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Posted Aug 22, 2008
Site h2hc.com.br

The call for papers is open for the Hackers to Hackers Conference being held in November, 2008. It will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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CALL FOR PAPERS - Hackers 2 Hackers Conference 5th edition

The call for papers for H2HC 5th edition is now open. H2HC is a hacker conference taking place in
Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 8 to 9 November 2008.

[ - Introduction - ]

For the fifth consecutive years and past success we have been having, the annual Hackers 2 Hackers
Conference will be held again, this time in Sao Paulo, from 8 to 9 November 2008, and aims to get together
industry, government, academia and underground hackers to share knowledge and leading-edge ideas about
information security and everything related to it.

H2HC will feature national and international speakers and attendees with a wide range of skills.
The atmosphere is favorable to present all facets of computer security subject and will be a great
opportunity to network with like-minded people and enthusiasts.

The conference language is either Portuguese or English.

[ - The venue - ]

H2HC 5th edition will take place at Faculdade de Informatica e Administracao Paulista (FIAP - www.fiap.br)
in an auditorium with capacity for up to 400 people.

[*] About Sao Paulo (taken from fiquemaisumdia.com.br)

The city is the largest in Brazil and first in South America by population. Quite often Sao Paulo
intimidates people because of its size, its constant pedestrian and vehicle traffic, ethnic and cultural
multiplicity. Sao Paulo will surprise you wheter you come here on business or for an expo, a congress or
a convenion, stay for at least one more day. Let yourself be seduced by the cultural diversity of this
many-faceted city which vibrates, dictates fashion, is always anticipating trends, and welcomes Brazilians
and foreigners from all over. And oh, do not forget to have fun in South America's wildest night life.

[ - Topics - ]

H2HC committee gives preference to lectures with practical demonstration. The conference staff will
try to provide every equipment needed for the presentation in the case the author cannot provide them.

The following topics include, but are not limited to:

- Penetration testing
- Web application security
- Exploit development techniques
- Telecom security and phone phreaking
- Fuzzing and application security test
- Techniques for development of secure software and systems
- Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices
- Mobile devices exploitation, Symbian, P2K and bluetooth technologies
- Analysis of virus, worms and all sorts of malwares
- Reverse engineering
- Rootkits
- Security in Wi-Fi and VoIP environments
- Information about smartcard and RFID security and similars
- Technical approach to alternative operating systems
- Denial of service attacks and/or countermeasures
- Security aspects in SCADA and industrial environments and "obscure" networks
- Cryptography
- Lockpicking, trashing, physical security and urban exploration
- Internet, privacy and Big Brother
- Information warfare and industrial espionage

[ - Important dates - ]

Conference and trainings

November 6th and 7th: H2HC trainings
November 8th and 9th: H2HC 5th edition

Deadline and submissions

Deadline for proposal submissions: October 5 2008
Deadline for slides submissions: October 20 2008
Notification of acceptance or rejection: no later than October 10 2008

* E-mail for proposal submissions: cfp@h2hc.com.br *

Make sure to provide along with your submission the following details:

- Speaker name or handle, address, e-mail, phone number and general contact information
- A brief but informative description about your talk
- Short biography of the presenter, including organization, company and affiliations
- Estimated time-length of presentation
- General topic of the speech (eg.: network security, secure programming, computer forensics, etc.)
- Any other technical requirements for your lecture
- Whether you need visa to enter Brazil or not

Speakers will be allocated 50 minutes of presentation time, although, if needed, we can extend
the presentation length if requested in advance.

Preferrable file format for papers and slides are both PDF and also PPT for slides.

Speakers are asked to hand in slides used in their lectures.

PLEASE NOTE: Bear in mind no sales pitches will be allowed. If your presentation involves advertisement
of products or services please do not submit.

[ - Information for speakers - ]

Speakers' privileges are:

- H2HC staff can guarantee and we will provide accommodation for 3 nights
- For each non-resident speaker we might be able to cover travel expenses up to USD 1.000
- For each resident speaker we might be able to cover travel expenses
- Free pass to the conference

[ - Other information - ]

For further information please check out our web site http://www.h2hc.com.br it will be updated with
everything regarding the conference.
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