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Files Date: 1999-12-15

Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by winsd

Windows NT Magazene security update - December 15, 1999. Contains You Have the Right to Surf Anonymously, SQL Server 7.0 SA Password, NT Subject to Denial of Service, NT Help File Attack, News: Most Cybercrime Goes Unpunished, News: Microsoft Releases Smart Card Toolkit, Practical Recommendations for Post-Y2K, Enterprise Firewall with Security-Compliant VPN, and Monitor Data Before It Reaches the OS. NTsecurity homepage here.

tags | denial of service, magazine
systems | windows, nt
MD5 | 4bd9a2b747c69cfb709dcf0fdd20e001
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by Xie Hua Gang | Site soaring-bird.com.cn

Linux IDS Patch - Version 0.6.1 - Dec 15, 1999. Lids is an intrusion detection system in the Linux kernel. This patch (Version 0.6.1) is for the Linux kernel 2.2.13. LIDS 0.6 has a brand new design. When LIDS is in effect, no one (including root) can change the protected files or directories and their sub-directories, and the protected append-only files can only be appended. It can also protect the hard disk's MBR, and can also disallow sniffing while the NIC is in promiscuous mode.

Changes: A bugfix.
tags | kernel, root
systems | linux
MD5 | 8338a817afe243e169d55525acf52a36
Posted Dec 15, 1999

A security hole was found in wvdial which can allow regular users access to dialup passwords. SuSE security website here.

systems | linux, suse
MD5 | 6a3babf3d13a04476b5c6c839cf74ece
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by Axon, hir | Site hir.chewies.net

Hackers Information Report #10. Contains Defcon 7 in a nutshell, Flying Below The Radar: Avoiding IDS Systems, BeOS Revealed, RISC, CISC and The concept of the Power-PC, and Hacker News.

tags | risc, magazine
systems | beos
MD5 | 68676753008423596c7e9009bb27fbd7
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by Sam Creasey | Site sammy.net

Redir is a port redirector. Its functionality basically consists of the ability to listen for TCP connections on a given port, and, when it recieves a connection, to then connect to a given destination address/port, and pass data between them. It finds most of its applications in traversing firewalls, but, of course, there are other uses. It can run under inetd or stand alone (in which case it handles multiple connections).

Changes: Enhanced support for redirection of FTP sessions, and minor bugfixes/improvements.
tags | tcp
systems | linux
MD5 | 757173184623e440b4caae8600614ffb
Posted Dec 15, 1999

SunOS 5.4-5.5 statd remote exploit - in perl.

tags | exploit, remote, perl
systems | solaris
MD5 | 4e0be47fd31a05a955d12f02dcc3bc6f
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by Missinglnk | Site tribune.intranova.net

Some testing code I put together to try on a friend's old machine, it essentially tries to overflow the DISPLAY variable in X-based programs.

tags | exploit, overflow
MD5 | e6fb94763ff962662aebf8b4045e42bf
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Site cert.dfn.de

logsurfer is a log checking/auditing tool similar to swatch and logcheck but with the capability of handling multi-line messages and dynamically adapting the ruleset. It is written in portable C, well documented, fast, and flexible. It works on any textfile or stdin, can be run at intervals or continuously, and has timeouts and resource limits.

tags | tool, intrusion detection
systems | unix
MD5 | 55a71acfca8bed64596d32ba4c052638
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Site pc-magic.com

Encrypted Magic Folders (EMF) gives you automated & transparent encryption! Select folders whose files you want encrypted and EMF not only makes those folders and files completely invisible to others but decrypts and encrypts the files automatically and transparently as you use them. You won't even know you're using encrypted files as EMF does all the work behind the scenes.

tags | encryption
MD5 | c158bb23a85d44a6878d002da6a5b6ca
Posted Dec 15, 1999
Authored by Rick Collette | Site openshare.net

SPIRO-Bastille is an adaption of the original Bastille-Linux product. This version checks the SPIRO-Linux website for security updates, and hardens the system from various attacks. It fixes permissions, ftpd, inetd, console security, and remote access, among other issues.

tags | remote
systems | linux
MD5 | dd3e1d082adbb3c84164763b1ef82ac9
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