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VMware Security Advisory 2009-0017

VMware Security Advisory 2009-0017
Posted Dec 15, 2009
Authored by VMware | Site vmware.com

VMware Security Advisory - VMware vCenter and ESX update releases address cross-site scripting issues in the Help functionality of WebAccess. A vCenter Lab Manager release addresses the same issues which are present in the online Help functionality of Lab Manager and Stage Manager.

tags | advisory, xss
advisories | CVE-2009-3731
SHA-256 | ad97ee3f858b24c20ef37b479f25daa1664aa5fbbf27474c52ab0f780f5a519b

VMware Security Advisory 2009-0017

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- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
VMware Security Advisory

Advisory ID: VMSA-2009-0017
Synopsis: VMware vCenter, ESX patch and vCenter Lab Manager
releases address cross-site scripting issues
Issue date: 2009-12-15
Updated on: 2009-12-15 (initial release of advisory)
CVE numbers: CVE-2009-3731
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Summary

VMware vCenter and ESX update releases address cross-site scripting
issues in the Help functionality of WebAccess. A vCenter Lab Manager
release addresses the same issues which are present in the online
Help functionality of Lab Manager and Stage Manager.

2. Relevant releases

ESX 4.0 without patch ESX400-200911223-UG
vCenter 4.0 GA
VMware Server 2.0.2
VMware Lab Manager 2.x
VMware vCenter Lab Manager 3.x
VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4.0
VMware vCenter Stage Manager 1.x

3. Problem Description

a. WebWorks Help - Cross-site scripting vulnerability

WebWorks Help is an output format that allows online Help to be
delivered on multiple platforms and browsers, which makes it easy
to publish information on the Web or on an enterprise intranet.
WebWorks Help is used for creating the online help pages that are
available in VMware WebAccess, Lab Manager and Stage Manager.

WebWorks Help doesn't sufficiently sanitize incoming requests which
may result in cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in applications
that are built with WebWorks Help.

Exploitation of these vulnerabilities in VMware products requires
tricking a user to click on a malicious link or to open a malicious
web page while they are logged in into vCenter, ESX or VMware
Server using WebAccess, or logged in into Stage Manager or Lab

Successful exploitation can lead to theft of user credentials. These
vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely only if the attacker has
access to the Service Console network.

Security best practices provided by VMware recommend that the
Service Console be isolated from the VM network. Please see
http://www.vmware.com/resources/techresources/726 for more
information on VMware security best practices.

Client-side protection measures included with current browsers are not
always able to prevent these attacks from being executed.

VMware would like to thank Daniel Grzelak and Alex Kouzemtchenko of
stratsec (www.stratsec.net) for finding and reporting this issue.
VMware would also like to thank Ben Allums of WebWorks.com for working
on the remediation of this issue with us.

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (cve.mitre.org) has
assigned the name CVE-2009-3731 to this issue.

The following table lists what action remediates the vulnerability
(column 4) if a solution is available.

VMware Product Running Replace with/
Product Version on Apply Patch
============= ======== ======= =================
vCenter 4.0 Windows Update 1
VirtualCenter 2.5 Windows not affected
VirtualCenter 2.0.2 Windows not affected

Workstation any any not affected

Player any any not affected

Server 2.0.2 any VMware KB 1016594
Server 1.0 any not affected

ACE any any not affected

Fusion any any not affected

ESXi any ESXi not affected

ESX 4.0 ESX ESX400-200911223-UG
ESX 3.5 ESX not affected
ESX 3.0.3 ESX not affected
ESX 2.5.5 ESX not affected

vMA 4.0 RHEL5 not affected

Lab Manager any any Lab Manager 4.0.1

Stage Manager any any Lab Manager 4.0.1

Note: The remediation provided by WebWorks.com is not applicable
to VMware products.

4. Solution

Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version
and verify the md5sum of your downloaded file.

VMware vCenter Server 4 Update 1
Version 4.0 Update 1
Build Number 208156
Release Date 2009/11/19
Type Product Binaries

VMware vCenter Server 4 and modules
File size: 1.8 GB
File type: .iso
MD5SUM: 057d55b32eb27fe5f3e01bc8d3df3bc5
SHA1SUM: c90134418c2e4d3d6637d8bee44261300ad95ec1

VMware vCenter Server 4 and modules
File size: 1.5 GB
File type: .zip
MD5SUM: f843d9c19795eb3bc5a77f5c545468a8
SHA1SUM: 9a7abd8e70bd983151e2ee40e1b3931525c4480c

VMware vSphere Client and Host Update Utility
File size: 113.8 MB
File type: .exe
MD5SUM: 6cc6b2c958e7e9529c284e48dfae22a9
SHA1SUM: f4c19c63a75d93cffc57b170066358160788c959

VMware vCenter Converter BootCD
File size: 98.8 MB
File type: .zip
MD5SUM: 3df94eb0e93de76b0389132ada2a3799
SHA1SUM: 5d7c04e4f9f8ae25adc8de5963fefd8a4c92464c

VMware vCenter Converter CLI (Linux)
File size: 36.9 MB
File type: .tar.gz
MD5SUM: 3766097563936ba5e03e87e898f6bd48
SHA1SUM: 36d485bdb5eb279296ce8c8523df04bfb12a2cb4

ESX 4.0
ESX400-200911223-UG (Update 1a)

md5sum: 99c1fcafbf0ca105ce73840d686e9914
sha1sum: aa8a23416271bc28b6b8f6bdbe00045e36314ebb

To install an individual bulletin use esxupdate with the -b option.
esxupdate --bundle=ESX-4.0.0-update01.zip -b ESX400-200911223-UG

VMware Server 2.0.2

Stage Manager

Lab Manager 4.0.1
md5sum: b4d8f5637eaea59f028eafe62d0366ab
sha1sum: a437726b45dce0a72fb5cbd3996a6d6f84e6c8df


5. References


CVE numbers

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
6. Change log

2009-12-15 VMSA-2009-0017
Initial security advisory after publication of information by third
party vendor, WebWorks.com, on 2009-12-15.

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
7. Contact

E-mail list for product security notifications and announcements:

This Security Advisory is posted to the following lists:

* security-announce at lists.vmware.com
* bugtraq at securityfocus.com
* full-disclosure at lists.grok.org.uk

E-mail: security at vmware.com
PGP key at: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1055

VMware Security Center

VMware security response policy

General support life cycle policy

VMware Infrastructure support life cycle policy

Copyright 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved.

Version: PGP Desktop 9.8.3 (Build 4028)
Charset: utf-8

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