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First Active2004-04-11
Last Active2015-07-19
IBM System Director Remote DLL Load
Posted Dec 3, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

By sending a specially crafted request to a vulnerable IBM System Director sever, an attacker can force it to load a DLL remotely from a WebDAV share. Versions 5.20.3 and below are vulnerable.

tags | exploit
advisories | CVE-2009-0880
MD5 | c1b77d126a349fba4dc23860f5b6191c
MySQL 5.1 / 5.5 Windows Remote Root
Posted Dec 3, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

Oracle MySQL versions 5.1 and 5.5 remote Windows SYSTEM level exploit.

tags | exploit, remote
systems | windows, unix
MD5 | 73d9e1fa03814dcf038c19e3726e4dac
MySQL Login Scanner
Posted Oct 6, 2012
Authored by Kingcope, mu-b, John Anderson

This is a modified version of synscan that checks credentials against MySQL instances and logs the output to mysqljack.pot.

tags | tool, scanner, sql injection
systems | unix
MD5 | fe55343706fa009391b9f7a53f5f36c2
Linux udev Netlink Local Privilege Escalation
Posted Sep 14, 2012
Authored by Kingcope, Jon Oberheide, egypt | Site

Versions of udev < 1.4.1 do not verify that netlink messages are coming from the kernel. This allows local users to gain privileges by sending netlink messages from userland.

tags | exploit, kernel, local
advisories | CVE-2009-1185
MD5 | f530c8916556636af4ff58b2ba7cb938
Pure-FTPd 1.0.21 Denial Of Service
Posted Aug 14, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

Pure-FTPd version 1.0.21 crash proof of concept exploit that leverages a NULL pointer dereference.

tags | exploit, proof of concept
MD5 | 92e10f766d544df6057bc6a709f00f5e
BSD telnetd Remote Root
Posted Jul 2, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

This is a BSD telnetd remote root exploit supposedly stolen from Kingcope and posted on mailing lists.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | bsd
MD5 | 29799d7c2341467826d9630af8e55fa8
Microsoft IIS 6.0 / 7.5 Authentication Bypass
Posted Jun 11, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

Microsoft IIS versions 6.0 and 7.5 suffer from various authentication bypass vulnerabilities. 7.5 also suffers from a source code disclosure flaw.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, bypass
MD5 | da7102006bae4b9bac7cab98cd26ed40
Uncovering ZeroDays And Advanced Fuzzing
Posted May 24, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

This is a presentation called Uncovering ZeroDays and Advanced Fuzzing. It has one PDF of the presentation and one of the full script used during the presentation. This was presented at AthCon 2012.

tags | paper
systems | linux
MD5 | 8812c3bbcb41fdcdf442c0a5cee60b06
Apache Tomcat WAR Upload / Account Scanner
Posted Mar 19, 2012
Authored by Kingcope

This exploit attempts various Tomcat login access combinations and attempts to launch a reverse shell once successful.

tags | exploit, shell
MD5 | 3098230d2b2a2221e43fcf584721c0ca
Linux IGMP Remote Denial Of Service
Posted Jan 18, 2012
Authored by Kingcope, Ben Hutchings, Firestorm

Remote Linux IGMP denial of service exploit for a vulnerability introduced in kernel 2.6.36.

tags | exploit, remote, denial of service, kernel
systems | linux
advisories | CVE-2012-0207
MD5 | 6d807144c0bbf656141dc5bf7bd083e7
Serv-U FTP Server Jail Break
Posted Nov 30, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Serv-U FTP server suffers from a remote jail breaking vulnerability.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | cac30d15df74a4e42c4b9609cf8772d7
ProFTPd / FreeBSD ftpd Remote Root
Posted Nov 30, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Remote root exploit for FreeBSD ftpd and ProFTPd on FreeBSD. It leverages the fact that /etc and /lib can be modified inside of the chroot.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 2afb95522b810b098c941ae9c312a402
Daytona JBoss Exploitation Kit
Posted Oct 14, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

This is the full Daytona package that houses three remote JBoss exploits with authentication bypass. They are ported from Metasploit and beefed up with two scanners.

tags | exploit, remote
MD5 | dd45ce97c2b15a9df53f7fdf828b264a
Apache httpd Remote Denial Of Service
Posted Aug 19, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Apache httpd remote denial of service memory exhaustion exploit.

tags | remote, denial of service
MD5 | f07cac889c8ef8ed82cf2b9ce4cdc7e0
Microsoft IIS FTP Server 7.0 Stack Exhaustion
Posted Jul 3, 2011
Authored by Kingcope, Myo Soe | Site

This Metasploit module triggers a denial of service condition in the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) FTP Server versions 5.0 through 7.0 via a list (ls) -R command containing a wildcard. This exploit is especially meant for the service which is configured as "manual" mode in startup type.

tags | exploit, denial of service
advisories | CVE-2009-2521, OSVDB-57753
MD5 | 582444ec52078939b0072b85fa349895
OpenSSH 3.4p1 FreeBSD Remote Root Exploit
Posted Jul 1, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

OpenSSH version 3.4p1 remote root exploit for FreeBSD.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 6e0c631b6a5eea296f3b34bb65b32351
OpenSSH 3.5p1 Remote Root Exploit For FreeBSD
Posted Jun 30, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Remote root exploit for OpenSSH version 3.5p1 on FreeBSD that affects versions 4.9 and 4.11. Other versions may also be affected. The bug appears to reside in auth2-pam-freebsd.c.

tags | exploit, remote, root
systems | freebsd
MD5 | bcb61f978d7589233b8201229cbd508f
JBoss Application Server Remote Exploit
Posted Mar 4, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

JBoss Application Server remote command execution exploit for instances running on either Windows or Linux.

tags | exploit, remote
systems | linux, windows
MD5 | ee16282f940d1d426ab0601e302dca02
Mac OS X FTPd Disclosure
Posted Feb 14, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Mac OS X suffers from a ftpd related information disclosure vulnerability.

tags | exploit, info disclosure
systems | apple, osx
MD5 | 7418838c9596ed6f6bec1484ee3475ef
ProFTPD mod_sftp Integer Overflow
Posted Feb 7, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

ProFTPD mod_sftp integer overflow denial of service proof of concept exploit.

tags | exploit, denial of service, overflow, proof of concept
MD5 | c778686578bc4f6e7faa9121b90b537e
FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE ftpd Memory Leak
Posted Feb 7, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

FreeBSD versions 5.4-RELEASE and below ftpd version 6.00LS sendfile kernel mem-leak exploit.

tags | exploit, kernel
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 4a6b76535f755a57e2ea8920f8627f4c
Attacking Server Side XML Parsers
Posted Feb 2, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Whitepaper called Attacking Server Side XML Parsers.

tags | paper
MD5 | 918658bbe37ed5be8cf32e1ae24cd93e
FreeBSD Local Denial Of Service
Posted Jan 28, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

FreeBSD local denial of service exploit that causes a forced reboot.

tags | exploit, denial of service, local
systems | freebsd
MD5 | 982953ca53ace318d049dfdd7b6f1224
Sun Microsystems SunScreen Firewall Root Exploit
Posted Jan 24, 2011
Authored by Kingcope

Sun Microsystems SunScreen Firewall local root exploit that spawns a shell on tcp port 1524.

tags | exploit, shell, local, root, tcp
MD5 | da926537c58920ca9bda4101b343c656
Exim 4.63 Remote Root Exploit
Posted Dec 11, 2010
Authored by Kingcope

Exim version 4.63 remote root exploit that uses a connect-back shell. Works on RedHat, Centos and Debian.

tags | exploit, remote, shell, root
systems | linux, redhat, debian, centos
advisories | CVE-2010-4344
MD5 | 2cb560f314f3f60da5c5ea20c1a99053
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