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Files Date: 2000-02-23

Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Rev

Links to local files can be used to subvert restricted access Windows machines which have access to a web browser. Executable program loggers and restrictions are defeated by using .CPLs. Large problems for network administrators could arise if students and employees, whose access was restricted, start to use the links provided on the document. This one can be used for Windows NT as well.

tags | web, local
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 9fae71d04c9b880a9d5d9f832c3977ce
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Marco Ivaldi

HAVOC is a random ARP traffic generator which will temporarily hose your ethernet segment.

tags | denial of service
MD5 | 0f1ae8582b2215fb50c575e9320fe965
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Jason Misoskian | Site xcoders.com

This makes the same thing with "kiss of death". It crashes TCP stack of win98 boxes. An essential tool for all. Now it cames with parameter support and better performance with multi-thread system. Windows based executable for IGMP DoS attack.

tags | denial of service, tcp
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | 929ec9aeafcfc57fac17a1d09ece5caf
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Sozni

Remote vulnerabilies in the popular free email software Outblaze

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | 55328ec5af165405bedbe4a40b2f094e
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Neonlenz | Site mha1.8m.com

Easy to understarnd text file explaining the TCP flags.

tags | paper, tcp, protocol
MD5 | 794c3c46b531dda7752d528316528b12
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Sebastien Petit | Site internetway.net

EthFw is an ethernet firewall for the FreeBSD kernel. It consists of a kernel patch and a console application for configuring rules. It can be used to accept or deny mac addresses.

tags | tool, kernel, firewall
systems | unix, freebsd
MD5 | 3f4b3e516eef7bb419d49ea0a91c7593
Posted Feb 23, 2000

Debian 2.1 local exploit - A vulnerability exists in the apcd package shipped with Debian 2.1.

tags | exploit, local
systems | linux, debian
MD5 | 2f8ca8704b62385f0f15f7e45bdcd21c
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Site freebsd.org

An optional third-party port distributed with FreeBSD (Delegate) contains numerous remotely-exploitable buffer overflows which allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the local system, typically as the 'nobody' user.

tags | overflow, arbitrary, local
systems | freebsd
MD5 | def7b320311a96898c82289fe813100a
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Site freebsd.org

Two optional third-party ports distributed with FreeBSD (Asmon/Ascpu) can be used to execute commands with elevated privileges, specifically setgid kmem privileges. This may lead to a local root compromise.

tags | local, root
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 78a32f1f72fdf47e048359524c001f91
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by winsd | Site ntsecurity.net

Windows Security Digest Update - Two risks were discovered: Microsoft reported a problem with its Internet Explorer version 4.x and 5.x that may expose files on a user's system with their permission, and a problem with Win2K Professional that may allow an intruder to gain Administrator access to the system in a particular window of time during the installation process.

tags | magazine
systems | windows, 2k
MD5 | db0ee48655853e389bd2e0acf85d4e49
Posted Feb 23, 2000

View RAS passwords (locally) on a Win 9X box.

MD5 | 06e6b5b5ced895d04b9f488a0d944cb9
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Coretez Giovanni | Site 8thport.com

Paper explaining man-in-the-middle attacks, using a secure web connection as an example.

tags | paper, web
MD5 | 973f3acfc65b90435e2c51884eef8682
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by James Quinby | Site packet.node.to

slipwire.pl is a filesystem integrity checker. It compares the SHA-1 hashes of files to an initial state and alerts the user of any changes. slipwire also records extensive file information such as inode number, last-modified date, filesize, uid, gid, etc, and can also report changes in any of these.

Changes: Extension of information gathered on indexed files, comparisons made to inode, last-modified, etc in addition to SHA signatures, tightening up of the Perl code, and elimination of calls to the shell.
tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | 70d3ac7d70df7d733027a2b36bd2f772
Posted Feb 23, 2000

asmon.sh - A vulnerability exists in both the ascpu and asmon ports to FreeBSD. Local root overflow. FreeBSD 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, and 3.0 are affected.

tags | exploit, overflow, local, root
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 970b73b46b84a370b6a43bd9732f04fe
Posted Feb 23, 2000

Solaris (x86/7.0/2.6) local exploit for Sun's WorkShop 5.0 compilers and other products which use the FlexLM license management system.

tags | exploit, x86, local
systems | solaris
MD5 | 20df6cfa134d57e089c4b7ff9b49063d
Posted Feb 23, 2000

Microsoft has released a patch for a vulnerability in an installation routine associated with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). The vulnerability allows a user to gain elevated privileges on the local machine. Microsoft FAQ on this issue here.

tags | local
MD5 | 0570a2b91dff79a5605222e9f58f0da8
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

A little mail-like 'smurf' that uses mail relays instead of broadcasts.

tags | denial of service
MD5 | b975a0cc65490275ea22d74d13d4581e
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

Some code I put together to do some testing on the POP3 daemons on some machines installed at work. Attempts to overflow user/password variables.

tags | overflow
systems | unix
MD5 | 1eed4e6879bc0653eaa3935f370ec9aa
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Site tribune.intranova.net

Alpha patch for FreeBSD that randomizes the sequence numbers sent by TCP to circumvent connection hijacking and/or spoofed connections (3-way handshake acheived by guessing sequence numbers).

tags | spoof, tcp, patch
systems | unix, freebsd
MD5 | 6ce0a951433b1b7ebbd44529bab2d081
Posted Feb 23, 2000

Microsoft has released a patch for a vulnerability in web applications associated with Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition. These applications are provided as samples and generated by wizards, who have unwisely allowed inappropriate access to a database on the site. Microsoft FAQ on this issue here.

tags | web
MD5 | 2682d1bf6136d721670b8b2cb7cf3031
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Proof

TalonDynDNS is a Dynamic DNS client allowing you to use JustLinux.com's free DNS service under windows.

systems | windows
MD5 | 0710b296017faf5d554c1f096b848f1f
Posted Feb 23, 2000

Microsoft has released a patch for a vulnerability in Microsoft VM. The vulnerability allows a malicious web site operator to read files from the computer of a person who visited his site or read web content from inside an intranet if the malicious site is visited by a computer from within that intranet, provided the full pathname is known. Microsoft FAQ on this issue here.

tags | web
MD5 | f1263cf82afff554cf1f0e42bf4b526a
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by The Madjoker

Madscan scans for sites which do not block broadcast IP addresses. Based on broadscan, but 4 times faster, and supports scanning a full class A address space.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 32f732a91fe17d57818c4d5186d02f65
Posted Feb 23, 2000

The make package as shipped in Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 is vulnerable to a race condition that can be exploited with a symlink attack. Debian security homepage here.

systems | linux, debian
MD5 | c0054e5ddaac62a739386a709e3d106c
Posted Feb 23, 2000
Authored by Rev, Kryptek

Many Windows programs (word, excel, wordpad, etc) allow you to break out of a restricted environment, using common sense hacks.

systems | windows
MD5 | 98b3351a7ff56cd396268365d7f2190d
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