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Files Date: 1999-12-20

Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Nicholas Brawn

w00w00 announcment about an exploitable buffer overflow in the POProxy program shipped with Norton Antivirus 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

tags | exploit, overflow
systems | windows, 9x
MD5 | 02888b2839dd145515f5ed61f8e11b6c
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Michal Zalewski

Five new vulnerabilities have been found in Berkeley Sendmail and 'procmail'.

tags | exploit, vulnerability
MD5 | dabd4becde245509a1de85cc0615ae6e
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Sacha Faust Bourque

Two remote issues were found with the Novell Groupwise web server. The help argument will reveal the full path of the server, and any .htm file on the system may be read with GWWEB.EXE.

tags | exploit, remote, web
MD5 | 7863d5f765aa3a1d345a051b75dc2a8d
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Suid | Site

There exists a vulnerability with certain configurations of certain ftp daemons with which users with a valid ftp only acccount on a system may execute arbitrary commands (including binaries supplied by themselves). There also exists the possibilty that anonymous ftp users may execute arbitrar y commands (also including binaries supplied by themselves). While this vulnerability is entirely configuration dependent. The required configuration is rather common. Exploit information here.

tags | paper, arbitrary
systems | unix
MD5 | 60d91c3dfdbb29df1e4f8c03f721854e
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Mixter | Site

Tribe Flood Network 2000. Using distributed client/server functionality, stealth and encryption techniques and a variety of functions, TFN can be used to control any number of remote machines to generate on-demand, anonymous Denial Of Service attacks and remote shell access. The new and improved features in this version include Remote one-way command execution for distributed execution control, Mix attack aimed at weak routers, Targa3 attack aimed at systems with IP stack vulnerabilities, Compatibility to many UNIX systems and Windows NT, spoofed source addresses, strong CAST encryption of all client/server traffic, one-way communication protocol, messaging via random IP protocol, decoy packets, and extensive documentation. Currently no IDS software will recognise tfn2k.

tags | remote, denial of service, shell, spoof, vulnerability, protocol
systems | windows, unix, nt
MD5 | fc1cb14f2e24cdc2b64f93dde22f8420
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Balazs Scheidler | Site

syslog-ng as the name shows is a syslogd replacement, but with new functionality for the new generation. The original syslogd allows messages only to be sorted based on priority/facility pair, syslog-ng adds the possibility to filter based on message contents using regular expressions. The new configuration scheme is intuitive and powerful.

Changes: A couple of named-pipe problems were fixed and the documentation was updated.
tags | system logging
systems | unix
MD5 | b47428220240f0b288c62830fc96ef3b
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Del | Site

The PHP firewall generator is a simple PHP script that generates a firewall script for ipchains-based firewalls. The aim is to support an easily configurable rule set similar to those supported by commercial firewall systems.

Changes: It is now possible to specify port forwarding and redirection rules. The script is now stored on disk and can be e-mailed. There have been many cosmetic changes and many bug fixes.
tags | tool, php, firewall
systems | linux
MD5 | 9d631b017249c91f42d79e8ef95ed89c
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by pragmatic | Site

Attacking FreeBSD with Kernel Modules - The System Call Approach. System calls can be backdoored on FreeBSD much like they can on linux, and most linux kernel modules can easily be ported to FreeBSD. Includes information on intercepting system calls, filesystem related hacks, hiding files and contests, process related hacks, file execution redirection, tty hijacking, and module hiding.

tags | paper, kernel
systems | linux, unix, freebsd
MD5 | 6fa8de63f4d5e1d3600b411782a2ff6a
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Hale, wiltered_fire

Viper is a standard unix password cracker, but instead of using a wordlist it will generate all the password combinations for the character sets and length you specify. New in this version is the ability to load and save from a progress file, define a minimum password length, and set the number of hours to run. Included in this package is the perl source, which shouldn't be a problem on a unix machine, but for win32 you will need to install the perl interpreters (ActivePerl @

tags | web, perl
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 2c8cb0aae2770f894d647baa55f9a2de
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Obecian | Site

The Nemesis Project is designed to be a commandline-based, portable human IP stack for UNIX/Linux. The suite is broken down by protocol, and should allow for useful scripting of injected packet streams from simple shell scripts.

Changes: Major bugfixes, as well as compile time fixes.
tags | tool, shell, protocol
systems | linux, unix
MD5 | efb8f3feda67c4ef55045e684ae58072
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Initzero | Site

Small banner scanner written in perl. Grabs banners from a list of hosts or a class C network.

tags | tool, scanner, perl
systems | unix
MD5 | 25733d473f992b3e6d399aae1f90daa9
Posted Dec 20, 1999

ORBit and esound used a source of random data that was easily guessable, possibly allowing an attacker with local access to guess the authentication keys used to control access to these services.

tags | local
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | b7e1f7e31c23f845c5fb16cc967d8e8a
Posted Dec 20, 1999
Authored by Rohit Singh | Site

Fork Bomb Defuser is an easily loadable kernel module for Linux which detects, logs, and disables "fork bombs". It allows you to configure max_forks_per_second and max_tasks_per_user parameters at module load time. Any possible fork bomb that attempts to spawn a huge number of processes simultaneously is detected in real time, and the fork bomb is disabled.

Changes: A fix for a bug where the root user could be locked out.
tags | kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | 55ec7244a0a5072f7c01e1ea4d989f49
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