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Files Date: 1999-12-30

Posted Dec 30, 1999
Authored by rain forest puppy

More information on the vulnerability described in ms99-061, a problem in IIS that causes it to parse invalid escape sequences, allowing a carefully made string to bypass IDS systems, ISAPI filters, and extension handlers. Includes a perl script to test for vulnerability.

tags | perl
MD5 | 0af787a2fcf7d7bcecc7e44df69fa355
Posted Dec 30, 1999

Unixware 7 Vulnerability - Any local users can exploit a bug in rtpm to gain "sys" privileges.

tags | exploit, local
systems | unixware
MD5 | dc5157ba332062731fdd37db19b42be8
Posted Dec 30, 1999
Authored by Berke Durak | Site gsu.linux.org.tr

Recovery of supposedly erased data from magnetic media is easier than what many people would like to believe. A technique called Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) allows any moderately funded opponent recover the last two or three layers of data written to disk. Wipe repeadetly overwrites special patterns to the files to be destroyed, using the fsync() call and/or the O_SYNC bit to force disk access.

Changes: Use of /dev/urandom to seed libc's random() additive feedback pseudo-random generator; a new 32-bit seed is fetched for every 1024 bytes.
systems | unix
MD5 | 03801d2c129176cc8c8ff4e750c80805
Posted Dec 30, 1999
Site detached.net

reltunnel - Offers a reliable data channel over unreliable protocols.

tags | encryption, protocol
MD5 | db713577d622abe5e061982b86ed7c4e
Posted Dec 30, 1999
Site detached.net

icmptunnel encapsulates data in ICMP frames. The usual mode of operation is tcp/ip forwarding, one icmptunnel will be set up on a blocked machine (behind a firewall) listening on TCP/IP port X. The other icmptunnel will be set up on a nonblocked machine (somewhere on the internet) connected to a local service (such as port 23, telnet). Data received on the blocked machine's tcp/ip socket will be encapsulated in an ICMP packet of users choice (ICMP_ECHO, ICMP_ECHOREPLY, ICMP_TIMESTAMP, etc..) and sent to the nonblocked machine. This machine will identify the packet as encapsulated data, decapsulate the data and forward it on to its tcp/ip socket connected to the telnet daemon. The telnet daemon responds with some data, icmptunnel on the nonblocked machine encapses the packet and sends it back to the blocked machine (ICMP type still user definable).

tags | local, encryption, tcp
MD5 | 42309dc861af6796a0ee4d06984ebcb7
Posted Dec 30, 1999
Site lingate.cjb.net

LinGate is a powerful network gateway software. It provides security to your networks, allowing access to external world in safe and secure manner. LinGate has access control mechanism to restrict access to its services. It can even perform different services for requests from different IPs on the same LinGate port. Once setup, LinGate requires no operators, and can be configured remotely using KLinGate interface which will be designed for KDE and jLinGate which will be designed for the Java platform.

tags | tool, java, firewall
systems | unix
MD5 | b82ae4a15df5a69710d62b56e9085e07
Posted Dec 30, 1999
Site packetfactory.net

Firewalking is a technique developed by Mike Schiffman and David Goldsmith that employs traceroute-like techniques to analyze IP packet responses to determine gateway ACL filters and map networks. Firewalk the tool employs the technique to determine the filter rules in place on a packet forwarding device. The newest version of the tool, firewalk/GTK introduces the option of using a graphical interface and a few bug fixes.

tags | tool, scanner
systems | unix
MD5 | e222016631ddfd01cba80cab5cd33fc3
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