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First Active2023-02-15
Last Active2023-10-27
Splunk edit_user Capability Privilege Escalation
Posted Oct 27, 2023
Authored by Heyder Andrade, RedWay Security, Santiago Lopez | Site metasploit.com

Splunk suffers from an issue where a low-privileged user who holds a role that has the edit_user capability assigned to it can escalate their privileges to that of the admin user by providing a specially crafted web request. This is because the edit_user capability does not honor the grantableRoles setting in the authorize.conf configuration file, which prevents this scenario from happening. This exploit abuses this vulnerability to change the admin password and login with it to upload a malicious app achieving remote code execution.

tags | exploit, remote, web, code execution
advisories | CVE-2023-32707
SHA-256 | 7181dfaec2f1f7eb973d6e9ba2bc3a477b83011115b041d9cb0b9ad5e441fc41
Splunk Enterprise Account Takeover
Posted Sep 11, 2023
Authored by RedWay Security, Santiago Lopez

Splunk Enterprise versions below 9.0.5, 8.2.11, and 8.1.14 allows low-privileged users who hold a role with edit_user capability assigned to it the ability to escalate their privileges to that of the admin user by providing specially crafted web requests.

tags | exploit, web
advisories | CVE-2023-32707
SHA-256 | ee316aee49399048f3f8b444810096f0c391a990229b819631e17d3b449329cf
Apache Druid JNDI Injection Remote Code Execution
Posted Jun 27, 2023
Authored by RedWay Security, Jari Jaaskela | Site metasploit.com

This Metasploit module is designed to exploit the JNDI injection vulnerability in Druid. The vulnerability specifically affects the indexer/v1/sampler interface of Druid, enabling an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the targeted server. The vulnerability is found in Apache Kafka clients versions ranging from 2.3.0 to 3.3.2. If an attacker can manipulate the sasl.jaas.config property of any of the connector's Kafka clients to com.sun.security.auth.module.JndiLoginModule, it allows the server to establish a connection with the attacker's LDAP server and deserialize the LDAP response. This provides the attacker with the capability to execute java deserialization gadget chains on the Kafka connect server, potentially leading to unrestricted deserialization of untrusted data or even remote code execution (RCE) if there are relevant gadgets in the classpath. To facilitate the exploitation process, this module will initiate an LDAP server that the target server needs to connect to in order to carry out the attack.

tags | exploit, java, remote, arbitrary, code execution
advisories | CVE-2023-25194
SHA-256 | f66b350948de8d0c6e468d03fb8436dd9af78149309b8e72facbdb3d5300a0ea
GitLab GitHub Repo Import Deserialization Remote Code Execution
Posted Feb 15, 2023
Authored by Heyder Andrade, William Bowling, RedWay Security | Site metasploit.com

An authenticated user can import a repository from GitHub into GitLab. If a user attempts to import a repo from an attacker-controlled server, the server will reply with a Redis serialization protocol object in the nested default_branch. GitLab will cache this object and then deserialize it when trying to load a user session, resulting in remote code execution.

tags | exploit, remote, code execution, protocol
advisories | CVE-2022-2992
SHA-256 | 01b86153e9b59cbce82f32a07b24098f2267f0bddf0bec3fcf3243c9d0b7d820
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