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First Active1999-12-31
Last Active2007-03-06
Posted Mar 6, 2007
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

BigBoo is a YABASST, Yet Another Block And Superblock Subversion Tool. It swallows, encrypts and hides your files in a ext2/ext3 or swap partition.

MD5 | 92a311d976af3b5d128519c2bf912806
Posted Dec 1, 2003
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Kernel Security Therapy Anti-Trolls (KSTAT) is a very powerful security tool to detect many kinds of rogue kernel rootkits. It analyzes the kernel through /dev/kmem and detects modified syscalls as well as various other problems. This version runs on 2.4.x only, and can assist in finding and removing trojan LKMs. It supports network socket dumps, sys_call fingerprinting, stealth module scanning, and more.

tags | kernel, trojan
MD5 | 96954a3d4b4dd623480b5ed05a7b7523
Posted Jun 5, 2002
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Kstat is a powerful tool for Linux v2.4.x which displays information taken directly from kernel structures taken from /dev/kmem. This is especially useful when we can't trust output from usual sources and applications, for example after an unauthorized access to our systems. Effective if something like ps, ifconfig, lsmod, or system calls are patched.

Changes: This is a major update of kstat, since its release for the 2.2.x kernels. This runs on 2.4.x only, and can better assist in finding and removing trojan LKMs. It sports network socket dumps, sys_call fingerprinting, stealth modules scanning and more.
tags | kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | 01bdbde57c74a4e9a0c01c7eaf5b9794
Posted Jan 4, 2001
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Kstat is a tool for Linux which can find an attacker in your system by a direct analysis of the kernel via /dev/kmem, bypassing the hiding techniques of the intruder (kernel static recompilation/use of LKMs). Kstat can find the syscalls which were modified by a LKM, list the linked LKMs, query one or all the network interfaces of the system, list all the processes and much more.

tags | kernel
systems | linux
MD5 | f6314c81beecea2df666f5c49f166c38
Posted Dec 3, 2000
Authored by Cyrax, FuSyS | Site

FPF is a lkm for Linux which changes the TCP/IP stack in order to emulate other OS's TCP fingerprint. The package contains the lkm and a parser for the nmap file that let you choose directly the os you want.

tags | tcp
systems | linux
MD5 | 96e0d902d790672c9e645fca88cc09e7
Posted Jun 13, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

S0ftpj Security Advisory SPJ-004-000 - Multiple remote CGI vulnerabilities in MailStudio2000. Users can view any file on the system, as well as execute commands remotely as root. Major search engines can be used to locate vulnerable hosts. Exploit descriptions included.

tags | exploit, remote, cgi, root, vulnerability
MD5 | 8a9281a0c39e117d2596d7473d567816
Posted May 18, 2000
Authored by FuSyS | Site

Sniffit 0.3.7beta Linux/x86 Remote Exploit. Tested on RedHat 5.2, 6.0, 6.2.

tags | exploit, remote, x86
systems | linux, redhat
MD5 | 929ce3bac86f2f7cf7fd42ec7e0807a4
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Linux kernel 2.2.x implementation of the CaRoGNa 2.0.x module Secret technique of the divine HOKUHACKO school [ Hokuto No Ken rules ;)] Sacred Strike of the Modular Renewal that bumps root down.

tags | kernel, root
systems | linux
MD5 | 42718d42c8967fcdf62650d647e4424a
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Simple module to prevent lame people from using your box as a launch base for spoofed ip packets. Intercepts the socketcall() system call looking for the IP_HDRINCL parameter passed via setsockopt().

tags | spoof
MD5 | d75f42fbe84717789145d2ac2bdf1c4c
Posted May 5, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Linux Loadable Kernel Module to keep an eye on the system, and add security 'on the fly' to a prexisting running box. Contains a simple implementation of BSD securelevels, while waiting for the official 'in-distro' arrival of Linux Capabilities [POSIX 1.e] in 2.4.x and strong ACLs.

tags | kernel
systems | linux, bsd, osx
MD5 | 6d45601756c7bd61466fd81365d98854
Posted May 3, 2000
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

s0ftpr0ject Security Advisory 003-000: Remotely Exploitable Buffer Overflow in Sniffit. Possibly all systems running Sniffit (0.3.7beta and all versions logging mail headers). Successful attacks depend on being able to craft shellcodes so they can bypass input filter.

tags | overflow, shellcode
MD5 | c5083dca3fe64f7ab0a77d6906a7e0b4
Posted Dec 31, 1999
Authored by s0ftpj, FuSyS | Site

Spjy2ksniff.c Network sniffer to operate passive attacks and find weaknesses in the protection of the traffic on your LAN. It uses the pcap(3) library to access to datalink level. Newbie (limited) version.

MD5 | 19f75dc1b51019435852a74dc7a79cfa
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