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Files Date: 2000-03-08

Posted Mar 8, 2000
Site safermag.com

S.A.F.E.R. Security Bulletin 000309.EXP.1.4 - StarOffice comes with a nice groupware server, called StarScheduler, which includes a web server that is vulnerable to several security problems, leading to remote code exection and root access.

tags | remote, web, root
MD5 | 7638b30db584cbbd94e068974d39ef42
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by vade79, realhalo

Most webservers can be DoS'd by creating a large number of tcp connections from the same host. Simple, lame, and not spoofed, but effective nonetheless.

tags | denial of service, spoof, tcp
MD5 | c317a1a85163cd490d37fdc411ac25cd
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by winsd | Site win2000mag.com

Windows Security Digest - March 8, 2000. In this issue: Buffer Overflow in Clip Art Gallery, Device Names in a URL Can Crash Windows 9x, Internet Explorer 5.0 Allows Arbitrary Code Execution, Omniback Subject to Denial of Service, Feature: Kerberos in Windows 2000, HowTo: Maximizing Proxy Server Security, Review: Synch Passwords with SAM/PS or P-Synch 3.5, and How to Analyze Internal and External Firewall Activity.

tags | denial of service, overflow, arbitrary, code execution, magazine
systems | windows, 2k, 9x
MD5 | 8e8e93ceceaf3579e6150f7b49cb9d92
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by winsd | Site win2000mag.com

Windows Security Alert - Serious buffer overflow in Microsoft's ClipArt Gallery Live Update that could allow an intruder to gain control over a remote machine. Because clipart updates can be received from sites other than Microsoft, a malicious Web site operator can launch an exploit against an unsuspecting user. Affected Microsoft products include Office 2000, Works 2000, PictureIt 2000, HP 2000, Publisher99, and PhotoDraw 2000 Version 1.

tags | remote, web, overflow, magazine
systems | windows
MD5 | 6cbb82852c85db88edd810125c207f89
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Site wwdsi.com

SAINT is the Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool. It gathers as much information about remote hosts and networks as possible by examining all network services and potential security flaws. The collected data can then be analyzed using a simple rules-based system (or via other included interfaces). In Exploratory Mode, SAINT will examine the avenues of trust and dependency and iterate further data collection runs over secondary hosts.

tags | tool, remote, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 900fd265583eaf17ede071b915c32caa
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by Gridmark

Toast is a shell script which launches 56 different DoS attacks against a victim IP. Binaries and source included.

Changes: Added couple more exploits, Complete script rewrite. now has preset attacks for Win95, win98/2k/NT, Linux, and *BSD. Automatic OS Selection via queso.
tags | denial of service, shell
MD5 | ad85ebfb8a63995df3fb3c0ebfc10123
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by Carlos Eduardo Oliveira

Fix for bugregcon.vbs, a small script that added c:/con/con to the registry, rendering a windows system useless.

tags | registry
systems | windows
MD5 | a161cb76b1ce2eec070c1583f2ea1e62
Posted Mar 8, 2000
Authored by Ian Hall-Beyer | Site ipchains.nerdherd.net

ipchains-firewall is an easily-configurable shell script to establish masquerading and firewalling rules using ipchains. The package contains a script to establish firewalling for a single machine connected to the network without masquerading, a script to establish firewalling for a system acting as a router routing to non-private IP space, a script to establish firewalling and masquerading for a system acting as a router routing to private IP address space, and one to establish firewalling and masquerading for a system acting as a router, routing to multiple RFC1918 subnets over multiple interfaces. The distribution also includes a copy of midentd v1.6, to enable identd over the masqueraded network.

Changes: Single script operation. Detects network environment and runs out of the box.
tags | tool, shell, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | 988e1abe16a5a80edbbd882a759a3f54
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