db3205b2b45ad04b4e9179fa21f235aaefe6
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by teso, S. Krahmer | Site cs.uni-potsdam.de

TESO Security Advisory - The atsar application contains an exploitable vulnerability. The Halloween 4 Linux distribution, which is based on RedHat 6.1 is shipped with this suid-root program. It might be used to gain superuser privileges. Any system that has atsar-linux-1.4.2 package installed is vulnerable.

tags | root
systems | linux, redhat
SHA-256 | 506159ce20ba014e7a4a853444879fe6306bfc6bad43dc564b8b124ccdf79f23
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Dug Song | Site monkey.org

dsniff is a suite of utilities that are useful for penetration testing. It consists of the following programs: arpredirect intercepts packets from a target host on the LAN intended for another host on the LAN by forging ARP replies. findgw determines the local gateway of an unknown network via passive sniffing. macof floods the local network with random MAC addresses. tcpkill kills specified in-progress TCP connections. dsniff is a simple password sniffer which handles many protocols. mailsnarf outputs all messages sniffed from SMTP traffic in Berkeley mbox format. webspy sends URLs sniffed from a client to your local Netscape browser for display, updated in real-time.

Changes: Added parsing for Napster, AIM, ICQ (v2, v5), and CVS pserver. Now supports more non-glibc Linux systems missing ether_ntoa(). Unique HTTP authentication information by directory is now supported. dsniff now skips IMAP command tag, and doesn't rely on /etc/services.
tags | tool, local, sniffer, tcp, protocol
SHA-256 | dc0cbf5de5dcd7b2cd3f8f5fc63b1f88894d28623fddcc4131a33f704890dbc5
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Balazs Scheidler | Site balabit.hu

syslog-ng as the name shows is a syslogd replacement, but with new functionality for the new generation. The original syslogd allows messages only to be sorted based on priority/facility pair, syslog-ng adds the possibility to filter based on message contents using regular expressions. The new configuration scheme is intuitive and powerful.

Changes: Bug fixes.
tags | system logging
systems | unix
SHA-256 | 191449d90ff0184f40268f30143099a9a8df3f02ec2d252bab62726e6f5880c6
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by R. Gregory | Site linuxmafia.org

gShield is an aggressive, modular, ipchains-based firewall script. Features include: easy configuration through a BSD-style configuration file, optional IPmasq support, TCP-wrapper-like funtionality for service access, and extremely restrictive defaults. It hopes to make administrating a comprehensive firewall easier, as well as offering robust protection while being easy to setup/maintain.

Changes: Increased MASQ timeout for ICQ. Port-forwarding section can now accomodate not using ipmasqadm. Added DNS entries. Logs directly via logger. Forwarding now seperate from MASQ, Added auto-detection of interface status. BIND/imapd added to port-forwarding services.
tags | tool, tcp, firewall
systems | linux, bsd
SHA-256 | 5d4d808f0ef5cac8c9579ce9b1b842222cd9999786e88aea26247088404d1885
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Shane Kerr | Site time-travellers.org

oftpd is designed to be as secure as an anonymous FTP server can possibly be. It runs as non-root for most of the time, and uses the Unix chroot() command to hide most of the systems directories from external users--they cannot change into them even if the server is totally compromised. It also contains its own directory-change and directory-listing code (most FTP servers execute the system "ls" command to list files).

Changes: A solaris port, minor code enhancments and bugfixes.
tags | root
systems | unix
SHA-256 | e2466e6ded7fc37fff4afb7f071f201ae35601fa60d7312ce04a05da58c0c00a
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Narrow | Site legion2000.cc

Narrow Security Scanner 2000 searches for 365 remote vulnerabilities. Written in perl, tested on Redhat, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, Slackware, and SuSE.

Changes: Removed plugins: SSH & Linuxconf and Fixed Windows Scan.
tags | tool, remote, scanner, perl, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat, unix, freebsd, suse, slackware, openbsd
SHA-256 | 429f3e6251158f3a67d06809f6a73bd586df173c7d1127a49753b5cabfc6dc5c
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Fflewddur

BsdScan is a light-weight port-scanner designed for the BSD operating system. It currently supports scanning single hosts, subnets, logging results, scanning ports in a random order, specifying a port range, and a speed option to only scan commonly used ports.

Changes: Fixes for some errors in the argument-parsing code, and -l, -p, and -i options should work properly now.
tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix, bsd
SHA-256 | 8f091f9575c7f5f4c662e058703abec9de8b999c4e81ba597f92cbf609c8a636
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Advanced Research Corporation | Site www-arc.com

Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA) is a security analysis tool based on the SATAN model. It is updated frequently to address the latest threats. Checks for common old holes, backdoors, trust relationships, default cgi, common logins.

Changes: Added yet more http vulernability testing incl infosrch, Fixed Netscape buffer overflow detection, Fixed some of the GUI interfaces, Adding SARA Search capability, and Added Napster detection.
tags | tool, cgi, scanner
systems | unix
SHA-256 | fc986312f5e6c0bd77ad5e86bf4720d9be62f158e125bd2e7f5409a06ece49bf
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Marcin Marszalek

pgp4pine is a script that automatically encrypts and decrypts mail under Pine using PGP. The user is not separated from things that PGP does. The program is compatible with PGP versions 2.6.3, 5.0, 6.5.1 and GNUPG 1.0, has support for an aliases file and signature-rotating programs, and can remember your passphrase for a session if you need.

Changes: Support for cleartext cache, which stores decoded messages in a cache file in your home directory for a couple of days.
tags | encryption
SHA-256 | 6fe1044d1fd0c0418056cc32fc3845be84406c135fef8519d9b4a00015a8ffbc
Posted Mar 13, 2000
Authored by Lez

Wingatelnet automatically routes your connection through a list of wingate servers, dramatically increasing your anonimity.

tags | tool, scanner
SHA-256 | 6776e02e76e4ca81467bdd2461449ce984c32024fd287d63bd0b107f5f035ae8
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