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Android OS FLAG_SECURE Information Disclosure
Posted May 25, 2018
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

Android OS did not use the FLAG_SECURE flag for sensitive settings, potentially exposing sensitive data to other applications on the same device with the screen capture permissions. The vendor (Google) fixed this issue in 2018-02-01 Pixel security update.

tags | exploit, info disclosure
advisories | CVE-2017-13243
MD5 | 3d5be645dd8dd858af3c22c6ccf95a32
Samsung Display Solutions Application For Android Content Injection
Posted Mar 2, 2018
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

Samsung Display Solutions Application for Android did not use encryption (SSL) for information transmission, thus allowing a man-in-the-middle attacker to inject their own content into the application. The vendor fixed this issue and users should install the latest version (3.02 or above).

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2018-6019
MD5 | 5083d1933d4bb7a84cbb98b80fd89f21
Android Private Internet Access Denial Of Service
Posted Oct 27, 2017
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

The Android application provided by Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN service can be crashed by downloading a large file containing a list of current VPN servers. This can be exploited by an MITM attacker via intercepting and replacing this file. While the file is digitally signed, it is not served over SSL and the application did not contain logic for checking if the provided file is very large. The vendor has fixed this issue in version and users should install the latest version.

tags | exploit, denial of service
advisories | CVE-2017-15882
MD5 | f39a851f2873bfcdf23e16b4dfb9ed46
Google I/O 2017 Android Man-In-The-Middle
Posted May 20, 2017
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

Google I/O 2017 application for Android versions prior to 5.1.4 suffer from a man-in-the-middle vulnerability.

tags | advisory, info disclosure
advisories | CVE-2017-9045
MD5 | 4c78f3a47ec015914186a354d550ed89
WhatsApp Failure To Delete
Posted May 19, 2017
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

WhatsApp Messenger for Android does not delete sent and received files from the SD card on the device when chats are cleared, deleted or the application is uninstalled from the device. Additionally, the application stores sent and received files in the SD card without encryption where they are accessible to any applications with storage permissions.

tags | advisory
advisories | CVE-2017-8769
MD5 | 5e2920e5654182fcbd4c84af2f612484
ASUS Routers CSRF / Information Disclosure
Posted May 10, 2017
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

ASUS routers suffer from cross site request forgery and information disclosure vulnerabilities. Versions affected include RT-AC55U, RT-AC56R, RT-AC56S, RT-AC56U, RT-AC66U, RT-AC88U, RT-AC66R, RT-AC66U, RT-AC66W, RT-AC68W, RT-AC68P, RT-AC68R, RT-AC68U, RT-AC87R, RT-AC87U, RT-AC51U, RT-AC53U, RT-AC1900P, RT-AC3100, RT-AC3200, RT-AC5300, RT-N11P, RT-N12 (D1 version only), RT-N12+, RT-N12E, RT-N18U, RT-N56U, RT-N66R, RT-N66U (B1 version only), and RT-N66W.

tags | exploit, vulnerability, file inclusion, info disclosure, csrf
advisories | CVE-2017-5891, CVE-2017-5892
MD5 | 3d95db7d42745579a0c76b4da4866297
Android Proxy Auto Config (PAC) Crash
Posted Nov 8, 2016
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

Android devices can be crashed forcing a halt and then a soft reboot by downloading a large proxy auto config (PAC) file when adjusting the Android networking settings. This can also be exploited by an MITM attacker that can intercept and replace the PAC file. However, the bug is mitigated by multiple factors and the likelihood of exploitation is low.

tags | exploit, denial of service
advisories | CVE-2016-6723
MD5 | 2fa68504ac9ddb6c75e9d6c2714fdd85
Android Qualcomm GPS/GNSS Man-In-The-Middle
Posted Oct 10, 2016
Authored by Yakov Shafranovich | Site

Android devices can be crashed remotely forcing a halt and then a soft reboot by a MITM attacker manipulating assisted GPS/GNSS data provided by Qualcomm. This issue affects the open source code in AOSP and proprietary code in a Java XTRA downloader provided by Qualcomm. The Android issue was fixed by in the October 2016 Android bulletin. Additional patches have been issued by Qualcomm to the proprietary client in September of 2016.

tags | exploit, java, denial of service
advisories | CVE-2016-5348
MD5 | 203f0bfd030998e5141cfa3444b35526
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