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Files Date: 2000-01-11

Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Phil Jones | Site firepool.com

weedlog is a packet logger designed to help in debugging network connections on non-router systems. It currently supports the ICMP, IGMP, TCP, and UDP protocols. weedlog supports sending output to stdout, a file, or to syslog.

Changes: Fixes for most pthread-related bugs.
tags | tool, udp, sniffer, tcp, protocol
MD5 | ff8a6f40249bd75e33a0d00186ea2f51
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Nick 'Zaf' Clifford | Site nrc.co.nz

Watchfile will display a list of specified files on the screen, and continually update their stats. The stats displayed (i.e. file size, modified time, owner, etc.) can be configured on the command-line along with the update frequency.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | 54465d5aa319edcf88a3e7d0eed07beb
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Mixter

webdecoy.tgz is a small script that can find, remove and replace vulnerable CGI scripts on the local webserver with "decoy" CGIs, which log exploit attempts.

tags | local, cgi
MD5 | ca3d03cfdf0b4bb6a4e62f9d3b76bd8e
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Mixter

Nsat is a fast bulk security scanner designed for long-range scans written in C++ which scans and audits about 60 different services and 170 cgis with different scan intensity.

Changes: Several bugfixes, stability upgrades, 5 new cgi checks, updated vulnerability information and Cisco router detection.
tags | tool, cgi, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 1ae4488a623f7926731a2cc368a4bfdb
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Ian Zepp | Site islc.net

Kmap is a QT/KDE front-end to nmap, a popular and powerful console portscanner. Kmap allows quick and easy access to all of nmap's features, with much less hassle. Kmap also sorts the output from nmap into usable sections, so you easily extract the information you want.

Changes: Fingerprints are now appended to a file. The bounce option now works correctly. A logging option was added to all windows. The verbose option no longer causes a double info entry. Shift up/down buttons now work. History window sorting was fixed. Logging now saves date and time.
tags | tool, nmap
systems | unix
MD5 | fe4d8d0596527a3817988d7b8cdbc0db
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by DarkSider | Site freaky.staticusers.net

Macintosh - MacPork new Developed by Team2600 MacPork is a auditing tool like many seen for unix platforms, this is a small program that allow you to scan a server for tracking holes and exploiting them. MacPork scan over 130 vulnerabilities and retrieve a passwd file in 45 differents manners. It's the best scanner/retriever ever made on both macintosh and unix.

tags | vulnerability
systems | unix
MD5 | 8949e7ed2904259b2cdff115c3fcb8c6
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Freaky | Site freaky.staticusers.net

Macintosh - MagicKey III Created by SystemCowboy of Digital-Rebels The program will atempt to crack a users account on an appletalk network. OS8 Ready.

MD5 | 626790d898ed56756dcadc477d83fa65
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

Simple port checker that either takes command-line input or file input and checks each host if a given port is open.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 205c235c03921ce3762f8a5922c406d1
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

PlusMail CGI remote exploit - This posts the form to the victim, reads the data, binds to a port on the local machine, then you open up a browser and go to http://localhost:4040.

tags | exploit, remote, web, local, cgi
MD5 | a1ec357f52d486a5e4e29c45c2897ace
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

Getwksinfo is a little program coded for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that gets the parameters of a remote Windows NT server, parameters include NetBIOS name, NetBIOS domain/workgroup, amount of users currently logged in, and remote operating system version.

tags | remote
systems | windows, 9x, nt
MD5 | 8d0c2ceb3d5086baac6b4dbd29ecfdb8
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Site pedestalsoftware.com

Intact Open Use is a host integrity checking system for Windows NT available free for non-commercial use. Intact can detect change in the NT filesystem and NT registry. Other versions of Intact include Intact Intelligence and Intact Enterprise. Unlike Intact Open Use, these can monitor a system for change and build an optimal configuration file containing objects and object characteristics which do not normally change. To clarify, this is a lightweight free version.

tags | registry
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | c14a46657255c17601b40c87dda97dce
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by The Schmoo Group | Site schmoo.com

Simple perl scripts for generating a catalog of MD5 hashes of executable files under NT, and later comparing the catalog to new snapshots. Compares based on missing or additional files, differing MD5 hashes, modification dates, and file attributes.

tags | perl
MD5 | ae0ecd55a972ef0758e86d2bb011b6b4
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Dug Song | Site monkey.org

Dsniff contains several powerful new network tools, written for use in penetration testing. Arpredirect is a very effective way of sniffing traffic on a switch by forging arp replies. Findgw determines the local gateway of an unknown network via passive sniffing, which can be used in conjunction with arpredirect to intercept all outgoing traffic on a switch. Macof floods the network with random MAC addresses, causing some switches to fail in open repeating mode, facilitating sniffing. Dsniff is a simple password sniffer which parses passwords from many protocols, only saving the "interesting" bits. Mailsnarf is a fast and easy way to violate the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986. Urlsnarf outputs all requested URL's from HTTP traffic. Webspy sends URLs sniffed from a client to your local Netscape browser for display, updated in real-time (as the target surfs, your browser surfs along with them, automagically).

Changes: Ported to FreeBSD, Add NFS mount parsing / RPC framework to dsniff, Add -i flag to specify interface to use.
tags | tool, web, local, sniffer, protocol
MD5 | c4a054c04386d779f58177b7087a2e14
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Brian Wellington | Site xbill.org

Secure FTP (sftp) implements a file transfer protocol using ssh/rsh as the transport mechanism. When the client is invoked, a remote shell is spawned and the server is run. sftp is mainly useful over a secure ssh session since passwords are not exposed. It also has the advantage that no root access is required, since the server runs as a user process.

Changes: Better quoting and tilde handling, support for windows that are not 80 characters wide and the ability to pass arguments directly to ssh have been added.
tags | remote, shell, root, encryption, protocol
MD5 | 0412d22e066223890f99e8aeafc8160c
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Phil Ehrens

This is a simple script written in tcl which parses the output of the nmap program to determine whether required services are in fact running on a machine. Output is written as an html formatted log file.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | 1bff7c5cd7f052304d69dfdf624e2f1f
Posted Jan 11, 2000
Authored by Sam Kline | Site wwdsi.com

SAINT, based upon SATAN, is a network security scanner which runs on Unix platforms. This version includes fixes for the y2k and timeout problems in http checks, and features the ability to scan multiple hosts, subnets, or IP address ranges. There are also new configuration options and two new severity categories, and a new check for the stacheldraht distributed denial-of-service tool.

tags | tool, web, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | bb3ed980f80408a7dd160d600f04721e
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