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Files Date: 2000-01-25

Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Omachonu Ogali

Patch for tcp_input.c in FreeBSD in response to stream.c/raped.c.

tags | patch
systems | unix, freebsd
SHA-256 | 7d2e64495b07163ff141ebd639ee1e8b8b1f20967e0d3a890b09919bbe58fa35
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Narrow

Narrow Security Scanner 2000 searches for 289 remote vulnerabilities. Written in perl, tested on Redhat, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, Slackware, and SuSE.

Changes: Plugins updated: HTTPD, CGI, FTPD, RPC and TROJAN, Descriptions of holes added, code cleaning, last minute updates.
tags | tool, remote, scanner, perl, vulnerability
systems | linux, redhat, unix, freebsd, suse, slackware, openbsd
SHA-256 | d717abc5786b1c4d11d96bb49978194faaea0820c95c6f9ff1ebe58e10ff8038
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Jason Misoskian | Site xcoders.com

An oob flooder & nuker. asic OOBNuke program which you can also use to flood. Effective against WinNTs and vanilla windowz boxes.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | 8ad224f1444186fe441c2c5e865fd8bc91a45580805dca41817963c0ae4e2e1b
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Jason Misoskian | Site xcoders.com

Windows based port listener, with source code. This program opens a port and listens it for connection and received data. Examine source and see how easy a nukenabber can be written.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | 58248b67d363222c8a7c1ad9f5997b332d8603e0484be6ea084b52f7d781afab
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Jason Misoskian | Site xcoders.com

Another +++ATH0 modem attack. A new fun for users who has modems with "escape code guard". If your modem does support (all quality modems supports) escape code guard you can use this program else wait for next version with defence feature. If it's successful, this attack will cause disconnection of the target modem.

tags | denial of service
SHA-256 | e4019b7de191281f65bb62b6ae340a65d12460b77fbdfdf69b6b90a1295e87c9
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Jason Misoskian | Site xcoders.com

ShowPass 1.0 - like dripper - dial up password ripper for Windows. With this program you can find every password in a machine! "*" shadowed passwords, dialup passwords and cached passwords are on your hire. It's like a combination of Dripper, Revolution and Pwlview. Program supports both English and Turkish. Warning: This program will cause many AV programs, including McAffee, to give a false alarm.

systems | windows
SHA-256 | 25aabd8b24f2824e4f2e0a3cfb821e10f73f48a216d0a09c851239b25a5ccb96
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Courtney Loveless

Winhole will put Wingate onto 95/98 system without its owners knowledge (easily done if the system is compromised with BO/Netbus/etc).

SHA-256 | e5dea92d85d7d6c7e3d0c462ee946f8e5bf555bed78b970bc43a32f2f45d245d
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Dan Grassi

Quick Password is a program written in Python that generates passwords of user specified lengths which are easy to remember and pronounce. The passwords are reasonably secure and can easily be remembered because they are composed of dictionary words that are pronounceable joined by special characters. The program generates passwords of between 2 and 10 words each between 3 and 10 characters in length separated by non-alpha characters. It is usable as a web application from the home page if you do not wish to download it.

tags | web, python
systems | linux
SHA-256 | d6dabca6d18785695d9795744ba0c6fd12a1e673dfd26a9be02d799b1feac4c9
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Neil Winton | Site winton.org.uk

Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted and compressed TCP/IP tunnel between two systems. This allows TCP-based traffic such as telnet, FTP and X to be protected from snooping as well as potentially gaining performance over slow networks from compression. The main goals for Zebedee are to provide full client and server functionality under both UNIX and Windows 95/98/NT, to be easy to install, use and maintain with little or no configuration required, to have a small footprint, low wire protocol overhead and give significant traffic reduction by the use of compression and to use only algorithms that are either unpatented or for which the patent has expired.

Changes: Much improved connection setup performance when not using encryption. Fixed FTP tunnelling.
tags | encryption, tcp, protocol
systems | windows, unix
SHA-256 | aa256143ec1153d1bef38f4dbe8fc990ce52179913a013bce04ae36ba1b6091a
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Ian Wehrman | Site prism.gatech.edu

loopy is a small shell script which allows users to easily create, mount and unmount multiple encrypted loopback device filesystems. loopy requires the international kernel patch, as well as all other utilities normally required to use encrypted loopback filesystems.

Changes: Small documentation updates to help the user choose a good cipher.
tags | shell, kernel, encryption
SHA-256 | 1f0ff80770ba864ce79a1a490901da8f46ebbba16b23a1bc4c923cb7882e29b5
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by ~el8 | Site el8.n3.net

~el8 Issue 0 - Contains px25 Network Primer, zgv exploit, AlphaSort, UDP vs TCP, Anarchist Code Kit, matrix.c, and the w00raw Packet maker.

tags | udp, tcp, magazine
SHA-256 | 08a3f65c2fe417a95ff35d48d3e3a4bfb4c6d1d4f413c897a004ef35a458387c
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by Xie Hua Gang | Site soaring-bird.com.cn

The Linux Intrusion Detection System is a patch which enhances the kernel's security. When it's in effect, many system administration operations can be made impossible even for root. You can turn the security protection on or off online and you can hide sensitive processes and prevent anyone from using ptrace on your system. LIDS can also provide raw device and I/O access protection.

Changes: A fix for a code regression in 0.8pre2 that can oops the kernel.
tags | kernel, root
systems | linux
SHA-256 | ea5e4a5e8abd53eabcf1772a530c3381da9a034461cbeae98f47b852b657f1e3
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by True Real | Site truereal.com

Softwar "Shadow Thief" is a Win 9X remote control trojan. The server is coded in pure ASM and is only 8k! Has over 30 features. Current AV products do not pick it up. Archive password is set to p4ssw0rd. Use at your own risk.

tags | remote, trojan
SHA-256 | 1fc9ad816a4b7690c8e30b2dd2c3b790925c29b646b6b02d9984637cc966e7d7
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by napalm | Site napalm.firest0rm.org

Napalm Magazine issue #2 - Quantum Crypto, VPNs, more gh0st.net (Dec 3, 1999).

tags | cryptography, magazine
SHA-256 | e017bfdc9ad598287d72b79ac9eb9bec9ba20aff80acfb63ea82ece5b4cb594b
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by napalm | Site napalm.firest0rm.org

Napalm Magazine issue #1 - Onion Routing, gh0st.net, Introduction (Sep 29, 1999).

tags | magazine
SHA-256 | c97e9bef1f3a4b48e1a2f61ad2e4acf63347c010b1b9daaacb9455e087cfcf35
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, Pigpen

FreeBSD kernel module which can change options at every layer in a connection.

tags | kernel
systems | freebsd
SHA-256 | 9d8903cacecd3861b6cda58fe802e06cd717ab2e2925d204ecf4ee06745f5440
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, Pigpen

BSD kernel module which prevents ipfw from blocking a specified IP address.

tags | kernel
systems | bsd
SHA-256 | eda8204dc0dd9bee437dbd4ef6006b28fdcf118846aa7c66f58d74c79494e86b
Posted Jan 25, 2000
Site zurk.netpedia.net

Sentinel is a fast file/drive scanning utility similar to the Tripwire and Viper.pl utilities available. It uses a database similar to Tripwire, but uses a RIPEMD-160bit MAC checksumming algorithm (no patents) which is more secure than the patented MD5 128 bit checksum. It should run on most unixes (tested on redhat linux v6.0 & v5.2, slackware linux v3.x & 4.xb and IRIX (v5.2 and v6.x). Several other utilities which are used for Sentinel development are also posted here. Most utilities are included with the sentinel tarball. gSentinel is a graphical front-end to sentinel. Newbies should download gSentinel as it comes with a very simple rpm based installation and offers a friendly interface. Beware that gSentinel is currently under development and may be fairly crude compared to most GUI packages.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | linux, redhat, unix, irix, slackware
SHA-256 | 9f6315a4b007336f2bc225ce16208ad6f75590dbbc6f0a043a40652e4ee1b013
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