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Files Date: 1999-12-24

Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Del | Site babel.com.au

The PHP firewall generator is a simple PHP script that generates a firewall script for ipchains-based firewalls. The aim is to support an easily configurable rule set similar to those supported by commercial firewall systems.

Changes: Fixes for some unusual network configurations, various installation tidy-ups and cosmetic changes, and there is now an on-line demo as well as an RPM.
tags | tool, php, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | 9d096749f48e0007eb5f887be75bf752
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by spoon | Site pweb.netcom.com

LCAP allows a system administrator to remove specific capabilities from the kernel in order to make the system more secure. LCAP modifies the value in the sysctl file /proc/sys/kernel/cap-bound. "Capabilities" are a form of kernel-based access control. Linux kernel versions 2.2.11 and greater include the idea of a "capability bounding set," a list of capabilities that can be held by any process on the system. If a capability is removed from the bounding set, the capability may not be used by any process on the system (even processes owned by root).

Changes: A fix for a bug with the -z option.
tags | kernel, root
systems | linux
MD5 | 01e83d13bea7ed3b23b1e8194075a9af
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by The Nessus Project

Nessus is a free, open-sourced and up-to-date remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris and some other systems. It is multithreaded, plugin-based, has a nice GTK interface and currently performs over 270 remote security checks.

Changes: Fixed a problem in the cipher layer which would prevent nessusd from testing big networks, memory consumption reduced by 50%, Nmap can be used as a plugin configuration files in ${prefix}/etc/nessus, and of course, all the newest security checks.
tags | tool, remote, scanner
systems | linux, unix, solaris, bsd
MD5 | 6a99d1f173ce4fb87072e126299d42b0
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Vacuum | Site technotronic.com

Winfingerprint 22: Advanced remote windows OS detection. Current Features: Determine OS using SMB Queries, PDC (Primary Domain Controlller), BDC (Backup Domain Controller), NT MEMBER SERVER, NT WORKSTATION, SQLSERVER, NOVELL NETWARE SERVER, WINDOWS FOR WORKGROUPS, WINDOWS 9X, Enumerate Servers, Enumerate Shares including Administrative ($), Enumerate Global Groups, E numerate Users, Displays Active Services, Ability to Scan Network Neighborhood, Ability to establish NULL IPC$ session with host, Ability to Query Registry (currently determines Service Pack Level & Applied Hotfixes.

Changes: minor bug fixed in the options parsing that would cause winfingerprint to crash if you did not specify -m or -t.
tags | remote, registry
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | fd60a95e19bf8115d12b6b0d3ce35a74
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Rusty Russell | Site samba.org

netfilter is a framework for arbitrary packet mangling. So far, a new NAT system and packet-filtering system have been built on top of it, as well as compatibility modules for ipfwadm and ipchains. Netfilter is a work-in-progress, but should be fairly robust for non-exotic work.

Changes: A local traffic oops fix, and a RH6.0 compile fix.
tags | tool, arbitrary, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | 61af61c855cbbdd749923e4dff18479e
Posted Dec 24, 1999

Microsoft has released a patch for a vulnerability in Microsoft IIS and other products that run atop it. The vulnerability allows a visiting user to see the source code to .ASP and other files. Microsoft FAQ on this issue here.

tags | asp
MD5 | 26321d454c336580807c35007ded930c
Posted Dec 24, 1999

Microsoft has released a patch for a vulnerability in Microsoft IIS and products that run atop it. The vulnerability allows files on a web server to be specified using an alternate representation, in order to bypass access controls of some third-party applications. Microsoft FAQ on this issue here.

tags | web
MD5 | df0666c5b1ec1d7c6445d8a1ea87043d
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Brock Tellier

Anyone can gain remote root access to a UnixWare 7.1 system by exploiting a vulnerability in the i2odialogd daemon. This daemon is installed and running by default.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | unixware
MD5 | d9923343a1ed25e1dd75174965610b5b
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by SmoG | Site smog.cjb.net

How to remove ads from free webpage providers - Version 1.1.

tags | javascript
MD5 | ab96d757910ed5a06e674767bbfbb9f1
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Suid | Site suid.kg

Example attack transcript against glftpd. This attack was performed against a default install with a single user account added.

MD5 | 61e303af9bb37a407d08c670bae47ad9
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Suid | Site suid.kg

SUID Advisory #3 - multiple vulnerabilities with glftpd 1.17.2 and below. glFtpD has several problems which can lead to a remote attacker attaining root on your machine.

tags | remote, root, vulnerability
MD5 | 49f1044d192cd3ab1c0804f160a83a9d
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Suid | Site suid.kg

SUID Advisory #1 Addendum - Insecure FTP server conventions can lead to remote binary execution on a remote ftp server. Anonymous users or users with valid ftp access only accounts may also execute arbitrary code. Exploit information included.

tags | remote, arbitrary
MD5 | 19106f8760785c295fb761c2bee02e19
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Suid | Site suid.kg

SUID Advisory #2 - Exploit for ascend router bugs as per NAI advisory.

MD5 | 21649e76c9d2958af9857b10a8fe1b06
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by winsd

Windows NT Security Update - December 23, 1999. New vulnerabilities - Yet another problem with Internet Explorer 5.x and cross frame navigation, Overflow in ZBServer v1.5, Outlook 5, as well as Internet Explorer 4.5 on Macintosh platform, Microsoft reported that Internet Information Server (IIS) is prone to reveal source code under certain conditions, Norton Antivirus 2000 was reported to contain a serious buffer overflow condition, and SQL server crash. NTsecurity homepage here.

tags | overflow, vulnerability, magazine
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 8374a7d65b8cd32ada0cd8d962bdf2ce
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Coaxial Karma

Step by Step instructions for tunnelling IP through an SSL Proxy using two linux boxes, pppd, ipfwadm, and ppptcp-ssl.

tags | paper
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | f97085de399eda7f63b62850784a1e00
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Underground Security Systems Research

Remote exploit for ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT. Source code. Binary available here.

tags | exploit, remote
systems | windows
MD5 | 65ebf12ae6f7c64fbe4f59b31d967299
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by Underground Security Systems Research

[w00giving #11] An exploitable buffer overflow was found in ZBServer 1.5 Pro Edition for Win98/NT. The code that handles GET commands has an unchecked buffer that will allow arbitrary code to be executed if it is overflowed. Source / Binary for the exploit available here.

tags | exploit, overflow, arbitrary
systems | windows
MD5 | a06e657a5b2fed874e163f0081266eeb
Posted Dec 24, 1999
Authored by rain forest puppy

whisker is what I've dubbed a 'next generation' CGI scanner. It is Scriptable. It's a programming-ish language that is tailored to do lots of flexible web scanning. Very stealthy. I've implemented anti-IDS checks into the scan. Includes over 200 checks. Lots of options. Reads in nmap output, files full of domains, or single host. Virtual host support. Proxy support.

Changes: 8 new anti-IDS tactics, scan SSL, alternate file formats, distributed scanning, 200 vulnerabilities, 100 servers, multi-threaded front end, and distributed proxy fixes.
tags | web, cgi
systems | unix
MD5 | 4a89a0b6b991891c244c9fa6ffd42b0b
Posted Dec 24, 1999

Re-release of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS99-046 - In November, we withdrew a previously released patch that improved the randomness of TCP initial sequence numbers in Windows NT 4.0. The patch was withdrawn because it contained the same regression error that was present in Windows NT 4.0 SP6. We have eliminated the regression error and re-released the patch. Microsoft FAQ on this issue available here.

tags | tcp
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | c46bf1ed187c4dcae840eda091266292
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